Review: Pro Wrestling Chaos – ‘The Hungerford Games’ – 24/9/16

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I keep saying it, but there is still a lot happening in Pro Wrestling Chaos at the moment. Co-owner Pariah Kahn has been distracted from his determined quest to put the King of Chaos title on his henchman Jeckel, by Dave Mercy’s return and the ensuing power struggle, although so far this has lead to two nefariously gained victories for Team Khan. ‘Flying’ Mike Bird has dug deep into his reserves, fruitlessly but valiantly in both of those matches, to defend the integrity of Chaos and Team Mercy, but must now face Khan’s new mystery ally.

If that hasn’t put the dampeners on Mercy in the lead up to the All or Nothing ‘Survivor Series’-style elimination match in October, then he’d also be worried by a certain messianic Mod who has been sending some very cryptic videos. Flash Morgan Webster, Dave’s in-ring nemesis at the last All or Nothing, even interrupted the match between Panda Club & Wild Galleons last month (via video) which led to the presumable corruption of two Chaos hot prospects when Danny Jones (formerly Roger) and Cub turned on their own partners.  They team to face débutants, and fellow Dragon Pro Academy graduates, The Pure Breed.

The stupefyingly athletic Swords of Essex booked their place in the Tag Tournament Final next month, by sadly knocking out Project Lucha at Choose Your Weapon, so we get to see who meets them out of Steele Dragons and the Hunter Brothers. Whilst we haven’t seen the Hunters since their Quarter-Final bout, or Alex Steele since beating Colt Cobana at Total Chaos, Eddie Dennis will be wanting to put his recent defeat to Eddie Ryan behind him by earning the title shot in the Tag Division that he couldn’t in the singles.

Former PROGRESS World Champ, ‘The Pastor’ William Eaver will be making an appearance, as will a returning Chuck Cyrus and a debuting Kelly Sixx, but the BIG match this time surely will be The Wild Boar versus former NXT alum Sami Callihan. You know you’ve got a match on your hands when one of the premier independent wrestlers in the world takes to social media to demand a fight with the champ, but it is the prospect of these athletes’ similar styles that makes it so mouth-watering: intense, gritty striking, buckets of aggression and resilience, with impressively broad technical proficiency.

Jeckel vs. ‘The Pastor’ William Eaver

I assume that Pariah Khan is preoccupied with his new team member, as Jeckel comes to the ring unaccompanied for a change, heckled hard, whilst Eaver enters and offers his opponent a message of Salvation. The large contingent of Chaos Club regulars in attendance could have told him that he was wasting his time with the evil representative of the Yes We Khan movement however.

The postmodern priest started brightly, diving through the ropes to take Jeckel down to the floor. Some closed-fist punches come in response drawing a remonstration from Ref Paz, and a nasty drag along the ropes for Eaver’s face. The Pastor battled back through some even exchanges, and got a two-count from a particularly holy back-breaker into bridging pin.

The devilishly direct Jeckel responded to a two-count of his own by a follow-up face-buster and the winning pin, dragging Paz around ringside to lift his arm in front of all the hecklers. A well balanced match, but William Eaver may have underestimated Jeckel’s home-turf dominance and flexible approach to the rulebook.

Danny Jones & Panda Cub vs. The Pure Breed (Matt Horgan & Jezz Gardner)

The debuting team of the Pure Breed receive a good reception from the crowd, but that soon turns to booing when Danny Jones, braggadocious on the microphone, and Panda Cub enter from the back of the room. The claims of greatness increase exponentially as they approach the ring, from ‘…the best to come from the Dragon Pro Academy, better than Mark Andrews or Mike Bird…’ to ‘…the best to come out of Wales.’  Huge claims, considering the likes of Boar, Dennis, Grizzly and the aforementioned Bird share this card.

The Pure Breed are seriously promising, fending off Jones’ initial assault with agility, and demonstrating good tactical awareness to work over Cub’s arm with rolling tags. It necessitates a distraction from Jones for Cub to recover, and demand retribution for his arm, working over Horgan in retaliation. A rally from Gardner sends Jones to the mat with a head-scissors, but Cub and Jones’ experience save them, working together to down him for the three count.

