ROH TV (4/5/17) Review

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The show starts with a recap of the eight man tag two weeks ago, the promised four way takes place tonight to decide the number one contender for Christopher Daniels’ World Heavyweight Championship, with the match taking place as a three way with Cody (Rhodes) at War of the Worlds later this month.

We’re in Baltimore with Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana on commentary.

Coast To Coast vs The Kingdom

Coast to Coast are a team I’ve never heard of before, however the Kingdom were the first ever ROH World Six-Man Champions, they are one short however as TK Ryan is currently on crutches, according to Colt, Coast to Coast are both Monster Factory graduates.

The match starts of with Kingdom jumping C2C before the bell, they fight back with some double teaming on Vinny Marselligia, LSG of Coast to Coast goes for a plancha, he looks like he missed but the commentary team brush over it.

Back from commercial and Kingdom are now in control, very briefly however as a hot tag is made to LSG, he battles out of the corner with a handspring clothesline and a double team move on Vinny again, Taven catches LSG with a super-kick in mid air, a double team finisher looks like the match was the Kingdom’s but Vinny stops the count and calls for Taven to hit Angel’s Wings, in reference to his upcoming title match with Daniels, he hits the Angel’s Wings for the three count.

This seemed like it would be a squash before the match, seeing as Taven is headed into a World Title bout, it ended up being a win for The Kingdom but also a showcase for Coast 2 Coast, who judging by their presentation, someone backstage must be impressed with.

Now we get a brief look back at the ladder match between the Hardy’s and Young Bucks from Supercard of Honor.

The Young Bucks are now joining us, Too Sweet-ing fans as they go and Super-kicking the cameras, it looks as though it’s promo time for Matt and Nick, they talk up the match and the fact they regained the titles, then move on to addressing the issues with Adam Cole, they say that the issues are now resolved. ‘We’ve beaten ’em all’ Matt says as the announce an open invitation for next weeks broadcast, calling out any tag team from the past, present or future, they name check a few teams before they’re interrupted by ‘The (Spirit) Squad’ Mikey and Kenny, they’ve come to ROH for the titles, they roll in the ring and get super-kicked out of their boots, it’s hinted that we’ll see Mikey and Kenny vs The Young Bucks next week.

A recap of Matt Sydal’s return is shown and Sydal is now out for our second match.

Matt Sydal vs Flip Gordon

Flip Gordon got a jobbers entrance, so I’m not expecting a long match here.

The two lock up and take it to the mat, some nice reversals from Sydal too, you don’t see nearly enough praise for Sydal’s technical skills, as a lot of emphasis is rightfully put on his high flying ability.

Gordon is showing some nice agility too, and he hits a wonderful dropkick, Sydal hits a big spin kick, Gordon with a springboard Sling Blade! That was very nice! And a Pele kick! This guy’s not bad at all. A penalty kick/moonsault combination follows for a two-count. Flip goes up top but misses, he gets caught with a roundhouse kick by Sydal, and a standing shooting star only gets two. Some great sequences here. Very impressed with Flip Gordon especially.

A flying knee from Sydal, he looks for a shooting star but is kicked in the head by a spring-boarding Gordon, his advantage doesn’t last long however as he is kicked down while charging into the corner, and Sydal hits his patented Shooting Star Press for the win.

As short as that was, it was excellent, both as a showcase for the new talent in Flip Gordon and an exhibition for Sydal, the sequences were crisp and the wrestling itself strong enough to hold up the high spots weaved in, very well executed.

Post match, Sydal is jumped by Scurll, his opponent for War of the Worlds, who tries to lock in the chickenwing, but Sydal fights out and roundhouse kicks Scurll to send him running.

Promo time again, this time with Adam Cole (Bay-Bay) he immediately takes the mic from Ian Riccaboni, it’s story time with Adam Cole, also addressing his issues with the Bullet Club, saying he said things he regretted and it was a mistake and as far as he’s concerned Bullet Club is stronger than ever, also announcing that next week himself and Cody will take on Dalton Castle and Christopher Daniels, which has all the potential in the world. Bullet Club are putting the wrestling world on notice: “That’s not a threat, it’s not a promise, it’s just too sweet.”

More recaps as a video package recaps the confrontation between Cody and Christopher Daniels.

Speak of the devil Christopher Daniels is on commentary for the Main Event.

Four Corner Survival. Jay Lethal vs Silas Young vs Hangman Page vs Jay White

Big main event here with World Title implications and some great talent.

The bell rings and Lethal and Young go on the attack, and the two Jay’s Lethal and White trade forearms, and each competitor takes turns in rolling each other up. Two Super-kicks lays out Lethal and Young.

Page is the only man standing briefly, before Jay White takes him down and takes control, he stacks all three men in the corner, single arm suplexing Hangman Page into Lethal and Young.

Jay White and Page have some lovely back and forth reversals, Page comes out on top though, up on the top rope and they’re all stacked up, tower of doom! That spot always gets a good reaction from the crowd.

Back from the break and Lethal and White are having some exchanges, Jay White knocks down Lethal with a big dropkick and then a big chop, Jay White showing a big of disrespect by slapping Lethal’s head, that only fires up Lethal but Silas Young throws Lethal out of the ring and Lethal goes flying, Young challenges White to hit him, he then takes control of his younger opponent and White is sent out of the ring.

Now we have Young and Page face to face, the slug it out with seriously big forearms, Young is super-kicked as he goes for the plunge. White is now back in for some punishment at the hands of the Bullet Club member, he fights back with a lovely missile dropkick, Lethal, who had been taking a breather on the outside now back on the apron trading blows with Young, Jay White clears all three men with a suicide dive! And a swanton to the outside onto his opponents, not afraid for his own health here.

Back from a break and a two count is broken up , Lethal and White are in the ring, Lethal hits a Lethal Combination for a two count. Lethal’s going up top, but he’s pushed off by Silas Young, who then drives Lethal into the Barricade and hammers him with punches and Page and White are now in the ring, a springboard Clothesline gets a two for Page as does a sunset flip by White, Young now back in the ring and he hits a back-breaker on Page, the Plunge on White, Jay Lethal breaks it up, forearms traded by Lethal and Young, Lethal Injection on Young gets the three! Jay Lethal is going to New York.

A tremendous multi man main event, I said a few weeks back how ROH seem to have mastered the art of a fast flowing multi man match and this was another example. Also, with every match you see Jay White seems to improve little by little, I predict he’ll be a major title contender inside the next few years.

Lethal celebrates his win as Cody emerges on the stage wearing a Christopher Daniels t-shirt and Daniels holds up his belt from the commentary desk as the show goes off air.

Another week of stellar programming from ROH as stories are built and the future is glimpsed, we got to see not only the current crop of main event talent but emerging names too, Flip Gordon was impressive against a premier high flier in Matt Sydal, Coast 2 Coast looked impressive against seasoned opponents and Jay White continues to look more and more like a star just about ready to explode. Make sure to check back next week as the Young Bucks defend their belt and the Bullet Club team of Adam Cole and Cody take on Dalton Castle and Christopher Daniels.

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