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Welcome Back fellow ROH Fans or new fans. This is my weekly review of the past week of Ring of Honor TV. If you have never watched ROH, I highly recommend it. Watch it then read my review to see my opinion on it. So with all that out of the way, let’s jump right in!

​We are live from Charlotte, North Carolina with Kevin Kelly and Mr. Wrestling 3 (not Steve Corino) at ringside announcing. We start off the broadcast right away with a match. Thank goodness this isn’t like WWE with a in-ring promo for 30 minutes. Some guy dressed in a rocker punk gimmick that you may see at any local indy show and this one reminds me of the famous indy wrestler Sami Callihan from EVOLVE and PWG or Solomon Crowe from his time in NXT. This guy looks like a lesser known and not very good punk rock gimmick. Kevin Kelly says he is famous Masada (obviously not famous enough for me to hear of him before) and that he wrestled for ROH before and wrestles in Japan currently. He must have wrestled in ROH before I started watching. Kevin Kelly says that he is out here for the Roderick Strong vs The World TV Title match. This should be interesting. Sounds like a great opening for a show. Kevin Kelly plays like this guy is a badass and that they shouldn’t allow him in the ring. This guy does not look very menacing to me. Kelly puts Roddy over by saying that he said he’ll put his title on the line for all newcomers. Strong comes out to a pop even though he is obviously a heel. That is a big downside of ROH is that if the fans like a guy and his wrestling they will cheer for him even when he is a heel. Strong is a great heel and has that cheap smile and that smug look and I like him as a heel and I hate that the fans cheer him. Boo the man! And Roddy comes out with that aura of confidence and smugness. Roddy even slaps a crew member at ringside. See? Great heel work. Bobby Cruise makes the introductions and we are shown the announcers at ringside and put over the main event of ReDRagon vs Cole and Lethal in a tag match. I’m excited for that match. Then we get the tale of the tape with Masade making his pro debut in 2002, which I wouldn’t have guessed, and he has some kind of sticks he’s holding up in his picture. I wonder if we will see those later? (FYI we will). I am still surprised every time I see that Strong has been wrestling since 2000. He looks young, moves young, but acts like a veteran and WWE still hasn’t signed him? Shame on them but thanks for giving the indy scene a great wrestler. Ad we start the match.

Roderick Strong vs The World! ROH Television Title Match: Roderick Strong (champion) vs Masada

​We start off with the test of strength with Masada winning. Roddy reverses it with a kick in the gut and a pull around to take him to the mat. Masada gets out of it and reverses Roddy into the ground for a leg ambar but Roddy is by the ropes and grabs them for a break. Announcers put over the mat work. Masada does some weird pinning combinations for a two count. Roddy is surprised and pissed. They get into a shoving contest with Roddy even saying come on big boy. Love when a wrestler mouths his opponent during the match. They exchange forearm strikes. Exchange chops next. Roddy gets a kick in the gut and puts Masada outside but Masada grabs Roddy and pulls him outside and body slams Roddy on the mats outside. Strong tries to get away with the announcers still putting over Masada as being an international star (which I’m still not believing). Roddy gets back in the ring and goes for Masada when he comes back in but Masada gets a shoulder down in the gut. Masada tries to get in the ring then but Roddy hits him with a running knee. Strong then goes to the outside and back suplexes Masada unto the ring apron. That is always a sick spot and I love it everytime. More wrestlers should do it. Both are on the outside when we go to commercial break which is still full of ROH stars. Does anybody else think it’s weird that the world champion is advertising for knee and joint pain? So weird but it’s funny to see it.

