ROH TV (7/2/15) Review

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Top Prospect Tournament Semifinals: Donovan Dijak vs Ashley Sixx

This was a good match. After the opening lock up, Sixx gained the advantage with some open hand strikes. Sixx went for a cross body but Dijak caught him and whipped him over the ropes and Sixx landed face first on the apron. Later in the match Dijak went for a plancha but landed on the apron and then kick Sixx in the face. Dijak then went for a moonsault onto Sixx but Sixx moved and hit a flatliner into the apron. Sixx then hit a stage dive on Dijak. Ultimately Dijak won the match with the Torture Rack knee lift on Sixx.

Top Prospect Tournament Semifinals: Beer City Bruiser vs Will Ferrara

This was an ok match. The match started with both men honoring the Code of Honor but Bruiser shoved Ferrara. Ferrara then retaliated with a hard slap to the face. Then they traded shots in the corner. Bruiser threw Ferrara out of the ring and then Bruiser went for a con hilo off the apron but Ferrara moved and Bruiser bounced off the floor. Ferrara then hit a tope suicida into a tornado DDT. Ferrara won with a knee to the jaw of the Bruiser.

In Ring The Fish Tank Show hosted by ROH Tag Champs reDRagon

The show started with reDRagon just talking about how they’re the best and they introduced their guests The Young Bucks. After they entered the ring, Fish said he was riled up that the Bucks stepped into the ring looking like a couple of unmade beds while reDRagon were in nice suits.O Reilly asked the Bucks what it was like sharing the ring with them. Fish answered by saying it sucks to be the Bucks. Kyle then asks what it was like for the Bucks to fly out their families to see the Bucks lose out in Tokyo at Wrestle Kingdom 9. Kyle’s back was turned as he said this and when he turned around he was hit by two superkicks. Bobby and Matt then went at as Nick was superkick one security guard after another. The ring cleared and the Bucks hit a double tope suicidas on everyone. The Bucks then got in the ring and they held up the ROH and IWGP Jr. tag titles. The camera then showed the two guys in red masks in the front row watching.

QT Marshall vs Roderick Strong

QT Marshall comes out and says that their would be no ROH without him. Roddy quickly interrupts him. The match was quick but makes Roddy look stronger. After the lock up, Marshall disrespected Roddy and Roddy hit a jumping knee, rolling elbow, and then a sick kick to win the match.

After the match BJ Whitmer came out and said that Roddy was going be to irrelevant before he joined the Decade. Roddy said he was sick of them talking and he wanted to fight. BJ declined and said that the fight will happen when BJ chooses. Roddy then says that he’ll end Whitmer for good.

The Kingdom (Michael Bennett, Matt Taven and Maria Kannelis) vs The Briscoes (Jay Briscoe, Mark Briscoe and ODB)

This was good and fun match to watch. Even though the Briscoes and Kingdom feud has been going on for a long while, I still enjoy it. The match began with The Briscoes having momentum over Taven. The Briscoes throws out Bennett and Jay hits a big boot on Bennett. Taven then comes flying over the ropes on both Briscoes. Throughout the entire match, Maria was barely touched. The match ended with a Kingdom victory as ODB was going to piledrive Maria but Bennett and Taven superkicked ODB and Maria pinned her.

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