ROH TV Review (31/01/15)

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The Romantic Touch vs Moose w/ Stokely Hathaway and Veda Scott

This was an ok match. The match began with each men reverse each other’s moves. Moose gained the advantage with a headbutt to the center of the chest. While this was happening, Veda was on commentary explaining why she had left RD Evans at Final Battle. She said that she knew RD was a loser and wanted to be alongside Moose. Moose throws TRomantic Touch out of the ring and then he saw Veda and tried to do what he does. Hathaway came at him with a shoe but he missed and Touch picked up Veda and handed her to Hathaway. Touch then drop kicked both of them. Moose won the match with a spear.

The Decade Promo

Jacobs says the Decade built ROH and he doesn’t understand why they cheer guys who just come, go, or just leave all together. Jacobs says that the Decade needs a new youngboy.

The Decade (Jimmy Jacobs and Adam Page) and Kris LaRusso w/ BJ Whitmer vs Leon St. Giovanni, Chris Chambers, and Shinya Ali

This was a squash match as Page picked up the victory with his guillotine piledriver, Turn The Page. Afterwards, Whitmer hit LaRusso with an exploder suplex and then put him in the Stronghold.

Top Prospect Tournament: Ashley Sixx vs Dalton Castle

This was a good match. The match started with Ashley Sixx biting Castle’s hand. Castle gained the advantage afterwards with backdrop suplex and couple of splashes. The two men in red masks who have been showing up in vignettes showed up towards the back section of the crowd. Sixx then went for a head scissors but Castle reversed it into a face buster. Later in the match, Sixx hit a tope sucida. Sixx won with a type of Rock Bottom.

Adam Cole Promo

Before he starts talking he puts down and the mic and tells Bobby Cruise to get up and takes his chair. He then walks towards the timekeeper and he goes. Cole then stops at the announce table and Corino is trying to get him to talk but Cole is just silent. Cole then sits down in the ring and says nothing. He drops the mic and gives the fans the middle finger and then leaves.

ROH TV Title Match: ACH vs Matt Sydal vs Jay Lethal (c) w/ The House of Truth (Truth Martini and J Diesel)

This was a very good match. The match began with Sydal and ACH crowding Lethal into a corner but Lethal slid. Lethal then waited as the ACH and Sydal went at for a bit but Sydal hit a plancha on Lethal. Sydal and ACH then hit a double dropkick on Lethal. For a while the match was pretty even but ACH broke it open as hit the Air Jordan springboard on Sydal and Lethal. Sydal hit a shooting star press on ACH. When Sydal was pinning ACH, Lethal superkicked Sydal to break up the pin. Lethal then hit a Lethal Injection but Sydal rolled out of the ring. Lethal then retained as he hit the Lethal Combination and then the Lethal Injection on ACH. After the match, Martini pulled out Alberto El Patron’s t-shirt and Lethal spit on it and starting punching ACH. El Patron ran out of and attacked Lethal but El Patron was able to hit him for a while as Lethal ran away from him.

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