​Back from commercial, Masada hits Roddy with a knee to the rib cage. And once again, Kevin Kelly is trying to put over Masada as a Japanese death star legend. Where Kevin Kelly? And with who? Obviously not a legend if you cannot give me one match he has been in! Masada hits Roddy with some chops and strikes and Roddy goes for a clothesline but Masada reverses it into a backdrop. Roddy tries getting away but gets a back suplex that looked sick. Masada goes for a pin and gets a two count. Replay shows Strong getting hit in the face with his own knee. Ouch. Masada goes for a power bomb but it looks like he botched it. Roddy gets away and goes for a forearm strike but Masada reverses it into a death valley driver which Wikipedia has shown as his finisher yet the announcers never mention it! I love ROH announcing but, to me, they are not doing well with this match. Masada goes for a count and gets a near fall. Mr. Wrestling 3 puts over how Strong is going to eventually mess up by not being able to scout or know his talent before hand. There is the announcing I love. Masada goes for a suplex and Strong reverses it into an olympic slam. Roddy hits a running knee in the corner then another running strike then a back suplex into a face plant for pin and a near fall. Masada hits Roddy with a boot and Roddy goes for something but Masada revers into an armbar but Strong is near the ropes. Masada pulls out something taped up and goes to hit Roddy but he hits him with a kick to the gut then to the head to stop him. Roddy tries to use it but Masada does a kick into the gut then a powerbomb for a near fall. Masada rips it up and Mr. Wrestling 3 explains that he has done this before and that he uses it to stab his opponents and Kevin Kelly. mentions its bamboo sticks that he stabs his opponents with (told you they would show up). Masada goes to stab Strong with them but he kicks Masada in the knee and while Masada is hunched over the rope, Roddy hits him with a knee to the face which looks brutal and I love it. Strong gets the 1,2,3 for the win and retains his TV title.

​Roderick Strong wins with the knee to the face to retains his TV title *** The match was OK. Not one of Roddy’s best title defenses but it maybe the worst. Never heard of Masada but he didn’t do to well. Strong carried this match and he keeps looking stronger by beating these guys but I do wish he would face someone else from ROH like Sabin, Shelley, ACH, Sydal, etc. who he could have a better match with. Roddy is a great wrestler though and he will never have a true stinker.

​Post Match: They show the replay of that vicious knee shot. I love that knee shot and it looks so brutal. Then you hear Bobby Fish of ReDRagon and he mentions the Roderick Strong vs The World and says that he better move to a different planet because final battle changed Strong’s life. I have no idea how it changed his life but whatever. Man does this guy look like a douchebag. I’m suppose to cheer for him? He’s a great wrestler but brah change your wardrobe. I know its suppose to look “sophisticated” but you look like a hipster doucher. Bobby says he wants to try to explain Strong vs The World. He says that Strong will defend it every week vs anyone, except named Bobby Fish. Strong says Fish can’t comprehend his loss and that Fish’s career is coming to a close and he sees Roddy and wants to be him. Fish says it takes a real man to lace up those boots to stare defeat in the face and that Strong knows after Final Battle that if he stares Fish on the other side of the ring then that will be what happens. Fish goes to talk but STrong interrupts and says Fish is a sore loser and he needs to get out of the ring and throws the mic out of him. Some people would say that is cowardly by just walking out like that but it plays to the feud and that is what a heel champion would do. Fish says he has two ptions. He can run or he can stop and go to war with him, man to man. Fish is talking to deaf ears as Strong has already left. Good job just leaving. I hate when the other wrestler just sticks around to be ridiculed. It never makes sense. Fish says that eventually he will face Roddy and that he has all the time in the world. Great promo work from both of them. Strong is the top heel in the company. I wish they would have put the World Title on him instead of the terrible heel Lethal. The top heel in the company should be the world champion if he’s a heel, not the TV champion. But at least we are seeing Strong wrestle every week so I can’t complain. We get a preview of the main event again and Kevin Kelly announces the top prospect tournament is up next with an interesting story. I wonder what that is with the Colby Corino in the tournament? Hmmm. And we go to commercial.

​Back from commercial, we are shown a replay of last week where Elgin challenged the Briscoes to a match at the 14th Anniversary show against him and Tanahashi. Briscoes accepted. It will probably be a great match but better without Elgin. Just kidding but not really. Still will be a good match. BJ Whitmer comes out with Colby Corino for the Top Prospect Tournament. Look, I was right, again. Whitmer is such a douchebag. I fucking hate this guy. I don’t hate him as much as other people but still a dick. They mention that Colby is the son of Steve Corino, the former announce (NOT Mr. Wrestling 3). They mention how Whitmer says that he isn’t just doing this to spite his dad but because ROH is interested in him as a wrestler. Yeah sure whatever you say Kevin Kelly. HIs opponent comes out as Punisher Martinez who looks like Judas Mesias. Remember from TNA? Is he that terrible wrestler? I have just been informed by Wikipedia that it is not him. KEvin Kelly puts Martinez over as an experienced wrestler. Martinez is tall at 6’6. Good look on him but of course, according to the tale of the tape which is showed next, he debuted in 2004. What’s up with these old fucks in this? I want to see new guys that debuted from like 2008 and on. Not 10 year veterans. And it also shows that Colby Corino made his pro debut last year (see? that’s more like it) and that he is 5’7, weighing 161 pounds. Oh I do not have a good feeling about this for Corino but he could win to further the storyline. And we start the match.

