ROH TV Review (20/12/14)

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Roderick Strong vs Papadon

This was an entertaining match although it was quick. The match started off kinda slow. Papadon got in some offense with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and reverse DDT combo. Roddy did his usual thing as he’s one of the best and most consistent wrestlers. Roddy won with a jumping knee, rolling elbow, end of heartache combo. Roddy then said that he’s going back to the top in ROH to the camera.

Hanson vs Michael Elgin

This was a good match that had two big guys who hit hard but are also athletic. Elgin came out with a guy filming who is not part of ROH. Before the match begins Elgin says he’s only mad at ROH and says that all he wants out of this match is a fight. The match starts with both guys brawling. Hanson got the better of Elgin as he threw Elgin into the barricade and hit a tope suicida. Hanson hit a cartwheel into a lariat. Elgin hit a very nice looking frogsplash. Then both men went outside the ring and starting fighting and pulling up the mats. Elgin pulled out a table. Hanson back body dropped Elgin on the matts and then Elgin’s camera guy jumped on Hanson’s back but Hanson threw him off and then into the barricade. Elgin hit a double arm DDT on Hanson. The match was ruled a no contest and little after Hanson got up on his own power and looked like he still wanted to fight.

Will Ferrara & Caprice Coleman vs The Brutal Burgers (Cheeseburger & Brutal Bob Evans)

This was an ok match. There was not to many things that were note worthy in myopinion during the match except for the outcome and afterwards. Ferrara picked up the win for his team with a German suplex on Cheeseburger. Brutal Bob pushed Cheeseburger down after the loss being angry after losing and it looked like he was going to turn on Cheeseburger but he calmed down and hugged Cheeseburger and then left the ring.

No Disqualification Match: Cedric Alexander vs Tommaso Ciampa

This was a brutal match. This match stemmed from the TV taping in Florida as Ciampa attacked Cedric. The match began with Ciampa bringing in two chairs and handing one Cedric and Cedric dropped his chair when the bell rang. Cedric dodged a chair shot and hit Ciampa but then him and Ciampa had sword fight with chairs. There was so much in this match so I’ll just name highlights. Cedric hit Ciampa with a superplex on a barricade. Ciampa hit a brainbuster on Cedric through a chair. Cedric just threw a chair right a Ciampa’s face. Ciampa won the match with an elevated neckbreaker on the top rope on the exposed canvas.

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