ROH Best In The World PPV Review

Added by Michael Cook

1. Mark Briscoe (w/ODB) vs. Donovan Dijak (w/Truth Martini)

ODB was in Briscoes corner and was there to basically stop Truth Martini from helping Dijak win. ODB managed to get hold of Martinis book and ripped the cover. Mark Briscoe won with a frog splash elbow drop. Ok match but was forgettable. If Dijak won then maybe you could remember it as a big win for him but he didn’t so it benefits nobody.

2. ACH & Matt Sydal vs. The Decade (Page & Whitmer) w/Colby Corino

This crowd HATED BJ Whitmer with chants of “Fuck You Whitmer” and “Blow Job Whitmer” With the second chant I didn’t understand it for about a minute ( I’m slow on the uptake sometimes). If you were to watch the video package to build this match you would be right in wondering why this was a tag match. The main feud in this is ACH and Adam Page so this should have been a one on one match. Page did not want anything to do with ACH to begin with. Page hit a shooting star shoulder block from the ring apron to the floor. They worked over ACH for a bit but managed to tag in Sydal. Page was nearly pinned when Sydal hit a shooting star press but Colby broke up the pin. Page then hit the rights of passage for the win.

3. Dalton Castle vs. Silas Young

I knew when the match was announced that I was going to be entertained. Castle went for a sunset flip on Silas but Silas was not going down for the pin. That forced Castles boys to start fanning Silas to go down. One cool move happened where they were fighting on the ring apron next to the corner post and Silas hit a spear on Castle through the turnbuckle to the floor. Castle won with a low blow roll up pin after the referee was distracted with arguing with Silas. While Castle and one of his boys left the ring, Silas caught the other boy and hit a spinning TKO. Castle was pissed. Hopefully this is the start of a feud that will be really entertaining because they are complete opposites.

4. C&C Wrestle Factory (Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander) vs. War Machine (Hanson and Rowe)

Very short match that ended when Coleman was going to tag Alexander only to find that Alexander had the wrench that Alexander had used to defeat Moose on last weeks ROH TV. Coleman then refused to tag Alexander. War machine hit the fallout on Coleman for the win. It was at this time that the picture went black but I could hear the commentators shouting for Alexander to not hit Coleman with the wrench. Good commentary as I couldn’t see what was going on but still knew that Alexander didn’t go through with it but walked away from Coleman.

5. ROH World Title #1 Contender’s Match: Roderick Strong vs. Moose vs. Michael Elgin

It was announced that the winner of this match would face the World champion on the Death before Dishoner IPPV. Strong was basically the guy running this match. Elgin is getting lost in the shuffle in my opinion and in this match the crowd didn’t even care about him if you were to knock off the commentary all you could hear was Moose and Strong chants. At least call Elgin a dick or something but Elgin didn’t get any reaction from the crowd.

The size of Moose he shouldn’t be able to do dives over the ropes but he does and I think he is improving a lot but definitely not ready for main event status. That is why I was really pleased that Strong won the match and will clearly have a classic match at Death before Dishonor. After the match Strong and Moose shook hands. Veda Scott was not happy with this and slapped Moose and called him a loser. Moose was then gearing up to spear Scott but Cedric Alexander ran to the ring and knocked out Moose and Hathaway with the wrench he had from the tag match. Alexander gave Veda Scott the wrench and they walked to the back as a team.

So out of this match we got a new number one contender for the ROH World title. A new and interesting feud with Cedric Alexander vs Moose and we have Michael Elgin…. Well he erm…..

6. The Kingdom (Adam Cole, Michael Bennett & Matt Taven w/Maria Kanellis) vs. Bullet Club (AJ Styles & The Young Bucks)

This was a really good match and they all work so well together. Maria is one tough woman as she got double superkicked and pele kicked all at the same time. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was legit knocked out. Cole was destroyed in this match. He was hit with a triple team Indy taker and a styles clash for the the win

After the match Bennett and Taven did not look happy with Adam Cole because of what happened to Maria. It looks like the kingdom is about to break up. That would be cool with me as break ups like this gives you fresh new matches to look forward to.

7. ROH Tag Team Title No DQ Match: Champions The Addiction (Daniels & Kazarian) vs. reDRagon (Fish & O’Reilly)

Thankfully no code of honour to start the match as we need to get behind them hating the crap out of each other. Both teams were fighting all over the place. Redragon were beating them with chairs and beating the hell out of them. Bobby Fish was taped to the ring ropes while The Addiction beat down O’Reilly. They had a guard rail stacked onto tow chairs and they power bombed O’Reilly onto the barricade. Bobby Fish managed to get off the ropes and they were again seconds away from defeating The Addiction but Chris Sabin showed up and pulled the ref to the outside. The Addiction won with the celebrity rehab finisher.

An OK match but I found it hard getting used to these two teams in a NO DQ match with weapons but I guess it made sense for the feud.

8. Champion vs. Champion Match: Jay Briscoe vs. Jay Lethal (w/Truth Martini, Dijak and Diesel)

Jay Lethal and Martini come out both dressed in white and Martini has a new white covered book of truth. Parents for both wrestlers were there also and they looked like they were wanting to jump the guard rail and get involved. My god this had the feeling of a big World Title match. People that haven’t watched ROH in a while say that the matches are always too fast paced. I wish they would watch this as the pacing of the match was perfect. Lethal was doing his villainous stalling. Dijak and Diesel were sent to the back and later, after Martini tried to distract the ref for Lethal to low blow Briscoe, match make Nigel McGuinness got up from commentary table and sent him to the back. Briscoe hit Jay Driller on Lethal through the timekeeper’s table at ringside. Near falls all over the place as Lethal hit the lethal injection for a near fall. Then they were both fighting to perform a Jay Driller on each other. Lethal got the upper hand and hit the Jay driller and lethal Injection for an amazing win. I am not ashamed to say I was jumping all over the room when this happened and I am so please Jay Lethal won the world title. He deserved it after one hell of a years title rain with the TV title. Lethal has made the TV title prestigious. So to reward him with the World Title is the only logical thing they could do with him.

I’m glad we had a clear winner because I had this bad feeling it was going to be a 60 minute draw or a DQ. This was clearly the match of the night.

Good PPV that really felt like a PPV once the Number 1 contenders match started. I’m interested to see where the feuds go from here. Moose vs Alexander should be good and Lethal vs Roderick Strong for the World Title at Death Before Dishonor IPPV will probably be match of the year.

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