Top Prospect Tournament Round 1: Colby Corino vs Punisher Martinez

​Man does Corino look small. He looks like I could snap him in half and I’m only an inch taller and 40 pounds heavier. Code of Honor is adhered to. Corino dodges a punch for chop which has no effect. Corino then reverses a clothesline for some chops and kicks that looks like it just announces Martinez and Corino runs into a spinning roundhouse kick. I will say that so far Martinez looks like a monster, like last years winner Donovan Dijak did. Martinez throws him into the corner quite stiffly and hits him with a knee in the abdomen then does some jumping splashes to Corino in the corner. He then hits him with a stiff right hand. Martinez puts Corino in a alabama slama position and twists him into a backbreaker on his knee. That looked pretty awesome actually and like a finisher but he gets a near fall then does a running forearm strike to Corino in the corner and body slams him. Then Martinez tries a running off the ropes superman punch but Corino kicks him in the midsection then hits him with a flipping boot to the head into the corner then a running drop kick and it looks like the tide is turning for Corino. Corino then hits Martinez with a RKO off the second rope but from behind like Jimmy Jacobs use to do, which is Mr. Wrestling 3 nicely pointed out then hits him with a running corkscrew for a near fall. Kevin Kelly mentions that all the wrestlers are from ROH Tryout Camps. I am happy for this information since I was wondering but would have been nice to know last week. Corino then hits Martinez with a cannonball senton from the top rope onto the outside where Martinez was at. Corino is pumped and so is Whitmer. Crowd is into it. Corino goes for a running apron hurricanrana but Martinez catches him for a powerbomb then a razors edge/last ride unto the apron which looked awesome from him, being tall and lengthy. Martinez throws Corino into the ring. Martinez then hits Corino with a chokeslam and pins Corino for the win.

Punisher Martinez win with the chokeslam and advances in the TPT ***1/2 For two “prospects”, match wasn’t bad at all but looked very sloppy and was very short. Corino, for his size, did well but he is not convincing at all, even when he does spotty stuff. I’m not saying he can’t win, because he showed promise, but he needs to work on his moves. He is a great seller though which is good for a small guy. They played up, in the match and commentary, how big Martinez is. His offense looked fierce and it all worked well for a tall guy but goddamn it do I hate a tall guy always using a chokeslam for a finisher. I fucking hate it. It’s overused and while it fit his guy, he needs a move to use for his own like the move he did to Corino to the outside on the apron. Overall, not bad match for two prospects but no chemistry and to short to really judge.

​Post Match: They show replays of all the offense from Martinez and they also who the tournament bracket. Whitmer is in the ring with a mic and the fans start chanting you suck. Which Whitmer does suck. He mentions that Corino did good but to tell his old man to take off that mask. I wish I knew who they were talking about. They are looking at Mr. Wrestling 3 at ringside announcing and the camera pans to him but I don’t believe it. Whitmer is just stupid. Whitmer mentions that he shouldn’t expect anything less from a man that abandoned him and his mother for a new family and a man that didn’t even spend christmas with him but with his new family. I do know that Corino has a new kid and a new wife so it all fits but the other viewers may not know that and maybe you should mention it before hand but it is ok since just bringing that up is going to garner some more attraction to the feud on a personal level. Whitmer says that Corino spent Christmas at his home with his family. Whitmer also states that the man in the masks never has shown him love but Whitmer has. Well why in the fuck would Mr. Wrestling 3 show him love? Are they related? Not that I know of. Whitmer says he is giving Steve one more chance to ge tup and take off his mask and show him his true colors. Mr. Wrestling 3 states that he is just a color commentator and that Whitmer has no idea what he’s talking about. See? I was right. Whitmer says that here it is and grabs Colby by the throat and says that he embarrassed him tonight and that he snuck off at christmas to talk to his dad. Whitmer says where he comes from (the inbred family I assume) that it’s betrayal. He tells Colby to stand up. Whitmer says he forgives him. But he says he can’t forgive him for the sins of his father and he hits him with exploder suplex after exploder suplex after exploder suplex until the ref’s break it up. Mr. Wrestling 3 is standing up and Whitmer drags Corino’s lifeless corpse over to the announcer table. Whitmer gets in Mr. Wrestling 3. I fucking wish Whitmer would strike that Luchador legend. He would put him in the fucking ground. Kevin Kelly then takes us to break. Very good way to further the storyline. I like how it was personal before and that since this storyline isn’t always played week to week that you could forget it but they keep making it more personal. IF Steve Corino does come back, I expect a bloody fucking brawl between the two to end this feud. Don’t mess up the ending ROH. Also, BJ Whitmer is a dick.

