ROH Final Battle 2016 Review

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Ring Of Honor returned to the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City for their final PPV of the year yesterday. The show featured no less than four Title belts including the crowing of the first ever ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champions.

So without further ado lets get into how the PPV went down;

The Rebellion (Caprice Coleman, Kenny King & Rhett Titus) defeated The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) & Donovan Dijak

This was a great opening to the PPV and this six man match worked really well. Dijak appears to have become the latest recruit of the MCMG and came to the ring in one of their t-shirts. Some great back and forth action with Sabin really going a great job throughout the match. Is there anything this man cannot do? The finish comes when Caprice hits the “Sky Splitter” leg drop and Titus follows it up with the “Big Dawg” on Sabin. The crowd didn’t really like the finish and Coleman got into something with a fan on the way back to the locker room.

Silas Young w/The Beer City Bruiser defeated Jushin Thunder Liger

Its always great having Liger on a PPV but lets be honest at 54 he isn’t the same Liger we have watched and admired for years. Silas takes some cheap shots early on before Liger turns the tide with a senton bomb off the apron. We then get some vintage Liger with the surfboard submission attempt. Some interference with The Bruiser results in Liger flying from the top onto the knees of Young who then hits “Misery” and gets the win.

Dalton Castle w/The Boys defeated Colt Cabana

Castle makes one of the best entrances of the year coming to the ring on a chariot. Thats right folks! The match didn’t have as much comedy as expected which I suppose makes sense given these two are former team mates who have recently separated. Cabana takes control of the match after a while and gets Castle in the “Cubs, Win! The Cubs Win!” submission hold (previously The Billy Goat Curse). Castle breaks free. After some action outside of the ring, Castle tries The Bang-A-Rang which is countered with a rollup, but Castle lands it the second time and gets the three count.

Cody defeated Jay Lethal

Some good countering early on from both men before Lethal lands a great missile dropkick. Lethal lands two suicide dives but misses the third. Cody lands a springboard kick and then flys off the ropes onto Lethal on the outside. We see some “Stardust” from Cody with a cartwheel and the “Stardust” pose. Both men trade submissions with Lethal getting the cross face and Cody securing the Indian death lock which both men are able to escape from. Lethal sets up the Lethal Injection but the referee takes a bump which leads to Cody hitting a low blow. He follows that up with the “Cross Rhodes” and gets the win. Post match he disrespects Lethal by not shaking hands, flips off the crowd and is chased out of the arena.

The Kingdom (Matt Taven, Vinnie Marseglia & TK O’Ryan) defeated Lio Rush, Jay White & Kushida to become the first ever ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champions

Let us first behold the beauty of the newest ROH Championship. An all silver belt which in my eyes just looks fantastic.

OK so now onto the match. White, Rush & Kushida take early control of the match and it seems that their speed and athleticism is going to be too much for the Kingdom to handle. Some great spots with various members of each team performing some high flying moves one after another, with Taven superplexing Kushida and Rush splashing Taven as he lands. Then everyone takes to the outside and Taven then takes out everyone. Its utter chaos but dam I like it. Margseglia lands on the ref at one stage and Matt Taven gets his cane out, Kushida is able to stop him using it though. Rush and Taven are in the ring, TK O’Ryan nails Rush with the cane. The Kingdom hit a triple team powerbomb on him and Taven gets the pin. The Kingdom are the first ever ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champions ladies and gents!

Marty Scurll defeated Will Ospreay & Dragon Lee in a triple threat match to retain the ROH World Television Championship

It was due to be a four way but Bobby Fish’s mother passed away while the UK was ongoing it would have added a cool dynamic to this match but very understandable as to why he wasn’t involved.

All three men start the match quickly and the crowd is really hot for this one. Dragon Lee gets the early advantage and then Ospreay becomes the “Aerial Assassin” and lands a sweet spinning tornado DDT on Lee. Ospreay and Scurll’s teamwork doesn’t last long as the British pair start going back and forth and Scurll lands a slam on Ospreay which looked pretty nasty as Ospreay’s head hit the bottom rope. Ospreay hits two shooting star presses and then gets caught up in a chicken wing mid air. Lee breaks it up and all three men get back to attacking each other. Ospreay tries a 450 splash on Lee but he gets his knees up at the last minute. Scurll does his finger snap on Lee which just gets me everytime, he is mental! Scurll eventually is able to throw Ospreay to the outside before getting a chicken wing on Lee and forcing the tap. What a match, just as expected these three men left everything in New York City.

The Young Bucks defeated The Briscoes to retain the ROH World Tag Team Championships

The Bucks land a lot of superkicks early on in this one and land a couple of nice power bombs on the apron. They try and land the terminator but the Briscoes counter it and the momentum of the match shifts. Mark Briscoe lands a cactus jack style elbow drop from the apron onto Matt Jackson. The Bucks hit the “Bang for the Buck” and try to set up the Meltzer Driver on Jay but Mark gets the save. They try the Meltzer Driver again but Jay lands a cutter on him mid air in a great spot. The match ends with the Briscoes on their knees and the Bucks landing about a million Superkicks back to back to retain their Titles. Was a great match, especially following a great triple threat match for the TV Title.

ITS MATT HARDY!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes thats right! “Broken” Matt Hardy shows up on then screen. Hardy tells the super hot New York crowd that him and his brother Nero are coming to ROH to get the Young Bucks. Matt plays to the crowd and tells them that they will “Delete” the Young Bucks. The crowd are absolutely loving this and after the video cuts off the crowd continue to chant “Delete” for an entirety.

Kyle O’Reilly defeated Adam Cole to become the new ROH World Champion

There was no rules to this one and it started out pretty crazy. O’Reilly landed a nice suplex on the outside, Cole then pushed O’Reilly from the top rope to the outside which looked awesome. Cole hit O’Reilly with the Title belt which cut open the challenger. Cole then took to using a trash can to open up O’Reilly further and then gets some steel chairs. O’Reilly gets some tables set up on the outside and after O’Reilly got Cole in a guillotine he then proceeded to DDT the Champion through the table to the outside. Cole is now busted open but the Champ gets some thumbtacks and pours them over the mat. He tried to suplex O’Reilly onto the tacks but its countered into a guillotine. Some back and forth countering goes on and then O’Reilly lands a brain buster on Cole onto the tacks. HOLY SHIT! The challenger then gets an arm bar locked onto Cole and forces the tap. We have a new Champion! Kyle O’Reilly just defeated Adam Cole!

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