ROH TV Review 28/6/14

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This episode of ROH television is just an in depth look at Unbreakable Michael Elgin’s career in ROH and his long road to becoming ROH World Champ.

The episode starts out with Elgin talking about how he got into wrestling as a fan and then as a wrestler. Tyson Dux is then shown as he is one of Elgin’s friends and trained with him.

Raising The Bar Night 2 on 3/8/14
Michael Elgin vs. Tyson Dux

The match starts out with each man trying to overpower another but then Dux hits Elgin with the delayed vertical suplex. This had no effect and then Elgin does the same exact move. Elgin goes for a deadlift suplex when he is on the second rope and Dux is on the apron but Dux reverses and then works on the leg. Dux hits a super plex and then stays in the hold and then hits a fisherman buster for a 2 count. Elgin hits Dux with a vicious power bomb to the barricade and rolls Dux into the ring but Dux hits him with a Death Valley Driver into the corner. Elgin beats Dux with the buckle bomb then Elgin bomb combo.

This was a good match but it was sort of slow until the ending sequence which was a really exciting sequence. Jimmy Jacobs and Truth Martini are shown talking about how much Elgin wanted to be in ROH. ROH lead commentator Kevin Kelly, Michael Elgin, Truth Martini, and Jimmy Jacobs talk about how his with Davey Richards at Showdown In The Sun in 2012 really opened the eyes of all the fans.

A clip of Survival of the Fittest 11/18/2011
Michael Elgin vs. Kyle O Reilly

Elgin hits O Reilly with a big bout and then a backlist strike. Elgin then goes for a powerbomb but O Reily reverses it into a guillotine. O Reilly then hits a satellite DDT and then locks in the guillotine again. Elgin hits a buckle bomb on Kyle and goes for the Elgin but O Reilly reverses it into a reverse rana. O Reilly then hits a Regal plex on Elgin. Later in the match Elgin hit O Reilly with a tombstone piledriver but Kyle broke the pin by putting his foot on the bottom rope. O Reilly goes for a hurricanrana but Elgin catches him for a power bomb and Elgin then hits the buckle bomb and Elgin bomb combo for the win.

ROH TV Episode from 10/20/12
Michael Elgin vs. Rhino

Both men are House of Truth members as Truth Martini is the leader. The match starts out with both men brawling as they go to the outside. Rhino hits a spin buster on Elgin. Later on Elgin hits a German suplex with a bridge for a 2 count. Roderick Strong interferes as he was a House of Truth and then Truth Martini stops Rhino from hitting a gore. Elgin hits a gore of his own and then picks up the win with an Elgin bomb. This was an ok match because I think both wrestlers are too similar in style.

This was a good episode of ROH TV and was very informative episode as I learned more about Elgin’s history in ROH.

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