ROH TV Review 24/5/14

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Ethan Page vs Silas Young

The crowd was into #AllEgo Ethan Page as he showed his talents. Page had a nice quick flurry of offense which included a back body drop, jumping enziguri, and a tilt-a-whirl face crusher. Later in the match Young hits a rolling Samoan drop
towards the corner. Young goes for headstand springboard moonsault but Page moves and Young lands on his feet. Page then hits Young with a jumping enziguri off of the second rope. Young eventually won with his signature backbreaker and clothesline combo. This was a good match to start and Page really impressed me on how well he can move for him being a bigger guy in height.

Silas Young cut a promo after the match on how he was disrespected by Page during the match and how he will take opportunities that ROH management has given him but he believes he deserves.

Decade’s Tadarius Thomas w/ Jimmy Jacobs and Adam Page vs. Caprice Coleman

Coleman cuts a promo on Thomas and Page about how they have bright futures and doesn’t understand why they are with the DECADE. Thomas starts off the match with aggression and anger after Coleman’s promo. Coleman gains his own momentum as he hit his signature 3 straight Northern Lights suplex. Coleman hits a standing Rana while Thomas is standing on the second rope. Coleman wins with a leg drop to Thomas while he is standing. This was a good match and Coleman walked right past Jacobs and Page possibly leading to a match with one of those guys going into Best In The World 2014.

A promo airs advertising Best In The World 2014 live on PPV on June 22nd.

World TV Champ Jay Lethal w/Truth Martini Promo

Martini says Lethal opened his eyes in wrestling. Lethal then insults the crowd as he calls the fans fake sheep and says the fans turned on him. Lethal then issued an open challenge for the TV title. Cheeseburger answers the challenge.

World TV Title Champion Jay Lethal w/ Truth Martini vs Cheeseburger

The match begins with the traditional handshake and then Lethal hits Cheeseburger with a vicious superkick. Brutal Bob Evans runs down to ringside to support Cheeseburger as they are tag team called the Brutal Burgers. Later in the match Lethal hits the Macho Man top rope elbow drop but Cheeseburger kicks out. Cheeseburger gains momentum and hits a cross body on Lethal to a huge reaction from the crowd but Lethal kicks out at 2. Lethal eventually retains with the Lethal Injection. The crowd was very into this match and behind Cheeseburger throughout the entire match.

Matt Taven runs out but Lethal and Martini get away. As they walk up to leave through the entrance Tomasso Ciampa appears behind them and Ciampa attacks Lethal. Taven runs over and it turns into a huge brawl between Lethal, Ciampa, and Taven. Lethal issues a triple threat challenge for the TV title on next weeks show.

Charm City Street Fight: Outlaw Inc. (Eddie Kingston & Homicide) vs. Kevin Steen & Cliff Compton

The match begins with a lot of brawling on the outside of the ring. Steen and Homicide have sword fight with steel chairs. Homicide hits and hits signature outside dive tho right the middle rope on Steen. Steen back body drops Homicide through a ladder that is in the corner. Compton goes to the back to get another ladder. When Compton is on the ladder to hit a splash on Homicide but is pushed off of the ladder and lands on his private area. Steen and Compton win after Steen hits a F-5 on Kingston. Compton denies Steen’s handshake after the match and leaves through the crowd. Outlaw Inc.leave though the same way of the crowd that Compton left. This could possibly lead to Compton just turning on Steen again and joining Outlaw Inc.

This show was full of things that advanced storylines and brought new ones into the fold as ROH builds to Best In The World 2014. If you want to watch ROH TV just make a free ROH account on

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