ROH TV Review (27/3/16)

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Welcome back everybody! Or, if it’s your first time, thanks for dropping by and checking out my Ring of Honor television review. Ring of Honor is probably the best hour of wrestling on television. It has great storylines and it has phenomenal wrestling. It is quickly becoming my favorite promotion and that’s why I review it! Let’s stop talking and get started!

We are taped from Las Vegas for the 2nd week in a row. Hopefully this crowd can be good for 5 weeks of TV tapings. We start off with one of the best wrestlers in the world, Roderick Strong. I love this run Rody has been on. I think he has stepped up his game so he is still in the main event picture. If it was my choice, he would be ROH world champion. He is that great of a bad guy. Next out is Adam Page. Then comes the rookie of the year for last year: Moose. He is another guy that deserves to be in the main event picture. He is fast and agile and big. And has a great character. And finally out is Matt Sydal. We find out this is a four corner match. That is where two men wrestle at a time and a man becomes legal when he is tagged in. So, like a tag team match but everyone against each other. I like when ROH does this because it’s so much better than triple threat matches and it’s unique since a lot of companies don’t do this format. But, let’s get started.

Four Corners Survival Match: Roderick Strong vs Adam Page vs Moose w/ Stokely Hathaway vs. Matt Sydal

This was a good match but nothing exceptional in my view. Usually in these matches, there is a long finish sequence wtih everyone getting a chance to shine for a few minutes. This one seemed rushed. That’s why it got a lower rating. I did like that it made Adam Page and Moose look especially strong. Moose looked like an all star and Adam Page is getting much better. He was also cost the match by BJ Whitmer who came out and cost him the match. I liked that because it furthers the feud. Plus, everyone hates Whitmer. There was some good spots. In the end, Sydal hit a shooting star press on Page but Rody came in and hit Sydal with his vertical suplex into a back breaker. He then did his devastating knee to Adam Page for the win. Rody looked great to but he always does. Him and Moose had some great exchanges. I would love for them to have a main event feud. I’m happy Moose ate the pin and it was a good match

Roderick Strong won after hitting Page with a jumping knee to the face *** ½

Before we go to commercial, we are reminded of the main event of Goto vs Lethal for the ROH world title. And up next is a Adam Cole promo. While I disagree with fans cheering for Cole, he is a great talker and a good heel when the fans don’t cheer him so I’m looking forward to this promo.

Adam Cole is crazy over. But he shouldn’t be. He is a bad guy. He should be booed but everyone loves him. I’m starting to think him turning full heel against O’Reilly was a bad idea. He could be a great babyface but again, they are lacking bad guys. He had his story time and talked about how he lost but how he would have won had it been a singles match. He also talked about how O’Reilly didn’t even deserve to be in the match due to him beating him. He did seem very repetitive. But, he was still great on the mic. We then got a nice surprise when his Kingdom partner Matt Taven came out. He was of course on crutches and a huge knee brace due to him blowing his knee out when the Kingdom lost the titles. He talks about how the weak link in The Kingdom is Cole. He always loses his matches for titles and is now passed up by Taven. Taven said he will build up the Kingdom in his favor without Cole. Wow, that was a great promo by Matt Taven. Cole does deserve to be on his own. He doesn’t need a faction. Good exchange between the two. I see a feud down the road.

During commercial break, Dalton Castle cuts a promo about how he has never liked rules and how Silas will find that out in two weeks in there fight without honor match. Great promo again by Castle. I’m happy that feud is ending so Castle can move on to bigger and better things.

We come back from commercial and the announcer’s are talking about what they heard from Cole. We then get Cheeseburger! He is facing off against some weird dude named Foxx Vinnyer. This dude looks just weird. Cheeseburger is of course huge over. I love the character of Cheeseburger. He is amazing. And he’s crazy over.

Cheeseburger vs Foxx Vinnyer

This was going to be a squash. Vinnyer got only a little bit of offense in. Cheeseburger dominated with nice strikes and a flying knee from the outside. He was about to get the win with the palm strike when ANX interfered and attacked Vinnyer. They powerbombed him on the apron, allowing him the DQ win.