​Back from the commercial break, we are shown another replay of last week’s announcement of the triple threat title match at the next PPV between World Champion Lethal, Adam Cole, and Kyle O’ Reilly. Like I said last week, looks like a great match on paper but it is a triple threat match with a hot feud and grudge in there so it could be worse than we think. We are then shown that during the commercial break that Mr. Wrestling 3 is consoling Colby Corino and hugging him while helping him to the back. That’s real nice of an announcer to do for a young man. It shows the compassion from Mr. Wrestling 3. Nigel McGuiness, the on-air authority figure (no not like WWE, much better), has taken Mr. Wrestling 3’s place at the announcing table.

MAIN EVENT TIME! ReDRagon comes out. I will have a piece on this tag team soon in my opinion column that all indy and ROH fans should check out. Kevin Kelly mentions next week’s tag title match, War Machine vs All Night Express. This looks like a good match with little guys vs huge monsters. I don’t think War Machine will lose since they just won the titles but I’d love for ANX to win since they are an awesome tag team to me. The announcers mention how the tag team of Lethal and Cole have a disadvantage since they haven’t worked together at all unlike ReDRagon. Nice point. Cole comes out to an ovation and the awesome “ADAM COLE BAYBAY” chant. I like that chant, but IF HE WAS A BABYFACE! He gets cheered and it pisses me off. HE IS A HEEL! BOO HIM! It’s fucking stupid how much he is cheered Sure he is catchy and a good wrestler but still a heel and in a feud with one of your top babyfaces so boo him.

Next comes out the World Champ Lethal with Truth Martini and the Red Queen (if you’re a GoT fan, you’ll get it. If not, go watch Game of Thrones. Great show). Kevin Kelly mentions how it’s an unlikely pair and mentions multiple times that it’s the televised main event. No shit. You’ve told us this enough already. We go to commercial. Good placement for a commercial but I can almost bet money that there will be another one.

​TELEVISED TAG TEAM MAIN EVENT: reDRagon vs Adam Cole & Jay Lethal w/ Truth Martini & Red Queen

​Back from commercial, Adam Cole refuses to do the code of honor which is a heel move but the fans are still cheering for him. He didn’t follow the rules so let’s cheer him. No do not cheer him for the love of all that is good. O’Reilly and Lethal start out which is a flashback to their great match from ROH TV a few months back when Lethal was TV champion and defended his title against him to a 30 minute draw. If you haven’t seen it, look it up. Phenomenal match. Cole is asking to be tagged in with O’Reilly. This seem suspicious. Cole and O’Reilly circle around and he tags Lethal back in. Oh that’s a babyface move. Oh wait it’s not. But it was a nice tease and now the fans chant for Lethal. HE IS THE WORLD CHAMPION AND A HEEL! DO NOT CHEER HIM!

