ROH TV Review 2/8/12

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This episode features a golden gauntlet match which determines a number #1 contender for the ROH World Title.

The DECADE’s BJ Whitmer w/ Tadarius Thomas and Adam Page vs. Caprice Coleman

This match was a hard hitting contest between these two guys. The match was filled with brutal chops and numerous pokes to the eye as Whitmer was trying disrespect Coleman. Coleman hit a phenomenal forearm to the face on Whitmer. Whitmer won the match with a brutal lariat.

Matt Taven vs. The DECADE’s BJ Whitmer

This was a back and forth good match. Whitmer tried to do the same thing to Taven that he did to Coleman but it did not work as Taven was hitting some nice enziguri’s. At one point Whitmer was knocked out of the ring and Taven was going to fly but Whitmer moved and Taven. Taven then went out of the ring chasing and Taven ducked a clothesline from Adam Page and superkicked him which caught him right under the chin. Taven won with a frog splash after hitting the handstand springboard enziguri.

Matt Taven vs. The Romantic Touch

This was a good match that mixed a little comedy with good wrestling. At the beginning both men hugged it out as Taven has played under The Romantic Touch mask to try to get Truth Martini. Taven hit a nice moonsault press on Romantic Touch. Romantic Touch hit Taven with a drop kick as Taven tried to hit the handstand springboard enziguri. Taven eventually won with the climax.

Matt Taven vs. Jay Lethal w/ Truth Martini and Seleziya

The match starting with Taven attacking with so much aggression as he was throwing him around on the outside. Lethal then gets throw Taven against the barricade on the outside. Taven hit Lethal with an over the top dive. Truth Martini and Seleziya try to hit Taven but Taven moves out of the way and Seleziya hits Martini. Taven goes for the frog splash after handstand springboard enziguri but Head of ROH Security J. Diesel, who was paid by Martini, pushes Taven off the top rope and Lethal hits the Lethal Injection for the win.

Jay Lethal vs. Cedric Alexander

This was the best match of this episode of ROH TV. The match began with Cedric running to a big reaction and trying to get the quick victory with some roll ups. Lethal and Cedric were trading some superkicked as the match came to an end. Cedric reversed the Lethal combination as he did nip up when Lethal went for the face buster. Cedric hit a brain buster and then a lunbar check for the win.

This was a really cool episode of ROH TV as it just featured the gauntlet. The episode also featured some really entertaining matches.

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