REVIEW: OTT ‘Defiant’ (1/4/18)

Added by Lorna Marie Watts

OTT Defiant is an ALL FEMALE show. That’s right, it’s ladies night in ring, in the Tivoli Theatre. It’s huge booking an all-female show and I support it 100%. All the females involved in the show are such huge talents, and it’s great that women have their time to shine in the ring and show off what they can do. No doubt there is people who think an all-female show is stupid… But let’s not talk about them. Let’s talk about this amazing show.

OTT Women’s Championship Qualifier match one – Sammii Jayne vs Nina Samuels.

The match begins with Nina and Sammii locking up, both looking to get the upper hand on their opponent. It then leads to Sammii barging at Nina, but Nina blocks it. Nina then takes down Sammii down. The two then go back and forth trying to take each other down, until Nina takes down Sammii with a dropkick. A baseball slide from Nina sends Sammii into the stage area with a thud. Nina then picks up Sammii and unceremoniously dumps her on the ring apron.  Nina goes for the pin but Sammii kicks out. It’s far too early to put anyone away. Sammii then finds herself in the corner and Nina hits her with two big forearms to the chest. An Irish whip is reversed by Sammii but Nina counters and uses her feet to slam Sammii head first into the turnbuckle, and follows it up with two running knees to the back. Again Nina goes for the pin but Sammii kicks out. From the early goings Nina has been dominating the match, making the most out of her return to OTT.

The tides quickly turn when Nina heads to the top rope and Sammii yanks her down by her hair, a little unorthodox but it’s effective. Sammii then goes for the pin but Nina gets her shoulder up. The crowd begins chanting ‘let’s go Nina’ which seems to fire up Sammii who kicks and punches Nina in the back of the neck. A great tactic given the bad landing Nina took. A double knees to the chest of Nina by Sammii has caused Nina a lot of pain, but she still kicks out of a pin attempt. Sammii sends Nina into the corner and gives her a vicious chop to the chest, producing a horrid thud. Sammii then heads to the other corner and takes a run up but Nina moves out of the way and takes her down with a snapmare, and then snaps her neck. Another pin attempt but still no victory.

As the match progresses the two go back and forth with each other. One moment Nina has the upper hand then Sammii turns the tables. Both strong females won’t go down easily, and bring out the fight in each other. Sammii utilises the fall Nina took to the back of her neck as she targets it throughout the match. Nina shows off her speed and agility, making the most out of her opportunity. The fire is burning bright and she’s not going down without putting up one heck of a fight. The action becomes fast paced with the two beating the living crap out of each other. Sammii hits Nina with a move that she calls ‘Shadow Fox’ a baseball slide German suplex. Then Nina traps Sammii on the ropes and knees her right in the face before power bombing her in the middle of the ring. Both females have so much talent and they aren’t afraid to show it off. The win comes when Sammii repeatedly drops Nina on her head, and then hits a sit out Death Valley Driver. Sammii Jayne advances to the four way.

This was an amazing start to Defiant with these two incredible females putting it all out on the line. Both are huge talents in their own right and it’s great seeing them face each other. I think a lot of people underestimated Nina at the beginning, until she showed everyone what she can do. I also can’t wait to see what Sammii Jayne does, because, she’s a power house.

OTT Women’s Championship Qualifier match two – Raven Creed vs Debbie Keitel.

This match was booked at Contenders when Debbie demanded a match with Raven to settle the score, and Raven declared she’d fight her, but only at Defiant. This match is going to be insane, with both women looking to settle some bad blood. The match starts with Raven trash talking Debbie, and Debbie responds with a bitch slap. This feud runs deep, and Debbie isn’t taking any shit from Raven. Raven then grabs Debbie’s legs and takes her down, and starts pounding her head, and Debbie quickly returns the favour. The action quickly spills to the outside as the two scrap… No it’s not a scrap. It’s a brawl. A Debbie has a vicious chop for Raven, and Raven has some vicious forearms in return. Debbie then sends Raven into the wall. This brawl isn’t going to end well, as both women viciously beat the crap out of each other. Debbie then sends Raven back into the ring and blocks her shots and then hangs her up on the ropes, and then kicks her in the head. These women are going to brutalise each other, and they aren’t apologetic about it. Debbie goes for the pin but Raven kicks out.

Raven turns the table when she hoists Debbie up and slams her down with a Samoan drop. Raven shows off her vicious streak but cannot but Debbie away. Debbie retreats to the corner but Raven follows and hits her with a sickening chop, and repeats it when Debbie heads to the other corner, and a third time. The thud from the chops is sickening, and the microphones are really picking up the echo of it. Raven goes for a forth chop but Debbie ducks under and unleashes her own chops. There is your receipt Raven, keep the change. Both females are showing off their vicious and vindictive sides, nothing new for Raven, but regardless, this match is taking a dark turn as the two rip into each other.

The match continues with the two continuously brutalising each other. If this feud is coming to an end, then by god are they going to put on one heck of a performance to end it. Only one woman can win and of course both want to win. It’s a big deal to both these women, not just because they will be placed in the four way for the title, but because this feud has run deep for so long. The ending to the match finally comes when Raven hits the backstabber, and Debbie takes an ugly landing. Actually ugly maybe an understatement. Either way Raven Creed advances to the fatal 4-way.

