ROH TV (25/4/17) Review

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We start with a recap of Supercard of Honor, the show itself kicks off with a promo from Christopher Daniels, he runs through his victory at Supercard of Honor, and his upcoming challengers, also hypes up next weeks number one contenders match, also references Cody, who jumped him at the PPV, saying he wants a match with Cody as soon as possible, Cody comes out to interrupt, he makes fun of Daniels’ nicknames and says he wants a title match tonight, only to back out saying it’s ‘not happening here’ he wants it at War of the Worlds, Daniels wants to add him to the four way match, but he doesn’t have the power to do that, Rhodes retorts with ‘I was born a Rhodes and I have no respect for power structures’ I’m paraphrasing a bit there.

Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana are on commentary, they hype the Top Prospect final and a World TV Title match, Marty Scurll vs Frankie Kazarian, both of which are scheduled for tonight.

We get a recap of Marty Scurll vs Adam Cole from Supercard of Honor, as well as two pre recorded promos from Scurll and Kazarian.

Lio Rush vs Shane Taylor

We don’t get the match straight away as what has happened between Rush and The Rebellion is recapped including Shane Taylor turning on Lio a month ago, somewhat of a continuation from last weeks episode also, where we saw Rush help Chris Sabin against Coleman.

Rush is massively out-sized here against Taylor, who uses his power, but Rush uses his speed as a retort, Rush is caught in a hurricanrana, and a springboard cross body, Taylor is making it look easy as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Rush is fighting back, but he’s overpowered again and Rush is thrown right through the ropes! He tries to pin him with just one foot on his chest. Rush starts to build momentum with a series of kicks and a big DDT for a two count. He knocks Coleman off the apron, but misses the Dragon’s Call and is put away with a choke-bomb.

An interesting big man vs small man match, as both men’s styles meshed together pretty well, even though it was only a short match it served it purpose in ramping up the story between The Rebellion and Lio Rush. It wasn’t quite a squash as Rush got his fair share of offence in.

Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley come to the aid of Rush but they’re jumped by Coleman and Taylor. Taylor hits as massive splash on Sabin.

We now get the same hype package for the Top Prospect tournament we had last week, as the final is coming up next.

Bob Evans has joined the commentary team for the Top Prospect Final

John Skyler vs Josh Woods

Both men have a pre recorded promo from the locker room as they make their way to the ring.

Both men shake hands to kick off the match, and they start off on the mat, with some reversals and counters, the commentators talk up Josh Woods’ amateur pedigree and MMA experience.

Woods shows some agility rolling of of a snapemare and a big knee, but Skyler regains control as commercials roll.

Skyler is still in control as he bends Woods round the ring post, and using the ropes to stretch Woods out, Skyler goes goes for a senton but is caught in a cross arm-breaker, he fights out though, Woods is fired up now as he goes into a comeback and a big belly to belly gets a two count. Followed by a big running knee in the corner, Skyler goes for his finisher but Woods fights out, out on the apron and Skyler takes control with a big boot and a spear for a close two-count.

Woods is back in control as he sits a spinning GTS, but he eats a big super kick from John Skyler, a lovely rolling German suplex is followed by an ankle bar and Skyler taps out! Josh Woods wins the tournament.

There was some good work in here, I feel that they both need to work on their characters but their in-ring work is there, Woods repertoire is heavily MMA based, and in a wrestling world with Matt Riddle in it he’ll need to go that extra mile to get noticed.

David Starr is out and jumps Woods! He introduces himself under all his many nicknames, I remember seeing Starr in London last year and was very impressive so I’m looking forward to seeing what he brings to ROH.

It’s promo time again and Adam Cole is pleading to the Young Bucks to put their differences aside and getting back to doing what they do best

Main Event: ROH World Television Championship: Marty Scurll (c) vs Frankie Kazarian

It’s main event time, and Kazarian comes out to a positive reaction from the ROH faithful, Marty Scurll is always so captivating to watch, I love his ROH entrance video and music, the announcers hype all the people Scurll has defeated since arriving in Ring of Honor. We get personal in ring introductions to give it that big match feel.

The announcers are really talking up Scurll here, saying how he has elevated the TV Title to the level of the World Title, the two men wrestle to a stalemate to kick off the match, in the early goings Scurll plays mind games but Kazarian is on the offence, and hits a massive flying DDT on the apron.

After a quick commercial break Scurll has taken control, working the arm, Kazarian mounts a comeback with a few clotheslines and a hip toss/neck-breaker combo and gets a close two count with Christian’s old Killswitch move, which I’m sure Kaz has a name for but it wasn’t mentioned.

Marty is now working the hand of Kazarian, maybe e setting up for his patented finger snap, he goes for the chicken-wing but Kazarian rolls out, Scurll hits a brain-buster for a two count. Scurll heads outside and grabs his umbrella but Kazarian fights it away and hits a big cutter for another near fall.

Scurll has his hand and… finger snap, always gets a reaction of universal pain that one, Kaz has stolen the umbrella but Marty has powder but he hits the ref! Kazarian hits his finisher but the ref is down, Hangman Page runs down with a chair but Kaz sees him and runs him off, Scurll is looking for the chicken-wing but Kazarian rolls him up, Scurll kicks out and Page throws a chair right into Kazarian’s face as the ref wasn’t looking Scurll rolls him up for the three count! Scurll is still the champion.

That broke down a bit towards the end but it was still a solid match with a big match feel to it, Scurll cuts a promo after the match saying he came to ROH for competition but he’s beaten them all and there’s no more competition and that brings out Matt Sydal, who’s coming for Scurll’s title, Sydal runs him off to conclude the broadcast.

For the two weeks I’ve now seen ROH uses it’s hour long program to build it’s stories up by keeping a few in the air and giving them all part of the show, it makes the storytelling more coherent and easy to follow, also the presentation is very impressive for a company without a massive financial backing, so far I’m very impressed and with a big main event to look forward to next week hopefully that will continue.

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