ROH (23/5/15) TV Review

Added by Michael Cook

1. Michael Elgin vs Caprice Coleman

Ok match that the crowd seemed to love with this is awesome chants. Elgin hit a double foot stomp on Colemans neck that looked really painful. Also I’m not a fan of the double foot stomp move. It’s basically an injury waiting to happen on both wrestlers.

Cole hit back with an Asai moonsalt to the floor. He then put Elgin back into the ring and hits the sky splitter for a near fall. Match ended with Elgin hitting a lariat, buckle bomb and the Elgin bomb for the win.

2. World Television Championship Match Jay Lethal vs Kyle O’Reilly

This is one of those matches where you no it’s going to be good before its started. You have no worries that it will stink the building out and this one certainly did not.

Kyle O’Reilly had a headlock on Lethal for a couple of minutes. Even breaking it only for him to apply the move again shouting headlock! Jay Lethal ended up outside of the ring and O’Reilly jumped from the ring apron into a……… Headlock. Brilliant.

O’Reilly then begins to weaken Lethals arm to set up for an arm lock. I love the commentary and all that but this code line thing that Kevin Kelly plugs is really annoying especially when it is a main event title match. Leave that for the breaks.

Anyway, Lethal puts O’Reilly in a nice reverse surfboard but he manages to escape. O’Reilly has Lethal in an armbar using the ropes. Then Truth Martini smashes O’Reilly in the head with the book of truth. This sends O’Reilly to the floor and Lethal beats him down before throwing him back in the ring.

They start fighting on the top rope but Lethal manages to push O’Reilly off and hits the Hail to the king elbow drop for a two count. O’Reilly now has the arm bar locked on Lethal and it was announced by Kevin Kelly that we had three minutes of thirty minute time limit remaining. Uh oh I think I see where this is going. It would have been good if they had the ring announcer let the crowd know how long was left like WCW used to do.

O’Reilly now has the arm bar on Lethal in the centre of the ring and it looks like he is going to tap but then the bell rings. It’s a time limit draw! I have not seen that for a long time. Crowd chant five more minutes that both wrestlers acknowledge.

Commentators the day that both men must agree for it to continue. Lethal takes the microphone to say if he agrees but crowd start chanting man up to Lethal. Lethal says that he would have accepted but crowd ruined it and walks off.

As Lethal is going to the back Jay Briscoes music starts and he comes out and stares at Lethal. Jay goes to the ring and gives O’Reilly a world title shot to start right away. Crowd likes this idea. However match does not start as Jay Lethal runs to the ring and knocks out Briscoe and O’Reilly with the belt. Show ends with Lethal standing over a down and out Jay Broscoe.

ROH are really building up Jay Briscoe vs Jay Lethal feud well. I literally can’t wait for Best in the world.

Next Episode: Well turns out this will be the first episode that will air on Destination America before Impact Wrestling. This is a good thing for Ring Of Honor. Someone said that it was a bad thing for TNA to go to Destination America but we say it’s great for ROH. Thing is TNA was available in more homes on spike but they have gone backwards to less homes on Destination America. ROH, through this deal, have moved up with more TV time and they still have the TV show on Saturdays. I like both ROH and TNA and I think it could be a good thing for TNA as ROH fans will hopefully stay for some more wrestling.

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