ROH TV Review (06/02/16)

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Welcome back fans and welcome newcomers! This is the weekly ROH TV review done by me, Dustin Motley. Ring of Honor wrestling is one of the best “mainstream” indy companies in the world and has some of the best wrestlers and wrestling matches seen anywhere. If you just read my review and not watch their weekly TV then you are really missing out and should go check it out. But, let’s check out what ROH has in store for us today!

We are live from Charlotte, NC for like the 4th week now but that’s what ROH does. They usually have a huge PPV then the next day tape like 5 or 6 hours of TV. This is good and bad since it does give the wrestlers time to recover during the week and at other times so they can go work other indy promotions and so they can rest properly but also for one, the TV sometimes can’t catch up to the PPV so most of the time they show old matches the week or two after a PPV instead of furthering the storylines that were created at the PPV. This is a big complaint of mine because it makes you forget and lose interest in their storylines. But again I mainly watch ROH for the great wrestling. Also though, if you are taping a TV show for 5 or 6 hours, eventually the fans get tired and you can notice when a TV taping is wrapping up because the fans won’t have as vocal cheers and chants and they usually don’t pop so loud for some moments. But it’s what ROH does and I accept it since they are a great company.

Like I said, though, we are live from Charlotte, NC! Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuiness are at ringside. I imagine Mr. Wrestling 3 isn’t there because of the actions that transpired last week (if you didn’t watch last week or didn’t read my review, go read my review). I imagine though they will mention this at some point tonight. We start off the show with Frankie Kazarian coming out in his ring gear with Chris Sabin at his side in his usual douchey street clothes. I would call them 2/3rd’s of the Addiction but we are shown a replay of a few weeks ago when Christopher Daniels went to hit Alex Shelley with a hammer and when the referee tried to stop him, he hit the referee. In ROH it is a rule that if you hit a official, announcer or referee or any non wrestling personnel, you are suspended so Nigel, the announcer tonight and on-air commissioner, suspended Daniels. I am ok with this because I think older veterans like Daniels, Kazarian, Whitmer, etc. need breaks so fans can forget about them for a bit and not get tired out from them.

Next, Alex Shelley comes out. Little fact for you: In 2005, when Shelley was in TNA, he had a skunk haircut which he has sported many times in his career and at this same time I decided it was cool and I also sported it. I looked ridiculous for a 12 year old and I have since burned all the pictures of it since there is no proof.

Back to the ring though, Chris Sabin joins the announcers and Kevin Kelly asks Sabin about Shelley since they use to be tag team partners when they were in TNA and for a short time in NJPW as the Motor City Machine Guns (if you have never seen there matches, check them out. Watch some of their matches with Beer Money and it is one thing TNA actually did right in the tag team division). But we go to the ring for the first match!

Frankie Kazarian w/ Chris Sabin vs. Alex Shelley

We start off with Sabin in the corner distracting Shelley so Kazarian can get a cheap shot in. Nice heel move there since that is something a heel and douchebag faction should and would do. Kazarian goes to the corner to beat on Shelley when Shelley fights back with some forearm strikes and chops to the chest. Shelley is whipped into the ropes but hits Kazarian with a shoulder tackle then throws Kazarian to the outside. Shelley goes for a dive but Kazarian rolls in the ring. Kazarian then goes for the dive and gets an enziguri for his trouble. Shelley goes to the top rope and hits a nice side kick that is made famous from RVD. Shelley goes for a running something in the corner but Kazarian puts up the boot but Shelley catches it and puts one foot inside the middle ring rope and holds one leg and does a gnarly dragon whip in the corner. That is a nice move and I’ve never seen it before and would love for someone with a leg submission to do it. Kazarian then goes for a kick but Shelley catches it and Kazarian goes for the enziguri and misses. This whole time Sabin is being a dick at the announcer’s booth. I love when wrestlers announce a match because it is a breathe of fresh air. They are also putting over the rest of the show tonight which will feature DALTON CASTLE! Man, are we in for a treat tonight. Just wait.

