ROH TV Review (10/04/16)

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Hello my fellow wrestling fans! This is another review for Ring of Honor wrestling TV that airs every week. This is arguably the best hour of wrestling every week. It is an indy promotion and it always has great shows. This week should be a great show and let’s get started!

We are welcomed by Mr. Wrestling 3 and Steve Corino. We are from Las Vegas, Nevada for most likely the last week. After this week, we will be from Dallas, Texas during Mania weekend where I was at. You can even spot me sometimes and I’ll point myself out at certain times.

We are shown the matches for tonight. The ROH Tag Team title match with War Machine vs Roppongi Vice, The Cleaner Kenny Omega vs ACH and the finale for the hottest feud in ROH between Silas Young and Dalton Castle. Should be a fun show and we start with the tag team title match. RPG is out first with a great shot of Mr. Wrestling 3 dancing to Roppongi Vice’s music. RPG get’s a surprising amount of cheers. I like this team but not as much as other teams in this division. War Machine come out to not a whole bunch of cheers. We start the match early with RPG attacking War Machine on the outside. They then do a double suicide dive to the outside and the teams finally come in the ring to start this title match.

ROH Tag Team Title Champions War Machine (Hanson & Rowe) vs Roppongi Vice (Romero & Baretta)

We get a commercial in the middle of the match with Kevin Kelly obviously doing a voiceover saying that this is the first match and to stay tuned. It’s bad enough that we get a commercial this soon but also while War Machine was taking over and in the opening match. Hopefully there are not many commercials in the main event and not any more obvious voice over’s. Fingers crossed.

This match was good. A lot better than I expected. I expected War Machine to dominate and be a squash. To be honest, I knew the results due to me going to that TV taping. But there were moments in this match where I thought Roppongi Vice might actually win. After the commercial break, the action picked up. There were a bunch of good spots like War Machine powerbombing RPG into each other, mid air. War Machine did get a bit booed. I will admit that while I like War Machine, they are becoming stale and the fans can tell. They are starting to boo them. And they keep facing the same people. Cruiserweights and spot guys. I want them to face some people where they can just hit each other very fucking hard. This match was good but pretty short and looked a bit clumsy like War Machine usually does. War Machine came out on top though with their finisher ***½.

We are shown a replay and told that Kenny Omega vs ACH is next and we go to commercial.

Back from commercial and we have to wait for the next match with Prince Nana and Donovan Dijack. Nana grabs the mic and talks about the envelopes and he says he has been asked who will be the next world champion. Someone in the crowd yells Roman Reigns. Thank you to that fan. Nana then says Donovan Dijack grabs the mic. Oh please don’t let him talk. He is awful on the mic and shouldn’t talk. He gives some stupid talking about how he has had a year of protecting Lethal than takes off his shirt to little response. He then mouths Martini and Lethal. Lethal come out to huge cheers. Well when we don’t want Dijack to be pushed then of course Lethal will be cheered. They brawl and Nana stops the Red Queen from interfering. Security comes out to break them up while fans cheer and chant let them fight. Yes let them fight I concur. Kelly starts screaming to stop and that we need another break to settle down. That is code word for commercial break but in an organic way. I liked this storyline with Dijack turning since he is a pretty good wrestler. But don’t let him talk. Let Nana speak for him all the time. Or put him with someone else. Like Mr. Wrestling 3. Let him mentor him and gear him away from Martini. But Nana is starting to get boring and Dijack should never talk on the mic. This storyline should be dead soon I hope and everybody can move on.

Before commercial, we get a Dalton Castle promo about Young having false confidence. He talks about having different reasons for each fight that Silas won. One was to show that he is a man. Another was to win the boys. But this one was to hurt Silas. Is there anything this man cannot do? He can be intimidating and tough when he has to be and fun. I love this feud because while I thought it should have ended months ago, we are seeing a new side to Dalton Castle that we needed to see. I love this feud and this match should be great.

