ROH TV Review (6/3/16)

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Hello fellow wrestling fans! Thank you for stopping by new fans and thank you for returning my loyal followers. I will review one of the best hours of wrestling on television this week: Ring of Honor. They have some good storylines and fantastic wrestling. But, let’s just skip all the formalities and get down to business!

Before the show even starts, we get a promo from Dalton Castle and the boys! He talks about being in the bath with the boys and having snacks and craving victories. Talks about breaking Christopher Daniels heart. God this man is fantastic. Please put him in the main event scene soon. He deserves to be there.

We are coming from Charlotte, North Carolina, again. This is either the fourth or fifth week of this arena and crowd. The fans at this point start to get a little sick of it after 5 hours of television and wrestling. Everybody loves wrestling, including me, but at some point most fans get tired of it and are sick of cheering and booing and I think it started last week. Let’s see what they do this week to stop that. We start off with the finals of the top prospect tournament between Brian Fury and Leo Rush. We are shown Brian Fury winning last week and his promo.We also get hyped for the main event of Dalton Castle and Christopher Daniels and CHEESEBURGER IS BACK! Hell yeah. I really don’t want Brian Fury to win. He is too old and his offense is sloppy for a veteran. Oh, and by the way we have Kevin Kelly and Mr. Wrestling 3 at ringside who is not Steve Corino. Next comes out Lio Rush. I watched another match from this man this past weekend and he is fantastic. I hope he wins the TV title if he wins this match because he is that good of a character and a wrestler. Plus it would be shocking. We see his promo from last week. And we ge the tale of the tape with Fury, who I stated above, has the experience advantage which the announcer’s put over. Leo Rush has only been wrestling a year. That still amazes me because he is so good already. ROH sign this man to a contract right now! And we start the match!

Top Prospect Tournament Finals- Brian Fury vs Lio Rush

They tie up to begin match with Fury obviously getting the advantage due to his size. Rush goes behind after but Fury reverses and Fury and Rush go into a little of mat work with Rush getting the advantage until Fury backs him in the corner and lays a cheap elbow shot. The announcer’s are talking about Fury’s experience and how his last few matches he has cheated to win them. He lays some kicks and whips Rush into the corner who reverses and goes off the ropes and reverses a clothesline by dropping to his knees and then follows it up with a kick to the midsection and to the head. Great sequence and very nice and crisp from Rush. Fury goes to the outside. With Fury on the outside, Rush does a senton onto the outside and lands on his feet. The fans go crazy for him. They chant that was awesome. Rush picks up Fury and lays chops to his chest until Fury pushes him off and whips him into the barricade. Wow that looked vicious. And we have our first commercial. Keep track of it. That was actually good placement for a commercial.

We are back with Fury still in charge but Rush fighting back. But his momentum is stopped when Rush goes off the ropes and gets caught with an elbow. Kelly talks about Fury always losing in his efforts in ROH. Rush comes back finally some awesome kicks including a kick that rocks Fury. Fury catches a kick though but Rush does a backflip to get out of the reversal! Rush is met with a clothesline though but both men are down. Fury is up first. Him and Rush change blows though with some strikes and forearms with Rush getting the advantage until a headbutt. Fury goes for his pop up powerbomb but Rush reverses into a hurricanrana. Rush then lays a running DDT for a near fall. Fury is on his butt and Rush starts laying in the kicks to him. Fury reverses into a near fall pin and when Rush gets up he hits him with an enziguri. Fury then lays a weird Gory Special that is adjusted. He gets a two count in a pinfall attempt. Fury puts Rush on the top rope and lays a loud chop to the chest. Rush fights off though and knocks Fury down. Rush lays a huge crazy frog splash for a near fall. That was an awesome frog splash. Reminds me of one of RVD’s from his younger days. Rush attempts to whip Fury into the turnbuckle but Fury reverses. Rush goes for a reversal of a sunset flip powerbomb but Fury drops down for a pin. He goes for the pin by cheating by grabbing the rope but Sinclair notices! He kicks Fury’s hand off the rope and Rush gets a near fall! When they get up Fury hits his pop up powerbomb. Oh shit I hope he doesn’t win. Please don’t let this be the finish. And it isn’t! Rush kicks out at two and a half. Fury goes for some kind of suplex but Rush goes behind and tries a rollup but Fury reverses. Fury runs into Rush’s finisher though for the win! YES!

