ROH TV Review 14/6/14

Added by Justin DiVirgilio

This show is just a replay of two matches that occurred at the first ROH and NJPW iPPV, Global Wars.

The Decade’s Roderick Strong vs. Cedric Alexander

The match starts out hot and heavy as they traded shots but Cedric clothesline Roddy out of the ring and then hits a heat seeking missile on Roddy. Roddy then takes over the match for a little bit but Cedric gains the match in his favor as he hits spinning enziguri. As Roddy was going for a sick kick but Cedric caught him and hit the Lumbar Check which is a back suplex but the guy hits the guy with his knees instead. Cedric picks up the win in a small package. The Decade runs out and attacks Cedric. Roddy finishes off the attack with a vertical release suplex on four chairs.

This match was very good as everything Roddy and Cedric clicked and the crowd loved it. This match also advanced the storyline between the two and will most likely be resolved at Best In The World 2014 on PPV.

ROH World Championship Match: Adam Cole (c) vs. Kevin Steen

The match starts off with both not being able to gain clear momentum. Cole drags Steen to the outside and then goes for a cross body over the top rope but Steen moves out of the way. Steen then picks Cole slams on each of the ring posts with his private area being most effected. Cole super kicks Steen while Steen is standing on the second rope. When they get back in the ring Cole starts working on Steen’s left knee setting up for the figure four leg lock. As Steen goes for his signature moves his knee hurts him or goes out on him. Cole finally puts Steen I’m the figure four but Steen escapes. Michael Bennett gets involved but Steen package pile drives him and then Cole super kicked Steen in the back of the head. Steen kicks out of that and later hits a top rope brain buster on the top rope like his buddy El Generico used to but Cole kicked out. Cole wins with a nasty looking super kick underneath the jaw.

Although I’ve seen both of these matches already it was nice to watch them again. As Best In The World is almost upon us check for info on how to order the PPV.

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