Fans are awesome and can make or break a match or character but they should never cheer a heel. Ever. He’s a heel for a reason. We are meant to hate him so hate him. Fuck. They hooked up and Reily hits Lethal with an uppercut then gets in a headlock. Lethal whips him into the ropes and Reily hits lethal with a shoulder knockdown. O’Reilly goes to run on the ropes but Lethal ducks down and O’Reilly hangs on the ropes. Lethal then gets a headlock in on O’Reilly. He whips Lethal into the ropes and now Lethal hits the shoulder knockdown. Lethal whips off the ropes and Reily ducks down and goes for a backdrop but lethal does a sunset flip to try a pin cover but O’Reilly counters into an armbar into the ropes though goes lethal. O’Reilly takes the offensive and tags in Fish when they both hit knees then do the double arm breakers onto their shoulders which I always love that double team move. They then whip Lethal into the ropes and hit him with a double kick and Fish goes for the pin and gets a near fall. Good sequence there. lethal hits Fish with a knee to the gut and whips him into the ropes in which Fish counters with a back elbow and a pin for a near fall. Fish hits Lethal with a few knees to the mid section to back him into the corner to tag in Reily. Reily hits the armbreaker again over the shoulder then has a rear come along with the left arm which the announcers put over and mention that RedDRagon uses this technique often. Reily puts Lethal on the mat and hits him with sequencing knees to the arm then knees to the ribs. He then hits him with a running knee into the arm. He then tags in Fish who takes the arm and does a arm breaker over his knee onto the mat. Kelly asks Nigel at ringside if he has thought about adding Fish vs Strong for the TV Title to the PPV. No the commissioner never thought to add a hot feud over a title to the PPV card. Nigel responds with yes but that he needs to work out a few details before that can happen. I’d say that annoys me but I’m happy that he isn’t like other on air authority figures and just makes random matches at the PPV at random times. Lethal hits a midsection knee then tags in cole. They go for a double team but Fish backdrops Lethal into the corner then Fish hits Cole with a reverse kick into the midsection. He goes to tag in O’Reilly but Cole grabs his leg and Lethal pulls O’Reilly off the ring apron. Fish kicks Lethal then goes to the corner but Lethal is there and Lethal goes for a right hand but Fish reverses into his own right hand and knocks Lethal down but when he turns around Cole hoists him upon his shoulder and hits him with a neck breaker unto his knee and pins him for a near fall. Cole distracts the ref so Lethal can pull him to the outside and irish whip him into the barricades. Cole then pulls Fish into the ring and prevents Fish from tagging in Reily. Cole then pulls him into his corner and starts beating on him with knees then does the “Adam Cole BayBay” thing again. It is catchy I must admit but not for a heel. He also does it right in front of Lethal and they have a stare off. Nice tease there. They cut to commercial.

​Back from commercial, Cole and Lethal are in control and “cut the ring in half”, to say that they have kept Fish from tagging in Reily and kept him near their corner and this is the FIP spot but with Fish which is odd since usually Reily is the Face in Peril. Its different and I like it since I like Reily more than Fish (once again look for a future column piece about that). Cole hits Fish with a snapmare and knees onto his back. Cole tries a cheapshot to Reily but he ducks and hits Cole with a forearm smash. Cole proceeds to spit on Reily. See, in a hot feud I love the spitting angle and it adds disgust and hatred but it seems like they wasted this spot in a match. But it is nice for a hot feud like Reily and Cole. I just wish they would have used it somewhere else. Reily tries jumping in but the ref stops him and while the ref is distracted, Cole and Lethal double team Fish with stomps to the midsection. Cole does the fake tag and Lethal comes in. He goes for a pin for a one count. Lethal whips Fish into the corner and hits a clubbing blow then snapmare into a dropkick to the back of the head. Now, Lethal is the heel yet does a dropkick? The dynamics sometimes of wrestling surprises me. But Lethal recovers and yells “I’M THE BEST WRESTLER IN THE WORLD!” Now that is a heel move but it is brought on by cheers! No boo him! Heel move! I feel like I should go to an event and inform the crowd what is a heel move and what is not just so they know because they obviously don’t. Lethal tags in Cole Fish tries to fight back with strikes to Lethal and Cole and then he hits Cole with a samoan drop. Fish does the hot tag to Reily and Cole tags in Lethal. Reily delivers a clubbing clothesline to Lethal and goes for Cole on the apron but he ducks down. Lethal tries a back drop but Reily flips off for a flurry of a back hand, a few kicks, then a leg sweep. Reily is on fire and trying to pump up the crowd. Lethal goes to the corner and Reily tries to run to him but gets flipped onto the apron. Reily delivers a running knee off the apron to Cole on the outside. Reily is pumped now. Lethal tries running to Reily in the corner but is met with a boot and Reily runs to Lethal and attempts a bulldog which Lethal tries to counter but gets DDT’d for the attempt. Reily goes for the pin but a near fall. Great sequence right now. This is why I love O’ Reily. When he is in there and is hot, he is so crisp and aggressive. He shows emotion and is pumped up every time. Not to be cliche but it’s awesome. When Lethal kicks out, Reily puts on the armbar but Cole breaks it up quickly. Cole kicsk Reily and is yelling at him. they go for a double team but Reily stops at the ropes and hits Lethal with a elbow and dumps Cole to the outside. Fish tackles Cole into the barricade. In the ring, Lethal and Reily trade forearm smashes and fissts with Reily getting the upperhand but Lethal whips him into the corner and goes for a running elbow but Reily dodges. Reily then does a running forearm smash and Fish hits Lethal with a running crossbody in the corner, and Reily hits him with a running kick to the chest. Fish then does a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker with Reily hitting Letha with a knee drop off the top rope while he is perched on Fish’s knee. Reily gets a near fall on Lethal. Reily tags in Fish and they attempt Chasing the Dragon but Lethal goes behind and pushes Reily into Fish and Cole hits Reily with the running bicycle kick. Lethal goes for the lethal combination on Fish and stops for Cole to kick him and does the lethal combination again. Cole then hits Fish with a shining wizard. Lethal goes for a pin and gets a near fall and of course we go to commercial. WHY??? We are in the middle of the hottest spot of the main event and we go to commercial?? So stupid. Great job ROH or whoever is in charge of doing commercials. You failed me again.

