ROH TV Review (17/6/15)

Added by Michael Cook

1. The Decade vs War Machine

BJ Whitmer calls Colby Corino over and says that Colby will take his spot in the match. Page is in first but tags in Colby straight away. Rowe shouts at Colby that he is not ready. Colby tried kicking him but Rowe just beat him down. Colby reached for the tag but Page turned his back and dropped to the floor. War Machine then grabbed Colby and hit the doomsday leg drop for the win. After the match Whitmer was heading over to the commentary desk as Steve Corino got up and was ready to fight Whitmer. Pat least Steve Corino looked a lot more concerned this week and surely this will end with a match between Whitmer and Steve Corino at some point this year.

Cedric Alexander was in the ring and says that he needs more wins. He challenges the undefeated Moose.

2. Moose vs Cedric Alexander

Cedric Alexander was getting the better of Moose for most of this match. Before the commercial break Moose did manage to dropkick Alexander off the top rope to the floor. However when we got back from commercial Alexander was back in control of the match. I would have liked a replay or an explanation from the commentators on how Alexander came back after falling from top rope to the floor. Alexander hit numerous drop kicks to Moose in the corner and was attempting another but was caught in a spear from Moose. Veda Scott then picked up a wrench from under the ring and hands it to Moose. He doesn’t want to use it and Alexander sees this and grabs the wrench out of his hands and hits Moose with the object for a surprise win. I say surprise because Moose is in a Number 1 contenders match against Michael Elgin and Roderick Strong so the timing seems awful for him to lose like this. Veda Scott and Stokely Hathaway looked shocked by the loss. Interesting to see if Cedric Alexander will join Scott and Hathaway with this new attitude.

3. ACH and Matt Sydal vs. Tanahashi and Naito

Entertaining match with amazing flips over the top rope from ACH. Also Matt Sydal was about to hit a standing moonsault onto Naito but as he was mid flip Tanahashi caught Sydal into a German suplex. Match ended with Tanahashi hitting ACH with the sling bald and high fly flow for the win.

Contract Signing for Jay Briscoe vs Jay Lethal Title vs Title, Nigel McGuinness was ready in the ring with the contract and called out the champions.

It is confirmed that both titles will be on the line and it will be one fall with a 60 minute time limit. As soon as McGuinness said that I had a bad feeling we may get a 60 minute time limit draw. Anyway Briscoe and Lethal sign the contract. Jay Lethal with balls of steel says that Briscoe has made the biggest mistake signing that contract just like Briscoes parents did 31 years ago. Uh oh! Jay Briscoe promises that he will beat Lethal to the point where he will have to go back to being black Machismo. This resulted in the table being turned over but did not fight. They just raised their belts and faced off as the show ended.

I’m really looking forward to Best In the World PPV and this show built the main event up really well with the contract signing and we did not see one punch. It does not need to be complicated to make a match feel big time. Jay Briscoe has not been pinned for two years and Jay Lethal has been TV champion for over a year. Simple.

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