Kazarian goes into the corner though and Shelley goes for something but Kazarian does the best heel thing ever and that is the eye poke. I love the eye poke because it is cheap and it actually fucking hurts in real life. Kazarian then pulls Shelley’s hair and referee Todd Sinclair counts to 4 and tries breaking it up but then Sinclair has to manually push it off. Why not just DQ him? Isn’t that the rules? It’s not a grudge match so you shouldn’t just allow it. I hate when ref’s do that. Like if not DQ people then why do we have rules? Stupid. But Kazarian and Sinclair argue then Kazarian pulls Sinclair in front of him to block Shelley from a running attack and when Sinclair turns around Kazarian pulls Shelley down with the hair. See great heel work. Ref didn’t see anything so he can’t DQ him and it’s cheap and sleazy. Kazarian then hits outside to inside DDT to Shelley. We are shown Sinclair and Kazarian arguing before we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, Sinclair and Kazarian are arguing and Sinclair pushes Kazarian! Shelley rolls him up for a near fall. Kevin Kelly then puts over how different ROH is since that is what happens in ROH when you mess and try to intimidate with the referees. Kazarian goes back to beating down Shelley and arguing with Sinclair. Nigel and Kelly are arguing with Sabin about Daniels being suspended. Nice arguing Sabin. Stick up for your butt buddy. In the ring, Shelley is draped over the middle rope and Kazarian chokes him with the double legs to the back until the fourth count then jumps outside and hits Shelley with an open handed slap. I like the slap as a hit because it actually fucking hurts sometimes and it makes the loud pop. Christian use to do it wonderfully for the WWE. Kazarian mouths the crowd and plays it up. And STEVE CORINO IS ON THE PHONE! How in the flying fuck though did he call in during a match? Can poeple do that? And what is the number to this magical phone line? Can I call in and be a guest commentator during a match? In the ring though there’s a few nice reversals from Kazarian and Shelley which ends with Shelley open handed slapping Kazarian. Ok I now see a huge flaw with Corino calling in. I love the storyline with him and his son and BJ Whitmer but we are in a match! It is so hard to hear a voice loudly and talking and also pay attention to the match. They could have done this during break between matches or even during someone’s entrances! Or inside the boring Inside ROH with the sexy but untalented Mandy Leon. It is a flaw and ROH please never do this again during a match.

Corino states though that he will talk next week and he has pondered what happened and that he will come face to face with Bj Whitmer next week! He states the time for talking is over! YES! I am excited for Whitmer vs Corino after months of storyline! I hope they end with a match at Supercard of Honor during Wrestlemania Weekend. That would be an ideal time to do it. Don’t waste a match like that on free TV. I want blood and gore and I want it on PPV from those two! Back to the action. Kazarian is still in control as Kevin Kelly points out. Kazarian goes to the top rope and goes for the leg drop but Shelley rolls away. Shelley hits Kazarian with some strikes and chops and goes to whip him into the corner but is reversed and Kazarian tries to run into Shelley but is met with a boot then a enziguri and Shelley clothesline Kazarian to the outside. Shelley signals for an outside move. Kazarian moves away and Shelley jumps to the apron and dodges a hit from Kazarian to land a running flying knee to Kazarian. That is another spot that ROH is famous for and I’m never tired of seeing it! Kazarian rolls inside and Shelley goes for the top rope and hits a crossbody but Kazarian rolls over for a near fall with tights. Kazarian then runs over and hits a sloppy neckbreaker on Shelley. Kazarian goes for a inverted STO but Shelley reverses into a forearm strike but then Kazarian reverses a Shelley move for a forearm strike and Shelley goes into the corner and Kazarian tries running to him and gets met with a boot then shelley goes to the top rope and goes for some move but Kazarian hits a cutter, or RKO for WWE fans, and then brings up Shelley for a wicked inverted STO that looks nasty and gets a near fall. Kazarian goes for an unprettier but Shelley pushes off then Kazarian tries running to Shelley but he catches him and hits an inverted STO into the turnbuckle. Shelley goes to the top rope but Kazarian runs up their and Kevin Kelly mentions how maybe Kazarian could go for his finisher but Shelley pushes off and goes to hit a splash and is met by some knees. Kazarian has the hammer that Daniels tried using a few weeks ago but Shelley ducks and hits a german suplex. Sabin is now on the apron distracting Shelley who has the hammer now. Shelley throws the hammer to Sabin and hits Kazarian with a superkick into slice bread for the win.

