ROH TV (16/5/17) Review

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Opening the show tonight we have Cheeseburger and Will Ferrara, who are making their way to the ring for tag team action against Chris Sabin and Jonathan Gresham (accompanied by Alex Shelley)

Cheeseburger & Will Ferrara (With Jay Diesel) vs Chris Sabin & Jonathan Gresham (with Alex Shelley)

Promo before the match, Alex Shelley says he’s injured so he won’t be wrestling thanks to The Rebellion (he states a concussion as the reason) and bigs up the newest member of the ROH roster Jonathan Gresham.

Match starts off with Will Ferrara and Gresham, they exchange hammerlocks followed by a head-scissors by Gresham. He tags in Sabin, whereas Ferrara refuses to tag in ‘Burger, but he gets a blind tag anyway, some dissension in their ranks following on from Ferrara bailing on him post-match a few weeks ago.

Sabin takes down Cheeseburger, but he kips up and locks on a side headlock, he teases his palm strike but Sabin hits the deck, followed up by some arm drags and again Sabin avoids the palm strike. Gresham makes a blind tag, catches Cheeseburger mid jump and plants him with a beautiful German suplex, Ferrara goes to the top but is cut off by Sabin, Burger and Ferrara on the outside now, they go to plancha but Ferrara and Burger move, so they land on the apron, and get drop-kicked off, now it’s Cheeseburger’s turn to fly as he cross-bodys to the outside, but he’s caught by Sabin and Gresham, Ferrara hits a suicide dive to send all three into the barricade.

Burger and Ferrara still in control, not for long however as Gresham sends Cheeseburger into Ferrara, back up to their feet and Gresham tags in Sabin, double team on Ferrara, into a nice pinning move, Gresham back in, Ferrara fights back and makes the hot tag to Cheeseburger who hits a high cross body onto both opposing team members, and delivers chops to both, followed by a hurricanrana on Sabin, Ferrara and Cheeseburger now delivering elbows to Gresham in the corner, Cheeseburger hits a flying knee on Gresham for a two-count. He calls for the palm strike but gets taken down by a big lariat, Ferrara looks for a tornado DDT on Sabin on the outside, but gets caught with a Dragon Screw Neck Whip, that move is gruesome. Back in the ring Sabin and Gresham are in control, Cheeseburger tries to fight back, he’s taken down by a springboard moonsault, Gresham follows this with a suicide dive onto Ferrara on the outside. A lovely set of double team combinations gets a two count on Cheeseburger. Burger gees himself up, and hits the Shotei on Sabin, then accidentally hits his partner! Gresham takes Cheeseburger down originally looking for a pin but rolls through, Burger is in the Octopus Hold and Cheeseburger taps.

A nice showcase for Gresham here, it always feels like someone in the back is a fan of Cheeseburger as he always gets in a good amount of offence, even when you’d think a match would be a straight showcase for one particular wrestler.

After the match, Ferrara once again walks out on Cheeseburger. We cut to a video of Jay Lethal getting attacked by Silas Young on a commercial shoot, he focuses the attack on Lethal’s leg, after blaming him for injuring his own leg.

Bobby Fish vs Silas Young (With The Beer City Bruiser)

Silas cuts a short promo prior to the match, Silas and Bobby lock up to start off, pushing each other into the corners, Silas gets Fish on the mat with a front face lock, he reverses however, and they’re back up to their feet, the pace has picked up after a pair of leapfrogs and a big dropkick from Young, a victory roll from Fish gets two, he rolls it into an ankle lock but Young makes the ropes.

Back from commercials and Silas Young is in control of the match, Fish tries to fight back with right hands, they trade rights back and forth, Beer City Bruiser grabs Fish’s legs as he runs by, Young sends him outside.

Both men are back in at a count of 19 after a big bump on the outside and both men trade clothesline and a double clothesline takes them both down. Both men trade blows on the ground, back up to their feet and Young hits a cutter on Fish. Fish fights back with a brutal series of strikes and a backdrop suplex for two. Fish sidesteps a charging Young and attempts an ankle lock, Young fights out and hits a big back-breaker, followed up by another Dragon Screw, two in one show! Fish puts his foot on the rope at the count of two. Fish is back up and focuses his attack on the knee of Young.

Beer City Bruiser has the ref distracted as Young takes his knee brace off, he hits Fish in the head with it to get the three count.

It seems like Silas Young has a big push coming his way seeing as he’s being pushed hard on TV, a program with Lethal certainly won’t hurt his future prospects.

A pre-taped promo from Dalton Castle is shown, flanked by his Boys and he states that he isn’t done fighting for the ROH Title and now it’s Main Event Time!

ROH World Six-Man Tag Champions  vs The Briscoes & Bully Ray vs The Rebellion (Rhett Titus, Caprice Coleman & Shane Taylor)

I must say, Ray is a great fit with The Briscoes, their styles compliment each other so well. It’s also great to see the Bully Ray character again, I wasn’t a big watcher of TNA in 2013 when he was at his height but what I did see was very impressive from Ray.

Mark and Titus start off the match, with Mark taking control early, taking him to the mat with take-downs and side headlocks. An attempt at a crane kick but he’s taken down with a straight right hand, Mark is soon back up though and hits a reverse brain-buster, all six men go face to face, Taylor pushes both Briscoes into their corner, Bully ray responded with a big forearm and the action breaks down, Bully sends Taylor to the outside and the The Briscoes send Coleman and Titus into the barricade and a chair, respectively as we cut to commercial.

Back from commercials and Bully Ray and The Briscoes are still in control, a big back body drop on Titus, Bully and Jay hold Coleman for the ‘Wazuuuuup!’ head-butt but Titus pushes him from the top rope as Rebellion take control.

Taylor and Titus hit a double team move and Titus has Jay exactly where he wants him, he tags in Caprice Coleman, who then tags in Taylor, Jay Briscoes fights back with uppercuts and Taylor hits back with head-butts, he tags in Titus, a double team gets a two-count. A tag to Coleman as Rebellion maintain control, Shane Taylor takes him down with a big lariat, then chokes him out on the mat.

Jay is fighting back from the mat with right hands to the gut. Big Taylor takes control though, Jay catches him with a big boot, but he’s cut off again with a back elbow, he misses a hip attack and Jay takes him down with a big forearm, he makes the hot tag to Ray, hip tosses for everyone! A Flip, Flop and Fly is cut off, but Bully still cleans house, makes a tag to Mark Briscoe who flies around with some ‘red-neck kung-fu’ A big super-kick from Jay on Coleman and Mark moonsaults onto Taylor and Titus, followed by a suicide dive from Jay! Mark goes for the Frog Splash but it’s blocked, The Briscoes and Bully Ray hit the 3D though for the three count!

Post match, we have a table! The Briscoes push it into the ring, and set it up behind a ranting Caprice Coleman, the pass him up to Bully for a middle rope powerbomb through the table to end the show and send the crowd home happy.

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