ROH TV Review (04/01/15)

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This is the ROH year in review episode and what a spectacular year it was.

AJ Styles vs Roderick Strong ( 4/1/14 Nashville, Tennessee)

This was a great match to start AJ’s return in ROH. The match began with both men trying to get the better off each other on the mat but it led to a stalemate. AJ hit his phenomenal (pun intended) on Roddy. Roddy hit a backbreaker after he pulled AJ off of the top rope and caught him. AJ hit his signature quick strikes but Roddy dodged the lariat and hit a vicious sick kick on AJ. AJ a hit Styles Clash for the win. The fans were so into this match and were so happy to see AJ in ROH again. This made AJ’s return even better in my opinion.

Kevin Steen’s Final ROH Match: Kevin Steen vs Steve Corino ( 19/17/14 Dearborn, Michigan)

This was a good match that was lighthearted in the beginning but got more serious throughout. The match began with the men shaking hands but Corino hit Steen with a punch. Steen later gained the advantage and they went outside off the ring and Steen put on an El Generico mask that a fan let him use. Steen hit two Olé Olé kick. Corino hit a nice flatliner on Steen for a 2 count. Steen won his final match with the Package Piledriver.

ROH Match of the Year: ROH Tag Title Match The Young Bucks (c) (Matt and Nick Jackson) vs reDRagon (Bobby Fish and Kyle O Reilly) w/ Tom Lawlor ( 17/5/14 New York City, New York)

This is rightfully the match of the year in ROH as these teams just went out and pulled out all the stops. I voted for this to be match of the year and happy that it was selected as so. This match had so much action that it’s hard to describe it here on this written review. I highly suggest checking out it either on this episode or by purchasing the entire War of the Worlds show, which featured many other very good matches.

This was a good wrap up of the entire year for ROH and was happy to watch them go to new heights in 2014. 2015 will have a tough time topping 2014 but ROH has some stuff lined up that can help them do just that.

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