Alex Shelley defeated Frankie Kazarian with Slice Bread No. 2 ***. Good match. Nothing exceptional except it furthers the storyline and gives Shelley another notch. I really like the finishing sequence with Shelley not using the hammer and Kazarian trying to cheat to win since he is a heel and the hammer is a part of the story since Daniels used it. I really hated Corino calling in. Like, it is a hot feud between him and Whitmer but do it between matches, not when they are in the middle of a match. Wait until right after or before commercial. Except for that, Shelley’s offense looked crisp and good and Kazarian is a ring veteran so he knew what he was doing out their. No real chemistry but if this feud ends with Sabin vs Shelley in a few matches then I won’t be disappointed since they always good matches together and against each other.

Post match, we are shown a replay of the finish. Sabin is asking Kazarian what happened and Kazarian looks confused. There is turmoil in the Addiction. I’m excited for this minor storyline. They mention the main event which is for the tag team championship with War Machine vs All Night Xpress (ANX). Kevin Kelly announces that next is the Top Prospect tournament. We go to commercial.

Back from commercial, Truth Martini comes out with Joey Daddiego. I hate both these guy’s. They mention how he isn’t in the best of luck lately then show a replay of when Daddiego, oiled muscled up short guy, beat down, or tried to, the tall monster of Donovan Dijack who used to be in the House of Truth but he failed. I like Dijack on his own but I feel like he will be in a new stable very soon. His reverse Go to Sleep is sick and great for a big guy who can lift up anybody. And didn’t they say the top prospect tournament was next? This guy is already on the roster! Stop lying to us ROH!

DALTON CASTLE! THIS GUY IS MONEY! He is of course accompanied by the boys. If you have never watched ROH or this guy, look him up on YouTube! He has a great gimmick and plays it to a T. He is perfect for the role as a meterosexual or gay guy with young men as his Boys and basically sex slaves. I am a peacock and I’m proud of it! Kevin Kelly mentions how he won back the boys from “The Last Real Man in Professional Wrestling” Silas Young. Castle goes through his pre-match rituals which are to extravagant and awesome for me try to explain. Just look it up.

Truth Martini grabs a microphone and before he can say anything, chants of peacock ring out. Martini makes fun of Castle and says the Boys need a daddy. Castle is his daddy. A different type of daddy (hehe). Martini states that they need Joey big daddy Daddiego which is this douche Diesel. Tale of the tape with weight going ot Diesel but height going to Castle. I think Diesel is on the roids. I can’t confirm that but man is he short and tries to look buff. Castle made his pro debut in 2008 while Daddiego debuted in 2014. Castle goes for the fruity handshake for the code of honor. Daddiego basically says no I ain’t touching no flamer. Dick. And here we go.

Joey Daddiego w/ Truth Martini vs Dalton Castle w/ The Boys

A chant of Dalton’s gonna kill you ring out. They tie up and Daddiego wins it and pushes him to the corner. Castle does a facelock go behind then Daddiego rolls to the outside. Castle runs against the ropes and acts like he is gonna dive outside while Martini yells no no no but Castle just hits the ropes and does a few extravagant steps then does his peacock pose. I love this gimmick and this dude does it perfectly. Daddiego tries running inside for a cheap shot but Castle slings him back to the apron and hits a hard forearm strike. Great gimmick and great strikes. Castle goes to the top rope but gets distracted by Martini while Daddiego pulls Castle down to the outside and Martini does a Martini Rooni. They mention he did this at the Wrestle Kingdom 10 show. While he is showing off, The Boys pull up on the apron and pull down the middle rope so Martini spills to the outside. Funny great spot their. The Boys are also funny. Martini tries knocking down The Boys but they jump off the apron. Daddiego pushes Castle into the middle rope. He goes to the second turnbuckle and a stomp to the back for a near fall. Dadiego hits some punches then a power slam. Daddiego’s offense seems very sloppy and terrible. Daddiego goes for some kind of armbar but Castle reverses it with some kicks then pushes Daddiego into the corner and hits a forearm strike and whips him into the other corner for a peacock knee in the corner then dumps him laying facedown on the top turnbuckle then goes to the apron and hits a running knee to his face and Castle then hits his finisher the bammerang and gets the pin for the win.

Dalton Castle defeats Joey Daddiego with the Bammerang ** ½. Mainly just a squash match with Castle to keep with his momentum. He was awesome, The Boys was awesome, Martini was awesome, but Daddiego was terrible Ok selling for a roided up guy but the little offense he got in was so sloppy. Castle carried the match and it shows how great of an act him and The Boys are.

