ROH TV Review 5/7/14

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This episode of ROH TV is just an overview of War Of The Worlds back in May.

ROH World TV Title Match: KUSHIDA vs. Jay Lethal (c) w/ Truth Martini

The match starts out with some quick reversals of running the ropes and Lethal and KUSHIDA doing the exact same moves. Lethal hits out to the apron and then hits him with a springboard drop kick. Lethal then goes for his signature 3 consecutive suicide dives but on the third he does a gesture to screw the fans. KUSHIDA gets caught up in the top rope on the outside of the apron and then Lethal poses with his foot to KUSHIDA’s face and then Martini comes over to take pictures of Lethal on his iPhone. Lethal goes for the Lethal Injection but KUSHIDA hits him with a low drop kick to the face. Lethal then rolls out of the ring and KUSHIDA hits a con hilo off of the top rope on Lethal. KUSHIDA hits a satellite DDT for which would’ve been a 3 count but Martini pulls out the ref and Martini is ejected. Lethal then hits the Lethal Combination after a couple of standing switches. KUSHIDA kicks Lethal while he’s on the top rope and then KUSHIDA hits a rana while both men are on the top rope. Lethal retains his title with the Lethal Injection.

If this card wasn’t so stacked this had show stealer written all over it. The fans were very into KUSHIDA as a good guy and this match was just amazing.

6 man tag match Takaaki Watanabe & The Forever Hooligans (Rocky Romero & Alex Koslov) vs. Tommaso Ciampa, ACH & Matt Taven

Romero and Taven go back and forth with reversals and Taven hits an enziguri on Romero. ACH and Watanabe are tagged and ACH hits drop kicks on everybody on the opposing team. Koslov become the legal man and hits his squatting kicks and stomp to the head while ACH is sitting. Ciampa and Koslov get tagged in and Ciampa begins to clean house. Ciampa goes for the three running knees in the corner but Koslov stops him but Ciampa hits an air raid crash on Koslov. ACH hits a mushroom stomp on Watanabe and then the air Jordan to the Hooligans on the outside. Taven hits the climax, which is almost like a headlock driver, for the win.

This was an exciting match as all the guys in the match got there time to shine.

ROH World Tag Title Match: The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson)  (c) vs. reDRagon (Kyle O Reilly & Bobby Fish) w/ Filthy Tom Lawlor

The match starts out with the Bucks using some unique tag team moved on O Reilly. O Reilly and Fish wind up in the corner and Nick Jackson hits the signature cartwheel and back flip back rake. O Reilly and Fish wind up on the outside and Matt hits a drop kick through the second rope and then Nick comes over the top spiraling on to both O Reilly and Fish. Nick gets tagged and hits a springboard drop kick on O Reilly and is then thrown over the top rope by Fish and lands on the apron then Nick hits an enziguri on Fish. Nick jumps off the apron and hits a tornado DDT on O Reilly and then hits a face buster on Fish. Fish rolls and Nick goes for a moonsault but Fish moves and spears Nick into the corner on the outside. Matt hits Fish with a spear and then O Reilly goes for the drop kick on Nick who is in the corner but Nick hits a superkick. The Bucks then hit Fish with the buckle bomb- enziguri combo. O Reilly starts picking momentum with his MMA style on Matt and as he goes for the leg sweep Matt jumps and Nick hits Kyle with a superkick. O Reilly winds up holding Fish in a tombstone and the Bucks hit a double super kicks on O Reilly’s legs and he tombstones his own partner. O Reilly is then met with double super kicks to the face. Fish kicks out at 2 when Matt covers him. O Reilly hits the apron drop kick in the corner on the outside on Nick. Fish hits a top rope falcon arrow on Matt. O Reilly reverses the buckle bomb on Matt by putting him a guillotine and Nick breaks the hold by hitting a 450 splash on O Reilly’s face and I Reilly kicks out at 2. The Bucks hit half of More Bang For Your Buck but O Reilly reverses the moonsault into a triangle choke. O Reilly then hits a stomp to the head, rolling elbow, brain buster combo for a 2 count on Matt. reDRagon hits Chasing the Dragon on Matt for another 2 count but O Reilly immediately puts Matt in an arm bar and Matt taps out.

This match undoubtedly stole the show on this card and was one of the best matches of the year in ROH.

I highly recommend checking out this episode of ROH TV as ROH put 2 of the best matches from War Of The Worlds. You can make a free account on to watch weekly TV.

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