ROH TV Review (10/6/15)

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1. ROH World Tag Team Championship The Addiction vs reDRagon

The scheduled main event was supposed to be The Addiction vs Redragon but before the match started Kevin Kelly confirmed that Bobby Fish had been attacked and was unable to compete in the main event.

Daniels and Kazarian come out to start the show. Daniels says that on the contract for the match it said The Addiction vs Redragon: Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish not Kyle O’Reilly and a suitable replacement.

Kyle O’Reilly comes out knowing that last week The Addiction said it would be Redragons only shot at the titles.

So it’s a handicap match for the titles. O’Reilly gets double teamed by The Addiction. O’Reilly manages to get them outside the ring and slams them both into the barricades. O’Reilly sits Daniels down on a chair and places Kazarian on top. O’Reilly then jumps on the ring apron and double foot stomps The Addiction.

Match ended in a DQ when O’Reilly was about to get the win but Daniels hit him with the tag belt. Matt Sydal and ACH ran to the ring to make the save.

Good story to the match and sets up the rematch at the Best In the World PPV that was announced later in the show.

2. Dalton Castle vs Jushin Thunder Liger

Really entertaining match and I love Dalton Castle more and more. Liger attempted to throw Castle into the ring but swings under bottom rope and catches Liger in a Hurricarana. Cool move.

After the break Liger Canon balls Castle from the ring apron. Liger gets back I. The ring and calls on Castle Boys to come enter the ring where Liger poses with the boys and the peacock feathers. Dalton Castle was not happy with this and gets the upper hand on Liger. However Liger comes back and hits a back breaker and brain buster for the win.

Good match but Dalton Castle lost again. It would be nice to see him win one. The celebration alone would be brilliant.

3. Brutal Bob Evans vs Cheeseburger

Brutal Burgers are no more. Before the match Liger was teaching Cheeseburger the palm strike. Burger used this to get Brutal Bob back in the ring. Brutal Bob takes Burger down with a shoulder block and goes for the cover but lifts burger up at two.

Burger then knees Bob onto the ring apron. Burger follows and runs at Bob but Bob catches a burger in a side suplex and they both go through the table at ringside. Crowd goes crazy for this and that and the table breaking sounded great on TV. Nice little feud developing here and the fans are really behind the underdog Cheeseburger.

4. The Kingdom vs The Bullet Club: Anderson and Gallows

As soon as the bell sounded Anderson was chasing after Maria. When he got out the ring it looked like he landed on Maria by accident but she got up and ran round the ring.

All hell broke loose and the referees was pushed by everybody so the match was thrown out.

After the match Gallows grabbed Maria and brought her into the ring where they were going to slam her into two chairs set up in the middle of the ring. Bennett made the save and he got put through the chairs.

This would have been great if this was to build a match at PPV but Gallows and Anderson are not in the match. At Best in the world it’s The Kingdom: Matt Taven, Michael Bennett and Adam Cole vs The Bullet Club: AJ Styles and the Young Bucks.

Next Episode:

A contract signing will take place between Jay Briscoe and Jay Lethal.

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