Lio Rush beats Brian Fury to win the Top Prospect Tournament

*** ¾. I wanted to rank this four stars but there wasn’t enough action and there were a few dead spots in there. But very good match. Fury did good and put over Rush and his moves very nicely. Rush looked phenomenal and his style of wrestling fits ROH very nicely. I hope he signs with the company after this. Please change that finisher though. It looks just ridiculous to me though.

Rush gets his hand raised and Nigel McGuinness and apparently the owner of ROH comes out. I’ve never seen the owner of ROH or know his name. Odd time for him to come out but ok I guess. They congratulate Rush. It shows Fury being disappointed and mad at himself. The announcer’s put over Rush as the future of wrestling and ROH as we go off screen to commercial. End was kind of weird with the owner and Nigel coming out. I would just have had Nigel come out. That would be enough.

We get a promo from reDRagon during commercial. They announce that next week is the tag team gauntlet between them and quite a few other teams including the addiction, the bucks, and many more. Wow that should be an awesome match. I already know one other match for next week due to the ROH website but I’ll save that for later. Next week is shaping to be a great show.

We are back in the arena with some weird music and an odd guy coming out I’ve never seen before. This guy is named Kongo and he is fat. Like not just fat but very obese. He has face paint and weird tattoos and looks like a guy out of Africa. He looks just plain silly. And next comes out the future face of ROH hopefully Moose! This guy is great and needs to be in the ROH title picture. They put over that Hathaway is not here to see how Moose does alone. They put over his match with Okada from the PPV. I heard great things about that match. Kelly says they have faced each other before in the Ring Of Honor training camp. Nice job putting over both guys. They get in each other’s faces as the bell rings to start the match.

Kongo vs Moose

Moose teases Kongo who retaliates with a punch. The two trade punches which looks nice. Kongo gets the upperhand until he goes to go off the ropes but Moose lays an uppercut. Moose then tries to go off the rope and gets hit with a splash. Kongo tries to go off the ropes again and gets that beautiful, huge dropkick from Moose. I would say that his dropkick is the best in wrestling right now. Especially for a big guy. Moose goes to the outside but is met by Kongo who spears him to the apron. Kongo tries throwing Moose into the barricade but Moose reverse to throw the huge man Kongo into the barricade. Moose gets pumped up for what looks like a spear but Kongo reverses and throws Moose into the barricade. Kongo then hits a cannonball to Moose on the barricade. Great start to the match for two big guys. Kongo throws Moose in the ring. Moose is in one corner and Kongo does a splash from the other corner. Kongo then throws Moose down and does some weird turning splash. That looked crappy. Just splash on him or sit on him. Moose is getting pumped up while Kongo hits him. It looks like he is hulking up. Kongo just keeps on hitting him but Kongo goes to do something off the ropes and gets hit with headbutts from Moose who backs Kongo into the corner. Moose then lays a bunch of splashes to Kongo in the corner. Moose then lays Kongo with punches while doing his Moose chant. I hear a lot of people complain about that spot since someone wouldn’t normally accept getting hit but I’m okay with it since it gets the crowd into the match and plus it’s wrestling and I love that chant. Moose then winds up and goes for a clothesline and gets caught into a exploder suplex but Moose gets right back up and hits Kongo with the punch! He then hits a standing flip senton to Kongo for a near fall. Kongo gets up and lays some strikes while Moose lays some headbutts. Moose is going off the ropes but Kongo meets him for a sloppy shoulder block for a two count. Kongo gets set up in the corner for a move to Moose in the other corner and hits a splash but goes for it again and gets met with a bicycle kick. Moose then hits a sloppy reverse crossbody off the top rope. He then sets up in the corner for a spear and hits a monstrous spear to Kongo for the win.

