ROH TV Review (14/3/15)

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ACH and Matt Sydal vs The Addiction (Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian)

This was a good back and forth match. I would really like to see ACH and Sydal as team full time if both of them will just
keep wrestling in singles matches when they lose. ACH and Sydal were about to pick up the win after ACH hit a dive on Daniels but Sydal was going to hit the shooting star press, the KRD (Knights of Red Dawn) hit Sydal off of the top. The Addiction won with their release back suplex into double knees finisher.

ROH World Champ Jay Briscoe Promo

Jay comes out and says thank you to ODB for bringing his custom world title back home. He then said that people were calling
him vulnerable and weak. He said when you’re calling him that, don’t forget to call him the champ. Jay said that’s he’s been undefeated for 2 years and is the baddest man in pro wrestling. Samoa Joe then comes out. Joe says how could Jay be the baddest man if he’s never whipped Joe’s ass. Joe challenges Jay to a title match at Supercard of Honor, which is now official. Joe said the last time him and Jay had a match he bled him and this time he’ll break him and then left.

Jimmy Jacobs Impromptu Promo

Jacobs comes out and starts to say that Joe just came back and gets a title shot. He said that Joe walked out on ROH and that’s worked out soooo well for him. Jacobs says that’s he’s been in ROH through good and bad times holding it down for guys like Joe to come back. Jacobs demands then a ROH World Title shot

The Kingdom (Matt Taven and MIchael Bennett w/ Maria Kanellis) vs The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson)

This was a very good match and it started off very quick. Maria walked up to Kevin Kelly and said what happened to her Title of Love as she lost it but doesn’t remember anything. Towards the end of the match, The Kingdom went for a spike piledriver on Matt and Nick reverse it by Nick superkicking Taven as he came down. The Bucks hit the Indytaker and then the referee got pulled out of the ring by a member of the KRD. The Kingdom won with a spike piledriver after the distraction. The Kingdom will be challenging reDRagon for the ROH Tag Titles at Supercard of Honor.

Steve Corino said that Jay Briscoe will defending his ROH World Title against Jimmy Jacobs on TV next week.

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