This is when The Man Who Would Be King, Flash Morgan Webster, makes his grand entrance in a sling, sarcastically suppresses a heckler, and eulogises his new disciples. He still has the Heir 2 The Throne briefcase which grants the bearer a title shot, roguishly pilfered on April 9th and technically stripped two days later by the Board.  The more sensational thing is the shocking unmasking of former fan-favourite Panda Cub, and the naming of the team ‘Modern Culture’.

Fatal Four-Way: Gideon vs. Kelly Sixx vs. Eddie Ryan vs. Chuck Cyrus

Gideon and the debuting ‘King of Performance’ Kelly Sixx get a cheer from the Chaos Club, but the silently psychopathic Eddie Ryan and ‘Mr Massive’ Chuck Cyrus get their fair share of abuse. I’m not sure if they took offense to Cyrus’s face on his own trunks, but Gideon and Sixx got stuck in to him to start the match whilst Ryan prowled the outside.

The body of the match was fast and furious, Sixx acrobatically staking a claim for a return appearance, Gideon and Ryan going at everyone with ferocity, and Cyrus’ comedic opportunism belying his raw power. It came down to a deadlock situation in the end though: Gideon with Cyrus in a agonising abdominal stretch and Ryan with Sixx in his devastating choke hold. Ref Paz frantically checked between the two sets of submissions, but missed Cyrus’s simultaneous to Sixx tapping to the King of Chaos number one contender. A frenetically fun fatal four-way.

Steele Dragons (Alex Steele & Eddie Dennis) vs. The Hunter Brothers (Jim & Lee Hunter)

Knights of Chaos Tag Team Tournament Semi-Final

Steele and Dennis are always good for a few antics, and Alex starting out trying to convince a Hunter that there was a spider on his chest, whilst refusing to be so gullible as to fall for the same trick moments later is a classic. Eddie is not to be upstaged however, and after using his tag partner as a weapon, he does the same with Joe Francis, grabbing him from the crowd!  The Hunters are a serious threat though, a honed familial team with an arsenal of bulldogs and back-stabbers, but their double teaming didn’t stop Steele’s Tornado DDT with a kick mid-spin;  Dennis’s Next-Stop Driver attempt was countered though, into a superb single-leg crab.

They may have regretted their double teaming as The Pride of Wales delivers a crisp double fall-away slam that leaves both the Hunters prone. Dennis tags in his partner to assist in a successful Next-Stop Driver and get the pinfall victory for tournament progression.  This championship competition just keeps delivering fantastic quality tag matches.

Mike Bird (w/Dave Mercy) vs. Big Grizzly (w/Pariah Khan)

Pariah Khan is easily the most hated man in Chaos at the moment, and the introduction of his newest team acquisition is largely drowned out by the raucous and partisan crowd, but out comes Big Grizzly. Now I will give ‘Big Grizzle’ his due, he has shown steadily rapid improvement over the past year or so, both physically and technically, and combined with his sheer size this represents a bit of a coup for Khan.

Mike Bird is unimpressed. He launches at his fellow Welshman and they swing at each other barfight-style until he is sent crashing over the turnbuckles to the floor.  Big Grizzly is a practical sort though; for him, a win is a win, so after battering Bird around the outside of the ring he tries to keep him there for a count-out, but to no avail. Bird backdrops Grizz to the floor with both making it back in at the nine-count.

Mike Bird has already demonstrated his remarkable resilience to the Chaos faithful time after time, but he showed surprising strength to get the much larger and aptly named Big Grizzly up for an earlier suplex, and shows it again with a formidable Frankensteiner. A Power-bomb response from Grizz gets a one-, then a two-count, before Bird’s most formidable feat of strength: a gob-smacking Gotch Neutralizer gets Grizzly.  One, two… and Khan darts away from bickering with Mercy to yank Mike out of the ring.

