ROH 13th Anniversary PPV (01/03/15) Review

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The Ring of Honor 13th Anniversary PPV was held live from Las Vegas on March 1st 2015 and the main event was a Four Corner Survival Match for the ROH World Championship with Jay Briscoe defending against Tommaso Ciampa, Hanson and Michael Elgin.

Cedric Alexander vs Matt Sydal

Great choice for an opener, two fan favourites and two people who can put on a great match really should get the crowd pumped up. Now I’ve not been a fan of the booking for Cedric Alexander, the guy has a ton of potential and with ROH always making him lose that can seriously damage someone’s momentum, however, tonight its finally Cedric is finally starting to show the frustration and it looks like he’ll be in line for a heel turn very soon. The match was great with some good counters and the facial expression of Cedric Alexander was amazing when his lumbar check couldn’t put Matt Sydal away. Overall, great match, great opener that really got the crowd going. Winner: Matt Sydal, Match Rating: 3.75/5

Mark Briscoe vs Moose w/Hathaway and Veda Scott

This match was all about putting Moose over and poor Mark Briscoe seems to be putting everybody over in ROH these days. Anyway, people expected Mark to carry Moose to a decent match but Moose is actually decent in the ring after seeing his match with ACH and Moose more than held his own in this match. Mark took some crazy bumps and I love his Cactus Jack elbow and Moose continued to impress especially when he put Mark on the top turnbuckle and drop kicked him off of it. Overall Moose got the clean win over Mark Briscoe in a decent match. Winner: Moose, Match Rating: 2.5/5

The Kingdom (Matt Taven and Michael Bennett) vs The Addiction (Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels) vs Bullet Club (Anderson and Gallows)

Gallows is stranded in Detroit due to bad weather so Anderson decides he’ll go it alone, not sure why they went this route but OK. The match itself was decent, The Addiction really helped this match and they just seem to work so well in any type of multi man match they’re in. The Kingdom played the fools well and bumped all over the place but ultimately got the win over Karl Anderson which made sense, he had the excuse he went it alone and it doesn’t hurt Bullet Club and The Kingdom who are the new fresh tag team in the division keep the momentum they have to finally challenge for the ROH Tag Team Titles. Winners: The Kingdom, Match Rating 2.75/5

BJ Whitmer w/The Decade vs Roderick Strong

Roderick Strong is having some of the best matches in his career right now and is really over as a face and honestly this match just never had a chance because Whitmer is Whitmer, a guy I haven’t been impressed with. The match was actually well put together but the crowd just didn’t take about this match and this is a match that really could’ve benefited from some sort of a gimmick match like a no DQ etc. The match was really slow and kept short and Strong ultimately went over after a Roddy backbreaker which got a pop from the crowd. I really hope Strong gets away from the Decade soon and begins moving on to bigger things. Winner: Roderick Strong, Match Rating 2.25/5

Title of Love Match: ODB w/Mark Briscoe vs Maria Kanellis (Champion)

Maria came out alone and told ODB that the doctors did not clear Maria to compete due to her being pregnant. Bennett then appeared and super kicked Mark and Maria hit ODB with the belt and the referee rang the bell but ODB kicked out. Briscoe and Bennett brawled all around the floor and the ring area while ODB slammed Maria against the barricade and Bennett even accidentally super kicked Maria but Maria kicked out. Corino seemed like he was more concerned about the baby than Bennett was as he really helped make this match entertaining but ODB eventually got the win after Bennett accidentally hit the spear on Maria and ODB hits the doomsday device on Michael Bennett to pick up the victory and end this title of love nonsense and they reclaim Jay Briscoe’s World title. Let’s face it you were never going to get a Charlotte vs Sasha Banks type match from these two and this was probably the best match you’ll get from them entertainment wise. Winner: ODB, Match Rating 3.5/5 (Entertainment Wise) 1/5 (Wrestling Wise)

AJ Styles vs ACH

This is ACH’s biggest singles match to date and that this was the match where he’ll finally show people that he can hang with main eventers, of course no one thought that AJ Styles would lose this match and it was ACH’s job to make us believe that he could beat the IWGP Champion. They did a great series of pinning combinations early, including a tremendous tease for the clash, which the crowd ate up. I enjoyed how the commentators were talking about how the ropes have changed and that ACH might not be able to do his usually high flying spots as he wasn’t used to the ropes but ACH probed he didn’t need no ropes. I enjoyed ACH pulling some things from the Styles playbook, it’s always fun when done well and comes off as something fun. After a lot of fun counters and good near falls, AJ won clean with Bloody Sunday and the Clash. I felt ACH more than held his own against AJ and I was even marking out at times hoping that he would beat Styles, ACH is seriously an underrated talent and he had a bright future ahead of him and this match proved why. Winner: AJ Styles, Match Rating 3.75/5

