ROH Best In The World 2014 Review

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ROH World TV Title #1 Contendership 6 Man Mayhem: ACH vs. BJ Whitmer vs. Caprice Coleman vs. Tadarius Thomas vs. Takaaki Watanabe vs. Tommaso Ciampa

The match started off slow as each man had to start in a corner and they had to tag in. Every guy in this match got their signature moves in. BJ Whitmer hit a very brutal looking forearm shot on ACH, Coleman hit his signature three consecutive northern lights suplexes, Thomas hit his signature capawara kicks, Watanabe hit some stiff forearm shots on Ciampa, Ciampa hit his three signature knees in the corner, and ACH hit his Air Jordan springboard on everybody on the outside. This was nice match that started off slow but then changed pace very fast. ACH won on a 450 splash and hopefully ROH does something with ACH down the road.

ROH World TV Title Match: Jay Lethal (c) w/ Seliziya Sparx & Truth Martini vs. Matt Taven

This match wasn’t started until Martini was handcuffed to the ring post which took a little time. The match was good but nothing special but there were some things I did like in the match. Taven hit an over the top dive on Seliziya and Lethal which got a huge reaction. Lethal hit his signature top rope elbow drop like Macho Man Randy Savage. Lethal won and retained his title with the Lethal Injection which is a handspring into a cutter. This was a good match but Taven did not lose clean so I expect rematch with some other stipulation.

Submission Match: Cedric Alexander vs. Roderick Strong

I really enjoyed this match as both wrestlers did some different stuff in this match and I thought this was one of the best matches of the night. A couple things stood out to me in this match. Cedric hit a very nice heat seeking missile and then a plancha on Roddy, Adam Page, and Tadarius Thomas. Roddy hit Cedric with a back body drop on the apron. Cedric also hit Roddy with a sidewalk slam on the top turnbuckle. Cedric also hit his finisher the lumbar check on Roddy and then made Roddy tap out to the Liontamer. After the match was over Cedric offered for a handshake of respect but Roddy just left the ring. I expect that this feud isn’t over since Roddy still doesn’t show Cedric the respect that Cedric wants from him.

No DQ Match: The Briscoes (Jay & Mark) vs. Matt Hardy & Michael Bennett w/ Maria Kanellis

This match was not originally a No DQ match but Michael Bennett hit one of the Briscoes in the back with the Iconic title which is Matt Hardy’s belt. Jay Briscoe then called Nigel McGuiness out and Nigel made the match No DQ. The match really picked up after that. The Briscoes used tables, ladders, and chairs in this match. All of the men brawled on the outside and there were some memorable moves in this match. Mark Briscoe hit the Cactus Jack elbow on Matt Hardy and later hit a froggy bow on Bennett through a table. Towards the end of the match actor Nick Searcy, who his is friends with Hardy, was taken out by the Briscoes and then was hit with a froggy bow by Mark. Jay then put Hardy through a table on a superplex off the ladder and then Jay the J-Driller for the win. This was the most entertaining match of the night for me and hopefully the Briscoes gained ROH new fans.

Kevin Steen vs. Silas Young

This match was a very good match as it was physical and was a very entertaining match. Both the men got their signature moves in on each other in these match. Steen started off hot as he hit a couple forearms on Young and then went for the cannonball in the corner but Young moved before he could do the move. Steen then hit a somersault on Young. Young hit his signature rolling senton on Steen but missed the Arabian press moonsault. Later Steen hit the vertical suplex on Young off the top rope and then Steen hit the package piledriver for the win.

After the match, Steen stays out in the ring and cuts a promo saying that he still the top guy in ROH. Steen also says that he is glad that he got to wrestle Silas and that his contract ends with ROH in a month and a half.

ROH World Tag Title Match: reDRagon (Kyle O Reilly & Bobby Fish) (c) vs. Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian

This match was good but it didn’t live up to my expectations as I’m a big fan of tag team wrestling. The match starts out with O Reilly and Daniels going through some nice chain wrestling. Kazarian and Fish are both tagged in and Kazarian gains the advantage. Daniels and Kazarian start doing some double team moves on Fish. Kazarian did sort of mess up some of the moves but it just looked like a timing thing. reDRagon hit their signature side back breaker and knee drop off the second rope combo and later O Reilly hit the drop kick off the apron while Daniels was sitting on the corner on the outside. reDRagon hit Chasing The Dragon on Kazarian but he kicked out. O Reilly then made him tap out to the cross arm breaker.

ROH World Title Match: Adam Cole (c) vs. Michael Elgin

The match started off fast as Elgin took down Cole and started hitting him with clubbing forearm blows. Cole then missed a springboard on Elgin and then Elgin picked him up and hit a running power slam on the entrance ramp. Cole tries for a springboard in their ring but Elgin hits him with a drop kick. Cole did not fall to the outside and Elgin hits a second rope deadlift falcon arrow on Cole. Cole hits an inverted frankensteiner on Elgin but he kicks out. Cole goes for a super kick but Elgin moves and hits referee Todd Sinclair. This caused Hardy, Bennett, and Maria to come and interfere. Elgin then double Samoan drops Hardy and Bennett. Maria then slaps Elgin and then Hardy hit Elgin with the belt. The team of War Machine (Hanson and Ray Rowe) come out to clean out Bennett and Hardy. Elgin’s wife, MsChief who is also a wrestler, came out and spit green mist in the face of Maria. Elgin hit the backlist and then the Elgin bomb but Cold kicks out at 2. The fans threw streamers thinking that the match was over. Cole then hits the Panama Destroyer but Elgin kicks out at 2. Cole goes for a second one but Elgin reversed into three consecutive powerbombs. As Elgin celebrates confetti goes off and the PPV goes off the air.

I thought this was a solid PPV and I enjoyed it very much. The matches were all consistent and hopefully gained some new fans and did in PPV buys. The main event was the best match in my opinion as after Cole kicked out after the back fist and powerbomb I really didn’t know who was going to win. Check out for free weekly tv and when the video on demand for the show will be put up.

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