Whilst the official and owners are arguing, Jeckel sneaks in to help Big Grizzly lay into Bird. Mercy notices and steps in: not a good move, as they turn on him. Cue a run-in from Gideon to join Mercy and the nWk, causing a stand-off against Grizzly and his old Team H8 tag partner.  Paz disqualifies Team Khan, and the big-hearted Bird cuts an impassioned post-match promo – he would rather die than let Pariah ruin Chaos.  The Chaos Club vocally returns the love.

Main Event: The Wild Boar (c) vs. ‘The Callihan Death Machine’ Sami Callihan

King of Chaos Championship

Sami Callihan may have been surprised when Ref Mark offered him the belt for inspection, as a cocky declaration of ‘Mine!’ sets the crowd off with their now-familiar chants of ‘Boar is our Champion!’ He’s earned it though, from fending off the predations of Jeckel to defeating the likes of Mike Bird, Johnny Gargano & Pete Dunne, he has increased the prestige of the title and acquired the moniker of Fighting Champion.

Fight he did, and from the outset this was an exposition of visceral brutality from both of these world-class talents, Strong-Style strikes and kicks batter them around and then out of the ring. Callihan comes down in control, plants Boar in a seat right in-front of me with a few vicious slaps, and heads off to circle the ring for momentum.  We all shift, but Boar is even quicker, following Sami around, planting him right back in that chair, and going ’round for another go.  As Callihan recovers his wits, Boar has made the home-straight of the ring and sprints into a Cannonball to Sami’s chest, flying over my shoulder [Pictured]. I should have shifted more!  Picking themselves up from the wreckage next to me, they head back to the ring.

Having softened each other with the impromptu ringside hardcore, they now get to some more traditional grappling, with Callihan even countering Boar’s endeavor at his destructive Trapper-Keeper Piledriver into a backslide pin-attempt. Once Wild Boar has his finisher in sight though, the writing is on the wall; Callihan continued to resist, but a successful Trapper-Keeper means that Boar retains his title… at least until All or Nothing, as a GM Jimmy Havoc appears on the Chaostron to make the Championship match with ‘Hardcore’ Bob Holly.  If you’ll pardon the terrible pun, this could be his stiffest challenge yet.  As for the match, it may have not been epic in length, but it can’t be ‘War and Peace’ if it is as intense as these guys made it. The predicted ferocity was breathtaking.

And Finally… Despite it coming via DQ, Team Mercy have finally received a heartening victory, but it could be difficult to see where the last #nWk ally is going to come from for the upcoming four-on-four elimination match.  Of those that came out to have Dave Mercy’s back at Total Chaos, the Steele Dragons will be in tag tournament action against The Swords of Essex, Project Lucha have been knocked out of the same competition so are unlikely to be involved, and the rest are either signed-up or similarly tied-up.  That leaves either bringing in a Guest Star (Aldo/Adam Rose’s match hasn’t been announced) or maybe even Dave Mercy will be forced out of retirement to save his stake in Chaos.  If he is forced to renege on his contractual furlough, then where would that leave Flash and his prejudiced contract?  This, of course, is just my extrapolation and speculation.

With the confirmation of The Magnums for Team Khan, we already have three matches announced for All or Nothing on October 29th (tickets:

King of Chaos

The Wild Boar vs. Hardcore Holly

Knights of Chaos Final

Steele Dragons (Alex Steele & Eddie Dennis) vs. Swords of Essex (Paul Robinson & Scotty Essex)

4-on-4 Elimination Match for Overall Ownership of Chaos

Team Khan (Jeckel, Big Grizzly, Chris Walker & Dick Riley w/ Pariah Khan) vs. Team Mercy/#nWk (Mike Bird, Rampage Brown, Gideon & ??? w/ Dave Mercy)

and Aldo (AKA Adam) Rose will be in action.

Plus there is an Audience With Hardcore Holly, an interview and Q&A session from Pro Wrestling Chaos prior to the show. If it matches up with the previous event with Chris Hero, then it should be a whole-day wrestlefest!

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