Post match, they show a replay of the finish then Silas Young comes out in ring gear and says Brent and Brandon. He states that’s The Boy’s name and that’s what their mothers named them. Nope, their name’s are now The Boys. Talks about trying to teach them to be men while the Bruiser grabs ahold of The Boys while Silas attacks Castle and hits him with his finisher Misery. He grabs the mic again and says The Boys had opportunities but disappointed him. He states now they have a choice for learning to be a man or art of being a boy. Select the Boy! Crowd is even chanting for boy and they attack Silas and the Bruiser. And they start getting thrown around by Silas and The Bruiser. Castle then attacks Bruiser and Silas but it is too much for him to handle as they hit some running strikes to him in the corner like a knee and then a running senton. They say they have to get some help and go to commercial and say Top Prospect is next. The post match was good. I wish this feud ended though so Castle and The Boys could move on to bigger and better things but as long as it ends at the next PPV I guess it’s ok.

Back from commercial, Top Prospect tournament round 1 time. A guy named Leon St. Giovanni. Guy looks ok and like he could be a real chance of winning. We already had two matches which they play the finishes for. Next, a guy named Action Ortiz comes out who weighs 330 pounds! Dude is huge. Nigel says he is like Bam Bam Bigelow and moves around not like a heavyweight. I hope not. I’m sick of big slow guys. We get the tale of the tape which shows that Giovanni debuted in 2011, even though he looks younger, and Ortiz debuted in 2014. He looks older though. But I have heard good things about him on twitter from guys like Tommy Dreamer and other guys. I hope he proves me wrong about his size. They adhere to the code of honor and butt foreheads.

Top Prospect Tournament Round 1: Leon St. Giovanni vs Action Ortiz

They tie up in the ring but Ortiz does a knee to the mid section and goes for a dropkick but misses when Giovanni stops at the ropes. He then hits Ortiz with a dropkick. He then hits a splash for not even a 1 count. Ortiz rolls out to the outside. Giovanni goes against the rope and goes for suicide dive but gets a strong right hand. Ortiz hits a running jumping clothesline for a near fall. Ortiz is so far seems agile. He is pointing to the turnbuckles. Oh this I hope goes well. Nigel points out how he moves like a 100 pounder and is quick and agile. Ortiz goes for a splash but Giovanni rolls out. They exchange forearm strikes on their knees. Giovanni takes control with strikes and uppercuts and tries to irish wh0 Ortiz but Ortiz reverses and throws him in the turnbuckle and hits a full body clothesline. Ortiz tries pulling him up but Giovanni lands on his feet and hits a knee to the midsection and an elbow strike. Giovanni tries for something but Ortiz tosses him to the outside apron Giovanni hits a strike to the face then jumps in and hits a rolling jumping clothesline for a near fall. Ortiz rolls to the outside and Giovanni hits a corkscrew to the outside on Ortiz. Giovanni rolls Ortiz inside the ring and goes to the top rope but Ortiz runs in and Giovanni jumps over Ortiz and hits Ortiz with a turn around forearm strike that knocks down Ortiz. Kevin Kelly is putting over the other tournament contenders yet to come on commentary which is good so fans can be excited for what’s to come in the tournament. Giovanni pulls him up goes for some kind of double underhook something but Ortiz hits a sloppy kick and signals for his finisher then hits Giovanni with a back suplex into a faceplant which Kevin Kelly says he calls it the kill screen and Ortiz gets the win.

Action Ortiz advances in the tournament with his finisher the Kill Screen *** ½. Best of the tournament matches yet. The commentators were right about Ortiz. He moves fast and quick and tried for offense that someone with lesser size would try. Ortiz also sold well which makes his opponents look credible. I thought it would be a squash match but Giovanni got in some good offense. I’m excited to see what else Ortiz can do.

Kevin Kelly announces that the main event tag team championship match is coming right after commercial.