Back from commercial and ACH comes out to a huge pop. I like that he is facing more starts like Omega but he should be in the main event scene. He is a good talker and a great underdog. We then get Omega coming out to a great entrance with his broom and the Young Bucks. If you guys are not familiar with Kenny Omega, and you should be, he is the new leader for the Bullet Club after Aj Styles left. He isn’t as great in the wrong as AJ by a long shot but he is charismatic. He has won the 6 man NEVER open titles with The Young Bucks and the IWGP Intercontinental title in less than 2 months after becoming the Bullet Club leader. He is also the leader of The Elite which is a subgroup of Bullet Club with The Young Bucks and him. Kenny Omega is great on the mic and charismatic and fits with the Young Bucks. We get the tale of the tape with Omega getting more of an experience advantage which surprised me since I didn’t know that. We go for a code of honor and Omega refuses.

Kenny Omega vs ACH

We get another commercial break but we get a awesome Adam Cole promo. Calling Matt Taven and The Kingdom a Young Bucks rip off. Not a lie actually. And says that he helped them become prestigious. That he brought a world title reign and a TV title reign to the group but that’s ok that he got kicked out since he will do more things without people holding him down. ROH! Make this man a face or a heel! He is not a tweener character! He can play a great heel but make him the good guy or the bad guy! He deserves better! I do like this run though. Only if he was a good or bad guy. Back to the match which has been entertaining so far but not good wrestling.

Also, to correct my opening statement, in two weeks we will be from Dallas, TX as next week is highlights from Honor Rising shows for New Japan, which I have watched. Should be a good show but a little late ROH. Another one of my few complaints. They rehash too much stuff and don’t give us enough new content on TV.

Ok now my actual rating: **½. This match was very ok but nothing I’d truly call good. They had poor chemistry and there were a bunch of spots that had miscues that should have been better timed. It was more of a fun match with a banana peel spot but other than that, nothing good. Kenny Omega sold a knee until he hit flying knees that he should sell. ACH tried to carry it but Kenny Omega did some bad spots with even having ACH land on his neck. And the fans went ape shit for a match that was ok. Only one good sequence in the whole match and that was just ok. The crowd just loved seeing Omega, not the match. ACH deserved to win but of course, New Japan had to win with Omega winning.

And next is the match of the night: The main event with a fight without honor.

Bobby Cruise explains a fight without honor, which I have never seen I think. He says there are no rules and that it only ends with a pinfall. Good thing to know what the match means. I like the big fight feel. Silas comes out first with a garbage trash lid. I hope we get no interference in this match from The Boys or the Beer City Bruiser. I want to see a fight. Castle comes out first with the Boys but he is only wears his shirt and no robe and The Boys tear the shirt off. Oh my Gosh! He calls the Boys to the back. He is sticking with his plan that he doesn’t want the boys to see the blood shed and the fight between two men! This will be amazing and we start with Castle running to the ring to attack Silas! This should be awesome!

Fight Without Honor: Silas Young vs Dalton Castle

This match was simply amazing. We got everything. Some high flying like a moonsault from Young and a suicide dive from Castle. We got weapons like steel chairs, a great spot with Silas going through a table to the outside from a backdrop, and ladders. We got some technical wrestling with regular suplexes and German suplexes. We then got them just hitting each other. This mixed violence and hatred and wrestling all together. The boys did interfere but not too bad and plus Silas called them out. They didn’t interfere to much and plus it gave Castle motivation for Silas putting his hands on the Boys. I mean this match was a true blow off feud match that deserved the fight without honor monicker. I did not think this would live up to expectations but it did. And the right man came out on top with Dalton Castle hitting the boomerang on a steel chair for the win and to close the show with him and The Boys celebrating in the ring to a wonderful ovation and confetti. The Dalton Castle way.

Dalton Castle defeats Silas Young in a Fight Without Honor to end the feud.

The first two matches of this show were just okay and were there but the true star was the main event and Dalton Castle. I can’t wait to see where Dalton Castle goes from here. Check out everything else on The Indy Corner and tune in next week for Honor Rising TV show and see my review from there. This is Dustin Motley and may your week be as fabulous as Dalton Castle!

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