ROH TV Review (11/1/15)

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This is the first episode of ROH for 2015.

Mark Briscoe vs Roderick Strong

This was an entertaining match and was a really good way to kick off the first episode of TV. There was a great sequence of both men were trying to hit some of their signature strikes. Towards the end of the match, Mark went for a dropkick through the ropes but Roddy caught it and pulled Mark out and dumped him on the apron, which looked pretty nasty. Roddy won with the vertical suplex backbreaker.

Nigel McGuiness Promo

Nigel says that the main event of Michael Elgin vs Hanson is a #1 contenders match for ROH World Title. Nigel then calls out Ciampa. Nigel says that Ciampa still has the no tolerance policy. Ciampa then says apparently no matters outside of the ROH bubble as he almost beat World Champ Jay Briscoe in the UK but the referee was knocked out. While Ciampa is talking, Elgin interrupts by calling him a liar. Elgin says that at Final Battle he beat Ciampa and Ciampa says that 7 months ago at BITW 2014 he was on top of the world and says now nobody cares about him. While saying this, Ciampa points towards the locker room. Elgin says that he might as well beat both Hanson and Ciampa tonight. Nigel confirms the match.

Top Prospect Tournament: J Diesel w/ Truth Martini vs Will Ferrera

This was an ok match. The match with a tie up but Diesel took advantage quickly. They then went outside the ring and Diesel hit a fallaway slam into the barricade. Later in the match Diesel hit 3 power slams that Ferrara kicked out one by one. Ferrera got up showing his resiliency and Diesel smacked him pretty hard. Ferrera then smacked the shit out of Diesel. Ferrera advanced in the tournament with a victory roll. Diesel then attacked Ferrera after the match.

ROH World Title #1 Contenders Match: Hanson vs Michael Elgin vs Tommaso Ciampa

This was a good match. It was a hard hitting match as expected. The match began with Ciampa and Hanson teaming to take Elgin out of the match. As the match went it’s was everyone for themselves. Ciampa dove off the apron onto Elgin but he was caught and Hanson was running to hit a tope suicida but as he was about to Elgin ran with Ciampa to stop Hanson and both Ciampa and Hanson were down. Later in the match, Ciampa hit Project Ciampa on Hanson and as the ref was going to count three Elgin pulled the ref out. Then it was Elgin, Sinclair, and Ciampa outside the ring and then Hanson hit a tope suicida and it took out everyone. The match was stopped after Sinclair could not continue to referee. Expect a rematch or something as #1 contender has not been declared.

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