Moose hits a spear to Kongo for the win.

*** ¼..The match was okay, kind of sloppy. Moose looked good and in the beginning it was good with two guys just hitting each other but then Kongo took over and he looked winded and just out of it. Moose’s crossbody off the top rope looked sloppy as did his spear to Kongo. The match was okay but to sloppy and Kongo got in too much offense to me for Moose to look strong. Moose should have squashed him and gotten most of his offense in the match instead of Kongo looking strong at all.

We are shown a replay with Kevin Kelly echoing my own thoughts with saying that Moose should expect to be in the title picture soon. We are then shown the main event aforementioned Dalton Castle vs Christopher Daniels. Next is Adam Page vs Cedric Alexander though. I wonder when Cheeseburger is showing up? Four matches on ROH TV? That doesn’t happen a lot. We go to commercial.

Before we are back in the arena, we get a promo from Young Bucks who talk about signing with ROH so they can be in the best tag team division in the world and they will face anybody. And they ask who wants to be invited to the superkick party. I love these guys and they are a fun act. They were plugging the tag team gauntlet for next week.

We are shown a replay of earlier today, literally, with the get along gang who mouth Cheeseburger. Cheeseburger apparently faced this gang and hit them all except the women with a palm strike. The big ole gal that looks like a transvestite steps in and gets a palm strike to. Cheeseburger is awesome. I guess this is the spot that they were talking about earlier with Cheeseburger. I’m fine with that because it actually makes him look tough. I want to see him in a good feud though. Not a silly one again. I hate this gang but I love Cheeseburger. In two weeks, we start the ROH vs NJPW on ROH TV! That will be awesome and amazing. I love both companies, ROH more I must confess, but with all the big names like Tanahashi and Okada coming it will be amazing. Plus, Ishi is the current ROH TV champion and I predict that on that night, on TV, he loses that title to somebody. Strong maybe? Fish? Another New Japan guy? We will see.

We are shown a replay of Cedric Alexander and Veda Scott offering Gresham money for his ROH TV title shot where he turned it down. I like this feud between the two but like Moose, I want to see Cedrix in the main event scene. Veda comes out first looking just hot. She is stunning beautiful but as soon as she talks she is annoying. That is the type of wrestling women I like. Cedric has new music and Veda is in wrestling gear. Is she wrestling? The announcer’s asked to. Plus, I know that ROH is starting a women’s division to compete with WWE. Next out is Adam Page to new music since he split from The Decade. he has a cool look but he has some odd pictures on his megatron. He looks crazy which is good since he wrestles like that sometimes. Before the match starts, Whitmer attacks Adam Page with an exploder suplex and attacks Page with Alexander joining in. Gresham comes out to help fight them both off! He lays strikes to both but Whitmer knocks him down. Page and Whitmer fight and Cedric and Gresham fight. Whitmer and Alexander get out of dodge though. Kelly teases a tag team match. Page gets a mic and calls out Whitmer. Saying he runs but cannot hide and that it is not over. Whitmer own at the PPV so hopefully they have a blow off at the next PPV in Dallas. Whitmer also says it is not over. So, the match got scrapped and instead furthers two feuds. I can get behind that though I wish the Cedric and Gresham feud would take over the spotlight since they are both great and it is putting over a young talent and a guy that deserves to be in the main event. But, the Whitmer and Page and Corino angle has gone on so long that it needs development a lot to keep fans interested. This feud may go on forever it seems like. I hope not even though I like it right now. Kelly plugs the main event again and we go to commercial again. I think this is number three. There better not be one during the main event or I’ll be pissed.

