ROH TV (24/06/15) Review

Added by Michael Cook

1 Roderick Strong vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

This was a really good match. Shinsuke Nakamura one of my top 10 favourite wrestlers right now since WrestleKingdom last January. This was a well paced match.

Final few moments of the match had loads of near falls and Strongs suplex into a back breaker hurt my back watching it but that got a near fall. Nakamura hit the Boma Ye kick for a one count. I was convinced Strong was going to win after that but he was hit again by Nakamura for the win.

2 Gedo vs. Michael Elgin

This was a forgettable match in my opinion and the crowd didn’t seem that into it either. Elgin won with the buckle bomb and powerbomb for the win.

3 Kazuchika Okada & Rappongi Vice (Trent Berretta & Rocky Romero) vs. Bullet Club (AJ Styles, Nick and Matt Jackson) w/Gallows and Anderson

Another brilliant match. Highlights being a cool looking doomsday device knee strike to the floor by Rappongi Vice. AJ and Okada had some good moments also. AJ hit Bloody Sunday on Okada and Okada came back with a tombstone on AJ. That is my one problem. Okada doesn’t go for the pin after a devastating tombstone but picks styles up and attempts the rain maker that AJ manages to escape from. Bullet club destroyed Berretta with super kicks into a styles clash for the win.

Good show with a great opening match and main event. These episodes along with next week are still from the Global Wars/ War Of the worlds events so I doubt we will see any fall out from the Best In the world PPV. However we are still in for a treat with the next show.

Next Episode:

The Addiction vs Okada & Gedo. The main event will be AJ Styles vs Adam Cole.

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