​We are back and Lethal hits the Hail to the King, which is a elbow drop to Fish and goes for a pin but Reily breaks it up. Fish and Lethal exchange blows with Fish hitting Lethal with a combination of punches and kicks, and Fish hits a dragon screw whip with a few kicks to the leg in the middle Fish tags in Reily and Lethal tags in Cole. Now, this spot sounds awesome and it is, but I would have waited for the PPV. Have Cole nail his cheapshots on Reily for a while but never have them actually in this match. Always find a way to put it off until the PPV to build it up. But they do exchange forearm smashes. They grab each other and just go to town with smash’s and strikes. That was awesome because you could see the anger on both their faces. Reily gets the upperhand and hits Cole with more and then goes off the ropes and Lethal and Cole attempt a double clothesline but Reily ducks and hits Lethal with a kick to the chest then goes for a kick to Cole who catches it and Reily goes for an enziguri but misses and Cole hits him with a german suplex in which Reily proceeds to immediately get up and hit a nasty forearm smash. I know this is done on the indies a lot and it is ok in certain spots like this but they just went through a whole sequence of moves and hard strikes and he is just gonna get up from a powerbomb without selling? Doesn’t add up. And Cole hits a superkick which Reily goes for a rebounder clothesline from the ropes off it but Cole ducks and Reily hits Lethal with it. Cole then hits the superkick to Reilly again and attempts to hit Fish but he catches it and does an exploder suplex in the corner. Lethal comes in with a bicycle kick to Fish. Reily with forearm strikes to Lethal who catches one and hits an enziguri. He then goes for the Lethal Injection but Fish pushes Cole in the way and Lethal hits him on accident and is dumbfounded that he hit him. You have a move where you don’t see your opponent before you hit it and you are surprised you didn’t hit him? Stupid Lethal. I’m not even gonna bitch about how you should see before you hit somebody since it is a move where you can’t really see your opponent until you hit it. ReDRagon then clotheslines Lethal to the outside and Fish symbols that they are going to finish Cole off with the Chasing the Dragon which they hit and Reily pins Cole (a foreshadowing?) for the win.

​​reDRagon beat Cole & Lethal with Chasing the Dragon to Cole ***3/4 Very good tag team main event. ReDRagon always have good tag matches with their hard hitting strikes and their mat work and limb work. They also have great chemistry. I also like how Reily shined again for them. I have noticed watching this a while that Reily is shining more and more in their tag matches with Fish usually their for back up. I like that since Reily can and will be a top star for them and eventual world champion. Lethal and Cole did good especially with playing up how they are friends for now but still enemies since they are facing each other at the PPV. Lethal did look kind of dumb at the end when he hit the Lethal Injection on Cole since he is facing him at the PPV but again you don’t want to take your tag partner out of a match and lose the match since this is a promotion where wins and losses matter. Overall, a good, hard hitting match that had some fun spots and great limb and mat work.

​We are sent off from TV with reDRagon celebrating and them reminding us (again) about the triple threat match main event at the PPV and the tag title match next week. And with ROH sending you off, so am I. Thank you for tuning in this week and check out my column and all other pieces on The Indy Corner and tune in next week to see what awesome wrestling Ring of Honor brings us.

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