ROH TV Review (25/01/15)

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In this episode the intro for the ROH TV is finally updated.

The Kingdom (Michael Bennett and Matt Taven) w/ Maria Kanellis vs The Briscoes (Jay and Mark Briscoe)

This was a good match. The match didn’t even get to start as The Briscoes ran out and attacked The Kingdom. The brawl ensued with each throw each other into the barricade and throwing chairs at each other. Mark hit the Cactus Jack elbow. The match ended in a Briscoe’s victory as Bennett hit Jay with the Title of Love. The Kingdom was then beating down Jay but ODB ran out and hit Taven with a chair shot and The Kingdom left.

Top Prospect Tournament: Beer City Bruiser vs Mikey Webb

This match was a good match. Webb got the upper hand early after failing to suplex Bruiser. Webb hit 2 consecutive dropkicks and a rana that sent Bruiser to the outside. Webb then went for a tope suicida but Bruiser smacked him to the ground. Bruiser then hit a flipping senton on Webb. Later in the match, Webb hit a sliced bread. Bruiser won with a sit down tombstone.

Another promo with the men in red masks and another promo promoting Chikara Pro.

Christopher Daniels vs Alberto El Patron

This was a good match. The match began with some technical wrestling. Daniels hit El Patron out of the ring and hit an Arabian press. Daniels threw El Patron into the ring and El Patron hit a step enziguri while Daniels was on the apron. El Patron whipped Daniels twice into each barricade pretty hard headfirst. Jay Lethal appeared on the entrance ramp to scout who he will be defending his TV title against at the 13th Anniversary on March 1st on PPV. Later in the match, Daniels hit a flatliner-koji clutch combination. El Patron then hit an arm breaker- superkick combination. El Patron won the match with a cross arm breaker.

After the match, Lethal went in the ring to demand an apology from El Patron for disrespecting Lethal. El Patron then slapped Lethal. The House of Truth came to attack El Patron. The Addiction then chased the House of Truth out of the ring.

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