We are shown a replay of last week with Silas Young and the Beer City Bruiser against The Boys and Castle coming out and getting beat up by them also. Christopher Daniels is coming out for the main event I guess. So we have quite a bit of time left for the main event. That is very odd. Daniels comes out in a bunch of medals and a war costume. That seems like that could be very edgy but it also looks like it could be a Hydra costume since Daniels is a huge comic book fan. Silas Young is at ringside. And looking at Daniels costume closer I realize it is a Hydra costume from Captain America. That is awesome and a heel thing he would do. And it looks like Ring of Honor owner is asleep at the table next to the broadcast group. Come on dude. Not on TV at least. Dalton Castle, the best gimmick in ROH and maybe wrestling today, comes out next with The Boys. Dalton Castle looks fired up tonight. He says that we are looking at a future champion. I cannot disagree with you Mr. Castle. I love this gimmick and he should be in the main event scene right after this feud. Silas says he is out here because Daniels asked him to be out here. Bullshit Silas you’re out here to interfere. We go to another commercial break. I think that’s number four? I can understand this one because it is before the main event and after Castle’s entrance but I predict we get another commercial break, which I will hate again.

Dalton Castle w/The Boys vs Christopher Daniels w/ Kazarian

We get the code of honor with the fantastic handshake from Castle. We also get the tale of the tape. I love that Castle is from Catalina Island. It is so like him. And little fun fact for you: Daniels made his pro debut the year I was born. He has been wrestling for 22 years. Wow that’s a long time and he can still go in the ring pretty well. Good for him. We get a elbow collar tie up with Daniels getting the advantage at first. We get another tie up with Castle getting the advantage this time. Silas Young get’s up from the announcer’s table. I just noticed security is escorting Silas. Earlier he said ROH asked him for security, not him. Castle backs Daniel up in the corner and does his peacock pose, freaking out Daniels. Gosh he is an awesome act. He is freaking out Daniels. I like Daniels tights, it’s an homage to The Punisher, which is being featured on the Netflix show Daredevil in a few weeks. Daniels mocks CAstle after knocking him down with a shoulder. Castle squats in the corner while being fanned by the Boys while the fans chant Fan Up. Castle goes behind and gets a headlock but Daniels reverses and they do a few shoulder blocks then they do Castle’s pose to each other where they act like they are dropping to the ground. Mr. Wrestling 3 calls this a catalina face off. I assume this is due to where Castle is from and also it is a reference to Step Brothers, which if you have not seen it then go and watch it. It is a fantastic movie that I require myself to watch once a week. Daniels mouths at the boys at ringside and when he turns around, Castle gives him an arm drag and Castle does some mat work. Followed by a test of strength then he throws him off the rope and does a dead level suplex. Castle turns around in a fabulous way from the corner but Daniels hits him in the midsection and puts him in the corner. He runs to Castle but goes on the apron. Daniels goes to the apron and gets put on the top turnbuckle by Dalton Castle and gets a boot to the face to the outside. On the outside, Castle lays a right hand and throws Daniels to the barricade. He then throws Daniels in the apron and goes for a whirling hurricanrana but Daniels dodges and pushes him in the barricade. The Boys fan Castle but Daniels runs them off. Daniels throws Castle in the ring. He lays a boot to him and whips him off the ropes then does a shoulder to the midsection. Kazarian is mouthing Kevin Kelly at ringside. Daniels then goes for a pin and gets a 1 count. He then throws Castle in the ringpost hard, chest first. He then places a boot on Castle’s chest. Daniel’s brings Castle up and lays some knees then does a bear hug on him from behind. And we go to commercial again. Ok this is the fifth one. Get your shit straight Ring of Honor and stop with all the commercial breaks. This one was well timed since it was while Castle was ground but still please stop with all the commercial breaks, especially during the main event. It sickens me.

