ROH TV Review (13/9/14)

Added by Justin DiVirgilio

This weeks episode has 2 matches from Death Before Dishonor XII in Milwaukee.

ROH Tag Team Champ Kyle O’Reilly w/ ROH Tag Team Champ Bobby Fish vs “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles

This match was amazing as both men pulled out all the stops. O Reilly weakened the left arm of AJ in the beginning sequences of the match. O Reilly threw AJ on the apron left shoulder first into the apron. AJ and O Reilly had some hard hitting exchanges of forearms and kicks. While O Reilly had a triangle choke on AJ, AJ hit a Styles Clash with one arm. Later in the match, each man hit their signature fast paced strike sequence except for the ending and that sequence ended with a pele kick from AJ. AJ won the match a piledriver like maneuver and got the 3 count with a Styles Clash.

The Decade Promo- The entire Decade is out as Jimmy Jacobs is talking about how The Decade is teaching the “young boys” respect. Jacobs then introduced Adam Pearce which is Pearce’s return to ROH in quite some time.

Tadarius Thomas vs. Adam Pearce

There wasn’t even a match as it showed Pearce not follow the Code of Honor as he hit TD with a forearm. The episode then jumps to Pearce pinning Thomas after a piledriver.

The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) vs. The Briscoes (Jay and Mark Briscoe)

This was another amazing match as both teams were equally loved by the Milwaukee crowd. The match started with Nick and Mark running the ropes and Nick back body dropped Mark but he landed on his feet only to be superkicked by Matt. Nick then hit Jay with a superkick to get those early superkick chants going. The Bucks went for an enziguri-clothesline combo in the corner on Jay but he moved and Nick hit Matt with the enziguri and Matt sat down in the corner dazed. Nick went after Jay but Jay hit a facebuster right into Matt’s private area. Mark went for the vintage Cactus Jack elbow but was superkicked by Nick. Later in the match the Bucks went for a double superkick on Jay but he moved and the Briscoes hit superkicks on both of the Young Bucks. The Briscoes won with a doomsday device on Matt.

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