ROH TV Review (27/9/14)

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This weeks episode was another edition of Death Before Dishonor XII but this week is in Chicago which is where night 2 took place.

Four Corner Survival Match: Silas Young vs. The Decade’s BJ Whitmer w/ Adam Page and Tadarius Thomas vs. ACH vs. Michael Bennett

This was a good match that showed all of these guys talents. The cored was really behind ACH. The match started off with ACH and Whitmer. ACH was getting beat up on for a little but then tried to change that as he went for a cross body over the top rope but was superkicked by Bennett. Bennett then tried to hit a piledriver on Whitmer on the apron, which is the way he injured Whitmer last year but he was unsuccessful. Later, Whitmer tried the same thing on Bennett but was also unsuccessful. The ending of this match was crazy as ACH hit a running backflip to the outside on everybody, tried the 450 splash but Whitmer moved, Thomas was on the apron but ACH drop kicked him, Thomas came back in to go after ACH but Whitmer hit him with a lariat as he was going for ACH, ACH finally picked up the victory with a bridging German suplex.

The Decade’s Jimmy Jacobs and Roderick Strong w/ Adam Page and Tadarius Thomas vs. Monster Mafia (Ethan Gabriel Owens and Josh Alexander)

This was a good match as this once again showed the talents of Monster Mafia. The match started out with Owens and Strong fighting for momentum. Monster Mafia gained the momentum as Owens hit an enziguri on Jacobs that sat him down on the apron and Alexander ran through and dove onto Jacobs which knocked him to the floor. The Decade won as Monster Mafia went for the dual piledriver but Strong hit the sick kick on Owens, a jumping knee strike and gut buster on Alexander, and Jacobs hit the spear on Alexander for the win.

ROH World TV Title Match: Jay Lethal  w/ The House of Truth (Truth Martini and Seleziya) vs Caprice Coleman

This was a very good match as the crowd was very into this one. The match began with both men trading various similar sequences. Later on in the match, Caprice hit a one inch punch to the heart but Lethal immediately hit him with a superkick but then showed the effects the punch moments later which got the crowd more into the match. Lethal picked up the victory with a superkick and Lethal injection after Caprice threw the book of truth out of ring after Martini threw it in.

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