Christopher Daniels is still in charge when we get back with him mocking Castle and having him tied up while hitting him with punches to midsection with his arm behind his back. Castle tries pushing off and he fights back with a hard right hand and some chops and strikes. He whips Daniels off the ropes but Daniels reverses. He gets hit with a clothesline though. Daniels is in the corner when Castle hits a clothesline splash in the corner, followed by an exploder suplex. Daniels goes to another turnbuckle and Castle screams and runs to him but Daniels gets a boot up. Daniels goes to middle turnbuckle and goes for a crossbody but Castle catches him and suplexes him. Next, Castle hits a dead level german suplex for a near fall. It looked great. Castle and Kazarian mouth each other, giving Daniels an opening to run Castle to the turnbuckle. Castle reverses and puts Daniels in the corner. Castle goes for a knee but due to mouthing at Silas at ringside, Daniels has enough time to move out of the way and Castle crashes to the outside. On the outside, Daniels throws Castle in the barricade. Daniels then goes to whip Castle in the ring but Castle reverses for a hurricanrana. Kazarian tries interfering but gets a right hand for his troubles. In the ring, Castle goes for a crossbody but Daniels moves out of the way. In the corner, Daniels is handed a wrench by Kazarian. But The Boys grab it and fans Daniels in the face. That was an awesome spot. Kazarian gets up on the apron though and knocks the Boy down. At the same time, Castle knocks Kazarian down with a punch. He then goes for his finisher on Daniels but Kazarian pulls Castle down and Daniels reverses into the angel wings for the win.

Christopher Daniels hits the Angels Wings for the win after outside interference from Kazarian

****. Very good match from two veterans. I never thought this would be a great match or a classic but it was very good and nicely planned out. We saw all the awesome usual spots from Castle, even with Daniels getting involved with them. We saw the Boys and Kazarian get involved. I loved the ending because I was pegging Castle to win to make him to look strong but that is okay since it took outside interference for Daniels to win. None of this match looked sloppy or slowed down. It had a nice flow and nice psychology to it. Good match.

We are shown a replay of the ending again. Silas is on the apron, mouthing Castle. Daniels and Kazarian are also mouthing on the outside, saying they are the smartest. Silas keeps on mouthing, saying Castle can’t win against anybody. He is on kind of a losing streak lately, I have noticed. The Boys are in the ring with Castle and he calls for the mic. The Boys get it for him. He says not so long sweetheart. Awesome line. He says that usual whatever comes out of his mouth is trash. He is talking kind of weird. A little more feminine than usual. Kind of odd and I don’t know if I like it yet. Sounds like a woman but not like his character. He says that he did lose tonight, like Silas said. He said that is confusing then because he is fantastic and that Silas and everybody in Peacock Land knows it. This guy is fucking amazing. He then says that Silas can bet his balls that he will win all the championships that the world has to offer. He asked how he can do that if he is too focused on Silas. Good question, I wonder the same thing. He also states that he tried convincing himself that they are done but he did as good of a job as his face looks. Isn’t that the truth and a nice zinger to Silas. He asked what they are gonna do. He says why don’t they end it with an end to the story only he see’s fit. He wants a fight. A fight without security and without rules. Oh no. We all know where that is going. HE asks for a fight without honor! If you have never watched Ring of Honor and only read my reviews, a fight without honor means anything goes. It means that they can do whatever to each other and it is basically a street fight but without any rules. I have never watched one and I hope Silas accepts. We go off the air with Castle and the Boys in the ring. Great, great ending segment. All the one liners and Castle finally ending this feud, like he says, to move on to better things. I hope with him talking about all the championships he wants that he will be moved into the main event scene next, Right now, Lethal has no contenders. Why not move Castle up there? The fans want to see it and Castle is a great worker. Even if it will only help give credibility to Lethal and his character and help place Castle in the main event, it will legitimize Castle also. I did know about the fight without honor before the show due to ROH having dumb placement on there page for their TV tapings. SPOILER WARNING. It was advertised for the TV tapings so it is going to happen. I loved the ending segment though. He is great on a mic and his character is amazing, and he talked and acted like his character would. Dalton Castle is simply fabulous.

This was another awesome show with some great matches and some great storylines being advanced. Like I stated, Ring of Honor is some of the best wrestling on TV every week and if you only read my reviews then you are missing out. Check it out on your local listings. That is it for me here on the Indy Corner. Tune in next week and look out for all the great reviews and columns, including mine, on the Indy Corner. Have a great wrestling week and see you soon.

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