ROH Tag Team Championships: reDRagon (C) vs The Young Bucks

UFC’s Shayna Baszler is out with reDRagon. The Bucks were over huge as faces here, which is really no surprise. There was a great near submission when Nick went for a springboard frog splash, but was countered into a triangle choke by O’Reilly. The Young Bucks hit O’Reilly with the Indytaker on the floor, leaving Fish alone. They rolled Fish in the ring then got a near fall with reDRagon’s own finish, chasing the dragon, lord if this match had reDRagon hit the Indytaker on one of the Bucks this match would’ve been 5 stars for me. The Bucks connected with more bang for your buck, but Shayna Baszler pulled out the ref to stop the pin. The Bucks tried to go after her, but O’Reilly returned to stop that. The champions hit chasing the dragon, but Matt pulled out the ref to make the save. The champions hit chasing the dragon again and retained the titles, much to the dismay of the live crowd, and to me. These two teams have amazing chemistry with each other and even though this match didn’t live up to some of their encounters this was still an awesome match and even though we’ve seen these teams face each other numerous times, they always try and keep the match fresh which I appreciate. Winners and still ROH Tag Team Champions reDRagon, Match Rating 4.25/5

ROH TV Championship: Jay Lethal (C) vs Alberto El Patron

Jay Lethal maybe the best thing going in ROH right now and his heel run with Truth Martini has been great and he’s really elevated the TV Championship and ever since Alberto left the WWE, he seems to be really enjoying his time in ROH and the fans have welcomed him into ROH and with these two fighting it was sure to be a good match. The match was good, not too many high spots and not too much ground wrestling for the ROH crowd to get bored with, the end came with Truth Martini hitting El Patron with the book of truth and Lethal hitting the Lethal injection for the win. Overall the match did suffer for a number of reasons, the first is that it came right after the wild Tag Team Championship match, it was going to be extremely tough to follow that match and second, if they were having a dirty finish then they shouldn’t of had a dirty finish for the tag team title match and it would’ve been better for Jay Lethal to score a clean pin on Alberto since I do believe Jay Lethal will be heading into the main event picture soon and this could have really helped him. Winner and still ROH TV Champion Jay Lethal, Match Rating 3.5/5

Samoa Joe comes home to ROH and receives a thunderous pop and announces he’s challenging for the ROH World Championship.

Four Corners Survival Match for the ROH World Championship: Jay Briscoe (C) vs Hanson vs Michael Elgin vs Tommaso Ciampa

All four of these guys are extremely talented but I can’t help feel it should’ve just been Ciampa vs Briscoe for the ROH World Championship but I can understand them having the fatal four way since the event was in Las Vegas and it was all about on if Jay Briscoe can survive the odds. Ciampa came out looking like a bad ass and really needs to be booked better, Jay got the biggest reaction out of all 4 competitors and Elgin literally came out to no reaction, seriously face or heel this guy just isn’t getting over as a main eventer. The match itself was complete and utter mayhem both in good and bad ways, each guy had a chance to shine and there was a sick table spot with Elgin hitting the Jay Driller on Jay Briscoe through a table, shades of All Star Extravaganza. I liked the idea of protecting Hanson since he has really impressed a lot of people as a singles competitor and this is another guy who has a bright future ahead of him. Now, this is where the match completely went downhill, first there was group of people in the crowd wearing red masks and they were showing these guys throughout the Championship matches and I assumed they were with Elgin and they were going to help him win. Well I was half right they did interfere in the match and started beating down everyone except for Elgin and they were using the Kingdom’s moves so I’m guessing the mystery is already solved. Anyway Ray Rowe made his return to ROH to chase away the KRD (the guys in the red masks) so I’m guessing Kingdom win the tag team titles and feud with War Machine that could be great and it’ll be something fresh. Also in this match you have the longest referee bump I’ve ever seen, seriously Todd Sinclair must have been out for at least 5 minutes before anybody even checked on him, Elgin went and got the chair was going to hit someone but Nigel came into the ring and stopped that from happening, Elgin went for an Elgin bomb on Nigel but Ciampa saved him so I guess we’re also back to the whole Nigel and Ciampa thing. The ending came after Briscoe got spin kicked by Hanson and fell onto Ciampa to win the match as Elgin was pulling Hanson to the floor. Really flat finish but played into the Las Vegas theme of being lucky, but overall this match was just way overbooked and I had a hard time keeping up with what was meant to be going on but at least we get Jay Briscoe vs Samoa Joe. Winner and still ROH World Champion Jay Briscoe, Match Rating 2.75/5

Overall this was ROH’s best PPV to date in my opinion and there were some great matches but ROH really need to try and hit a home run with their next PPV Best in the World to try and create more buzz for them, because while the event was great, overbooked matches like the main event can make potential new regular viewers just turn away from ROH I mean look how overbooked TNA main events were back in early 2014 and because of that people don’t want to watch the product. Match of the night was easily Young Bucks vs reDRagon and ACH vs AJ Styles and Cedric Alexander vs Matt Sydal were all great matches while ODB vs Maria was very entertaining and the return of Samoa Joe was well received and the potential matches of Samoa Joe vs Michael Elgin and Samoa Joe vs Jay Briscoe make me look forward to the next events and again, Tommaso Ciampa looked like a badass with his entrance mask.

Overall Rating: 8/10

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