ROH TV Review (16/05/15)

Added by Michael Cook

1. Adam Page vs ACH

Good match that had a good pace to the match. Started slowly with quick bursts of action including a cartwheel back flip into a drop kick from ACH. Both were outside of the ring and ACH runs around the outside of the ring and grabs the ring post and swings into a hurricarana on Page. Page then hits a painful looking DDT that flipped ACH onto his feet but he was unable to stay standing and crumpled to the mat.

ACH attempted a baseball slide outside the ring but Page can’t him and slammed him into the guard rail. As ACH was recovering Page jumped onto ring apron and performed a shooting star press on a standing ACH.

Match ended when ACH attempted the midnight star off the top rope but Page moved. ACH landed on his feet and attempted a German suplex. Page grabbed referee Tod Sinclair and low blowed ACH and pinned him for the win.

After the match Adam Page puts his hand out for a hand shake. Page had a smirk on his face and ACH responded by jumping on him with punches. Referees, security and wrestler came out and split them up. Security drag Page out of the ring and ACH sees this and dives outside but only hits the security as Adam Page sneaks away up the aisle.

Clearly this feud is going to continue and I’m looking forward to that. I didn’t really notice Adam Page in the 3 way tag match at Global Wars but this match with ACH showed me that he is really good and hope to see more singles matches from Adam Page.

2. The Briscoes vs War Machine

Match started with some hard hitting moves and the Briscoes had control of the match for a few minutes. Hanson tagged in and did a cartwheel into a clothesline on Jay. Jay Attempts the Jay driller on Hanson but gets a superman forearm from Rowe. This then leads to all four men brawling. Warmachine double chokeslam Jay for a very near fall. I really thought Jay was going to get pinned in this match.

The Briscoes got the upper hand and hit Rowe with the doomsday device but Rowe slid outside of the ring.

Jay then hits the Jay Driller on Hanson but he kicks out. I’m not ashamed to say that coffee went straight up my nose when that happened. Jay couldn’t believe it and hit a more devastating Jay Driller for the win. Really good match here and Hanson really looks like he was going to pin Jay Briscoe.

Good pace to both matches. Starting slowly and building up to great moments.

Next Episode: World Televison title match Jay Lethal vs Kyle O’ Reilly

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