Foxx Vinnyer wins by DQ when ANX attacks him during the match *

ANX beats up on Vinnyer then get in the ring with Cheeseburger. Cheeseburger is on the defensive but they assure him that they are here to just talk to him. Kenny King explains to him that the fans may love him now, but they give him false hope. They talk about how they will eventually turn on him. King tells Cheeseburger that he deserves better. Wow, they are shooting here because it is the truth. The fans did turn on ANX. I love ANX. I think they are awesome. Titus then reads mean tweets. He pulls out his phone and reads how some people say they are overrated. How some people say there matches are bathroom break matches. They go on about how the fans cheer for the Young Bucks and War Machine and the Briscoes over him. They explain how they look great and deserve better. King then talks about how the fans even cheer for Cheeseburger more now. And they have Cheeseburger read there shirt that talks about how if you aren’t with ANX, then you are against them. They then attack Cheeseburger to massive boos. They hit him with some moves and beat down on him. War Machine and Briscoes come out to break it up. ANX run away to boos. Briscoes pick up the titles and admire them. War Machine notices this and takes back their titles. We get a stare down before we go to commercial. Great segment. I have been wondering if ANX were good or bad guys. We got our answer. They attacked the most over guy on the promotion. They got instant heat and it was a great promo by Kenny King. The tag division needed another heel team so I’m happy they turned heel. This furthers the storylines in the tag division. Eventually, War Machine and Briscoes will face off and it will be epic. I’m excited for that match. Awesome segment. Could have been cut down by some but overall, great.

During commercial, we get a promo from Lethal and Martini. It was good. Nothing exceptional. I’m sick of Truth Martini though.

It is main event time. Goto comes out to great ovation from the fans. He is a good wrestler and has had some great matches for New Japan. I don’t think this match will be any different. Jay Lethal comes out to a pretty great entrance than usual actually. He has Martini and the Red Queen with him. This will be a good match. I have a feeling about it. Goto better not win the title though. New Japan already has the TV title. They don’t need the world title to. That would give ROH basically nothing to fight for in their promotion. We get the extended introductions which is always a great touch. The fans are cheering for Lethal to much though. He is a heel. And the heel world champion. Stop cheering for him. We go to a commercial break. Hopefully we get no commercial breaks during the world title match. All the breaks before this one has been good so I am ok with this one. Please don’t mess it up again though ROH.

ROH World Heavyweight Championship Match: Jay Lethal (champion) w/ Truth Martini & Taylor Hendrix vs Hiroki Goto

And we do go to a commercial break during a slow period in the match with Lethal working Goto over. Good match so far. A little to slow and Lethal playing up the crowd to match. Should pick up in the second half.

This match was very underwhelming. I thought it would add up to a crescendo with Goto getting a huge comeback and some great back and forth sequences. It ended with one back and forth sequences. It was nothing awful. The wrestling was good. But it was nothing exceptional or great though like a ROH world title match should be. It ended with Martini going to hit Goto with the book of Truth and Goto catching it. The ref got the book from him though. Lethal capitalized and hit a superkick and a lethal injection for the win.

Jay Lethal retains his title with help from Truth Martini and a Lethal Injection *** ¼

Post match, we get a replay and the House of Truth celebrating in the ring. Right when you think show will go off the air, Donovon Dijack, the former HOT member, and Prince Ominami comes out to confront Lethal and Martini. Dijack lays out Lethal. Martini hits Dijack with the Book of Truth. It has no effect on him. He backs Martini up, who tries running away, but the Prince is in the way. Dijack then hits a bicycle kick that looks vicious. Martini sells it like he has died and the fans chant you killed him. The announcer’s sound concerned. The fans seem concerned and we go off the air with that. It is a good angle since Dijack did split from the HOT. I expect Martini to be out for a few weeks. In that time, I predict Lethal loses the title. I hope not to Dijack. There are so many other stars on the roster who deserve the title. ACH, Moose, Strong, O’Reilly, Cole, Etc. But, it should be a good way to put over Dijack as a singles star just having a match with lethal. I did find out that the live crowd thought that Martini was really hurt. It’s a storyline people. If he was really hurt, EMT and Ambulance people would jump out immediately and the announcer’s would stop talking. I can understand why they think that since it is a storyline. But, no he is ok and not dead.

Overall, this was mainly a storyline show. The main event was not as good as it could have been. The segment with Cheeseburger was great and put over Cheeseburger and ANX as a heel. The main match was good. Deserved longer time though, like the main event did. Overall, an ok show but definitely could have been better.

I will be going to see a ROH TV taping this saturday in Dallas. I will not spoil anything for you guys though and I will keep my opinions from changing my thoughts on the coming weeks. But, tune in next week and I’ll have another installation of the TV review. Also, check out my main weekend article and see what is going on this weekend and where you can meet me at. For all us here in The Indy Corner, I am motley and I will see you next week.

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