REVIEW: Revolution Pro Wrestling LIVE in Southampton 3 (03/06/2018)

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This is my first RevPro show in quite a while, and my first full non-Japanese event in quite a few months but its allegiance with NJPW will hopefully see me in a comfortable setting. Bear with me if anything is incorrect about the current product as I re-establish familiarity with it.

Legion of Lords (Lord Gideon Grey, Rishi Ghosh, Chief Deputy Dunne & Los Federales Santos Jnr) vs Kurtis Chapman, Psycho Phillips, (Dan Magee) & Besties In The World

As Dan Magee was making his entrance, Josh Bodom appeared and attacked him from behind, giving him a Powerbomb unto the apron thus taking him out of the match.

Legion of Lords take advantage of the 4 on 2 until the Besties in the World, Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett make the save and enter the match to make it 4 on 4 again as it was scheduled to be. Mambo was going to be the 4th but couldn’t make the event.

Kurtis Chapman looks to be a promising talent for RevPro, the comedy bit between Santos and Phillips, Santos shooting Phillips with finger guns which Phillips sold was quite funny. The tandem work between Dunne & Grey and Besties in the World excelled.

An interesting bit at the end where Grey demanded to be tagged in by Ghosh to get the win, Santos pleaded him not too and to take the win himself, as he was about to tag, Santos scopped slammed Ghosh onto Vega, and as Ghosh lay on top of Vega, referee Chris Roberts counted the pinfall win for Legion of Lords.

TK Cooper vs Adam Brooks

I’m familiar with TK Cooper from when I used to watch PROGRESS but I hadn’t seen Brooks before, his demeanour reminds me of other RevPro heel, Josh Bodom.

Crowd is fully behind Cooper as they start off with a nice bit of chain, the technical flow breaks down after an eye poke from Brooks. Cooper looks on top with a series of fists and kicks but misses a Bicycle Kick attempt, Brooks lands an enziguri to break Cooper’s flow.

They trade strikes and the match is building nicely, Cooper gets in a nice DDT but Brooks low blows him right in front of the referee giving Cooper the disqualification victory.

Kip Sabian vs Josh Bodom

Again, not familiar with Sabian but know Bodom from his recent tour in All Japan during Champions Carnival. This was much quicker than previous matches as it would since both men would be prototypal Junior Heavyweights. This match has a bit of fire to it as I can feel Bodom’s disdain for his opponent. Kip Sabian has yet to record a victory in RevPro in 2018.

The final sequence stood out as being good, release Dragon Suplex from Sabian which he followed with a Shining Wizard. Bodom came back at him with a Revolution Kick and a Tombstone Piledriver which gave Bodom the win and continued Sabian’s losing streak.

Post-match, Magee appeared and attacked Bodom, giving him some payback from earlier.

Arrows of Hungary (Icarus & Dover) vs Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis)

I’ve seen a good bit of Aussie Open in FCP, but have yet to see Arrows of Hungary. The two big men start off, Dover vs Davis, as you’d expect it’s a heavy hitting exchange with shoulder tackles and chops which Mark Davis gets the better off, he tags in the smaller Fletcher as Dover tags in Icarus. The tempo changes to a cruiserweight pace, Icarus gets the upper hand and tags in his partner and the Arrows of Hungary isolate Fletcher from his corner with a couple of frequent tags. I love this kind of tag team wrestling where a team will isolate, I think it is quality but Fletcher tags out and Aussie Open deliver some amazing tandem offense to Icarus.

The match reaches its climax as the teams go through a series of tandem offense until Aussie Open take out Icarus with the Fidget Spinner and get the win.

RevPro Undisputed British Women’s Championship: Jinny vs Jamie Hayter

The champion Jinny is on a 2 year winning streak in RevPro as rumours circulate regarding her future, the Primark Princess controls much of the match and shows why she is amongst the elite of female British wrestlers, if not, the world. Jamie Hayter has been impressive in Pro Wrestling EVE lately herself and is establishing herself in the scene.

Much of Hayter’s fight backs are rebuffed by Jinny early on until Hayter snap suplexes Jinny into the turnbuckle but she takes too long getting set on the top rope and Jinny intercepts and takes her down with a Hurricarana which follows up with a High Angle Dropkick to a downed Hayter in the corner.

Jinny attempts a Rainmaker which Hayter counters into a spiked DDT. Jinny goes for a second attempt when they both reach their feet but this time she lands the Rainmaker only for Hayter to kick out at two.

Jamie Hayter gets Jinny in a Rear Naked Choke and gets a submission victory, ending Jinny’s streak and becoming the new Undisputed British Women’s Champion.

Post-match, despite defeat Jinny looked strong and as she was getting ready to exit she kissed the canvas indicating her leaving the company for contractual reasons.

Chris Brookes vs WALTER

Chris BrookS himself had rumours circulating about his future as Travis Banks, like Jinny, is no longer able to appear on RevPro shows. WALTER presents a tough test for Brookes, and Brookes needs to avoid those nasty knife edge chops from the big Austrian.

They started with some technical wrestling which is both of their strong points, and as the match progressed this aspect gradually got left behind. Brookes began to target the hand of WALTER with kicks and stomps to nullify the Austrians chops.

Much of the match is wrestled to WALTER’s pace but Brookes continues to fight on and continues targeting the hand. WALTER gets a big shotgun dropkick that sends Brookes into the corner. WALTER beckons Brookes to his feet. Brookes unwisely chops WALTER a few times but WALTER swots him down with a single chop as if he was a fly, WALTER maintains wrist control and delivers a further two chops.

Chris Brookes comes back with a few Octopus Stretch attempts but it is too little, too late as WALTER turns him inside out with a massive lariat and picks him up for a second to get the win. They shake hands afterwards.

Post-match, Brookes addresses the crowd and his future, saying he got the email but he refused, saying he loves British and Indie wrestling and he won’t be going anywhere.

El Phantasmo vs David Starr

The current RevPro Undisputed Cruiserweight Champion, David Starr makes his way to the ring first and announces that this contest is no longer a title match.

Their interacting with the crowd, El Phantasmo being over and David Starr antagonising, while it’s the most common form of wrestling, it takes me out of the match a little and I need to try and get myself back in but ultimately I don’t.

That being said it was pretty back and forth match, Phantasmo trying to get the win and Starr doing everything he could to avoid defeat, at one point doing a Suicide Dive to the back of Phantasmo’s neck and dragging him as far away from the ring as possible.

El Phantasmo got a clean victory over the champion after a Swanton Bomb and Moonsault tandem that looked great.

David Starr got on the microphone and said if you want a shot, you gotta take it now, otherwise it’s gone. El Phantasmo took his chances fresh off a hard victory but as the bell rang, he low blow kicked Phantasmo and got intentionally disqualified thus retaining his title.

On the wrestling front, the Aussie Open, Undisputed Women’s match and WALTER vs Brookes are a decent watch.

I’m not one for too many DQ finishes, but I’m sure this is just the beginning of a good story for Phantasmo to the title so I’ll continue watching in case the belt comes his way.

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