We are back and Kevin Kelly is interviewing Stokely Hathaway who Kelly says asked for this time to talk about Moose and Hathaway says 2016 is Moose’s year. He says last year had some ups and down but this is a new year and they want to challenge the so called best in the world. Punk is coming back to ROH?!? Nope Hathaway says they are challenging the IWGP Heavyweight Champion Okada. Kevin Kelly’s facial expression is awesome as he as shocked as am I. I would never expect that challenge but if they want Moose to look credible in ROH and to push him into the main event title picture then this is the way. Hathaway says he is calling out Okada for the 14th Anniversary show. I hope Okada accepts. That’d be a great match since Okada is great in NJPW. If you have never seen Okada, get New Japan World and watch his match from Wrestle Kingdom 10 with Tanahashi. It is a MOTYC. Kevin Kelly says before the main event that we will take a look back to Final Battle where ANX won a number one contender match. This was a great match with ANX, Young Bucks, and The Briscoes. I didn’t get to watch this match since PPV is expensive but from clips I’ve seen like this one, it looks great. And back from the replay comes out All Night Xpress of Kenny King and Red Titus. They come out to mixed reactions and Kevin Kelly and Nigel put over the team since they left a few years back when they were champs to go do other things like King who went to TNA. Good way to put over a tag team with stating their history and why they might win. Out comes War Machine. Man are they monsters. Some of their high flying and non power moves are sloppy but it’s still amazing to see them do it and they are a great powerhouse team. They are cheered for.

The announcers put over how they beat the Kingdom and how it might be an obstacle for ANX to beat them but that they could. We get the introductions with ANX getting mixed reactions again. I like them as a team and they never cheat and aren’t heels so I’ll chant for them. War Machine gets a mixed reaction to with more boo’s. Wow that’s surprising for War Machine. Most people love them and they also never cheat but in this match they work heel since they are the bigger guys. As we go to our last commercial break. a nice chant of “all night” breaks out. Looks like ANX will be the faces during the match.

Main Event: ROH Tag team Champions War Machine (Hanson & Rowe) vs The All-Night X-Press (Rhett Titus & Kenny King)

For the last time, hopefully, we are back and it is main event time. They adhere to the code of honor and we go to tale of the tape. War Machine has size, but ANX has been a tag team longer and they both teams have about the same experience as in lenght of years as a pro but ANX seems to have the mat and veteran tag team style while War Machine is still finding their chemistry. Should be a fun dynamic. We start with Titus (no not WWE Titus) and Hanson in the ring for a tie up with Titus going into a headlock. Hanson picks him up and Titus goes off the ropes and gets taken down with a shoulder hit. Titus goes rear along and hits Hanson with a knee to the mid section. Nigel starts talking about how the fans turn on people and how they turned on him. I like him playing that up since the fans have been turning on ANX and War Machine lately. Back to the action Titus goes off the ropes and King tags in and they irish whip Hanson and Titus hits a atomic drop and King clotheslines him but he doesn’t go down until they do a double clothesline but Hanson comes back up and they try again but Hanson does that silly cart wheel that looks terrible and clotheslines them both. I like when Hanson pops right up since he is a big guy and they shouldn’t be able to knock him down so silly but that cartwheel needs to stop. Yes you’re a big guy that can do a silly cart wheel that looks sloppy but we don’t want to see that. We want to see you kick the shit out of people.

Hanson throws King in the corner and tags in Rowe. Rowe irish whips King to Hanson for a knee to the mid section then Rowe gets a knee to the head then hanson hits a lariat to the back of the head. King tries fighting back but gets a right hand and whipped into the ropes and hit with a rough forearm strike. Rowe puts him in the corner and a chop and irish whips King to the other turnbuckle and Rowe tries a hip toss but King lands on his feet and hits a right hand but it doesn’t effect Rowe and King backs into his corner and Rowe runs after him but King nearly moves out of the way and Rowe gets a knee to the face in the turnbuckle from Titus on the outside. King then does a top rope choke to Rowe and tags in Titus. They irish whip Rowe to the corner then King throws Titus to him who lands a back splash and hits a right hand then throws Rowe to King and King hits him with a spin kick and Titus goes for the cover but gets a near fall and when Rowe gets back up he is met with a kick to the head and put Rowe in a chokehold hitting him with strikes to the corner and then knees and chokes in the corner. They tag in and Titus goes for a powerbomb but Rowe reverses it to a hip toss and a knee. King was in the corner apron and Hanson pulled him down and now they throw King in the ring where Rowe body slams him and Rowe body slams Hanson on top King. I love that spot. People may say well that could hurt your tag partner but it’s innovative and sends all of Hanson’s weight, which is a lot, crashing on top of King in a unique way and it fits with their tag team style.

They get the fans pumped up. Titus goes to run to them and they catch him and lift him up and right back down. Hanson then powerbombs Rowe on Titus. See that fits in that spot because Rowe weighs less than Hanson but he is still falling from a top height and that is still quite a bit of weight falling down. It’s innovative and weird but it works well.

And I was wrong. That was not the last commercial! Another commercial break. Fuck people it was bad last week but this is a title match! And it’s the last like 5 minutes of the show! Stupid people! You’re messing up the dynamic of the match. I hope that they change that soon. I don’t think they will but it frustrates me because then I get disengaged. Fix it ROH!

Finally hopefully we are done with commercials and we can have non stop action for the last part of the show. King is fighting back in the corner and hitting strikes to Rowe and Hanson but it’s to much and Hanson catches him on his shoulders and puts him down on Rowe’s knee then Rowe hits a mid section knee to King but when they go up for a finishing move, Titus comes in and dropkicks Rowe who King falls on. Titus goes back to the apron and Hanson tries running to him but he pulls down the top rope and Hanson spills to the outside. Titus tries doing a crossbody to Rowe on the outside but Rowe catches him and does a fall away slam to Titus on the outside. King is fighting with Hanson on the other side with Hanson doing clubbing blows and ramming King into the barricade. Rowe then does the same to Titus. Nice spots for a big tag team. Rowe tries hitting Titus with a knee but from where I’m standing he didn’t connect at all but good for Titus for still selling. Hanson is still clubbing King but King fights back. Rowe throws Titus on the barricade again and Hanson backdrops King. This is madness and anarchy. Titus. Irish whips Rowe into a barricade. The ref had been counting the whole time and if you do not know, ROH uses a 20 count for count out and right as the ref got to 19, Hanson and Titus rolled inside. Wooh I really thought it would end on a double count out then a rematch at the PPV or Titus and King win and they bitch about them not winning the titles and getting a rematch again.

In the ring with Hanson and Titus, Hanson clothesline’s Titus back to the outside and then Hanson does a suicide dive to Titus! That was a sloppy suicide dive especially since Titus didn’t catch him so more Titus’s fault but still a cool spot for a 300 pounder. Fans start chanting ROH and Hanson gets up. Rowe is doing something near a table and he picks up King and goes for a body slam but King falls back and gets met with a knee to the face. Rowe throws King in the ring. Hanson goes to the top rope for their tag team finisher and Rowe has King set up on his shoulders but King flips back and does an enziguri to Hanson to knock him to the outside and Roe goes to hit King in the corner with a flying knee but hits the ref instead! I feel a title change coming on. King hits Rowe with the flying knee sending Rowe to the corner. They question King and Titus putting the ref in the corner. And uh-oh Titus is getting a table and puts it in the ring. King puts the table in the corner. Rowe kicks them back and slams King into the corner right when the ref gets up! ANX win by DQ but no the titles.

ANX win by DQ when Rowe slams King through a Table but War Machine retain the titles.

Wait on my review of the match as Titus and Rowe are fighting inside the ring still the bell keeps sounding but they are not stopping and security is coming out to break up the two tag teams fighting and they are clawing to fight each other and Hanson and Titus are now fighting and clearing security and they are all still trying to fight as security keeps trying to break them up and they keep hitting security and each other and it’s crazy! Kevin Kelly announces that next week’s main event is another tag team match with ACH & Matt Sydal vs The Young Bucks (should be a good match). And they send us off TV with a brawl still going on in the ring between ANX and War Machine!*** ¾. Wow what an ending. The match itself was okay. The commercial really screwed it up but still a bunch of cool spots and the fighting on the outside and the drama of the count out and the table definitely added to it. War Machine at times looked sloppy and Rowe clearly missed hitting Titus with a knee. But still. It was awesome to not be too cliche. The brawl at the end and the DQ finish all added to it and you could tell that even though ANX is more of a high flying team that they want the tag titles by willing to use a table and willing to duke it out with War Machine. I see these two teams fighting at the PPV in a tables match or a no DQ or falls count anywhere match.

A great finish to a great show. Tune in next week to see how all of the storylines unfold leading into the 14th Anniversary Show. Also, check out everything else on The Indy Corner including my column. From myself and everyone else at The Indy Corner, have a wrestletastic week.


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