Right from the get go it was clear these two weren’t going to take it easy in preparation for their match later in the four way. Both women beat each other mercilessly and honestly I’m surprised blood wasn’t spilled along the way. The crowd didn’t seem happy with Raven picking up the win, but let’s get real for a second. Both women put on a phenomenal match, and both deserved to be applauded for it.

OTT Women’s Championship Qualifier match three – Katey Harvey vs Lady Valkyrie.

The last qualifying match to be the final competitor in the fatal 4-way. Both strong women, so this is going to be a big battle. The two immediately lock up and both look to overpower each other. After a back and forth Valkyrie snaps on a front face lock and locks it in tight. Katey breaks free and both girls are evenly matched. The two show off their agility until Katey grounds Valkyrie with a single leg, and contorts her spine in a way it should not be bent. Valkyrie rolls on top but Katey kicks out. Valkyrie then uses her legs to trap Katey’s arms and cranks on them. A great tactic given the fact that Katey suffered a broken shoulder and it still isn’t 100%. But Katey is the ‘feminist icon’ she wrestled with a broken shoulder for a year, and she doesn’t plan on going down without a fight now.

Katey then picks her up and slams her down hard on the canvas. Katey locks in a surfboard on Valkyrie and the bend of the spine is horrible to look at, especially when Katey grabs her chin and pulls her down. If I was Valkyrie I’d tap, but Valkyrie manages to hang in there until Katey dumps her down. Valkyrie then fights back with some kicks that make a thud on impact. Katey returns with a forearm, but Valkyrie has another kick for her. These two know each other too well, and it’s an impressive match. Katey hits a fallaway slam but cannot but Valkyrie away. Katey looks to hit a gory bomb but Valkyrie finds the ropes and escapes before hitting an enziguri and knocking Katey down. But she still cannot get the win.

The match continues with the two finding innovative ways to beat each other up, both hard hitting and making a huge impact on each other. Valkyrie is looking to prove a point to her ‘mentor’ and make her way into the final, and trash talks and hits some huge kicks attacking Katey’s injured shoulder. This just seems to piss of Katey who catches her leg and unleashes forearms and dumps her down via a suplex. Things break down as the women absolutely batter each other. This match could go on forever, but everything must end. The win comes when Katey hits a gory bomb. It’s a controversial call from Niall Foxx as it appears Valkyrie got her shoulder up before the three count. But Katey Harvey advances and is the final competitor in the fatal 4-way.

This match was great, and Valkyrie is definitely a stand out to me. I’m not too familiar with her work, I believe I’ve only seen her on one occasion, and she has definitely improved a lot since then. She was good before, but now she’s great. I think a lot more people will be paying attention to her now, and rightly so. Katey Harvey has always been a hard hitting power house so I expected nothing less from her, but it was still an impressive performance. At times it seemed even Katey herself was impressed and taken aback by the performance of Valkyrie, but took everything and fought back harder. A deserved win. I hope this means both these women will be in OTT more often. Plus with that controversial call, I think a rematch is in order.

Tag team action Kris Wolf & Laura Di Matteo vs Charlie Morgan & Charli Evans.

Stepping away from the title matches it’s time to see some tag team action with Kris Wolf & Laura Di Matteo taking on Charlie Morgan and Charli Evans. The match starts with Morgan taking on Di Matteo. Di Matteo locks in a wrist lock early but Morgan counters and grabs a wrist of her own. The two trade wrist locks and pin attempts, the two head to the ropes but Wolf catches Morgan and Evans catches Di Matteo. Neither one will let go until Morgan elbows Wolf in the head, she then looks to take out Di Matteo but takes out her tag partner instead. Di Matteo tries to capitalise but cannot put Morgan away. Kris Wolf then distracts the ref and helps out Di Matteo by sending Morgan halfway across the ring with a monkey flip, and Di Matteo follows up with a drop kick. Di Matteo then tags in Wolf. Wolf then gives Morgan her tail, in a unique offence that I’ve never seen before. Morgan ducks the clothesline and tags in Evans. Wolf then unleashes kicks onto Evans. She tries to avoid some, but Wolf connects again knocking her down. Evans then suplexes Wolf and goes for the cover, but Wolf kicks out.

Charlie and Charli then work together to wear down wolf. Evans tags in Morgan and both Charli(e)’s still work together to wear down Wolf. Evans has a few kicks of her own for Wolf, and cranks on her tail and even uses Wolf’s tail to choke her. Despicable actions from Charli Evans there. Niall Fox needs to watch this one. Wolf then bites the shin of Evans. She’s a wild one. Kris Wolf then goes on a rampage against Evans. Kris Wolf’s wolf head becomes a weapon, she low blows Morgan, Evans uses Wolf’s shoe as a weapon. Everything is breaking down extremely quickly.

Both Charli(e)’s take it to their opponents, as they get the upper hand. Di Matteo and Wolf quickly counter. It’s a fast paced back and forth with a mix of style, but one thing that is the same, is their huge talent and wrestling ability. It’s a fantastic match that ends with Wolf driving both knees into Charli Evans to pick up the win for her herself and Laura Di Matteo.

Wow these four women are filled with so much talent. They have varying styles that come together in a magical mix up. This match was filled with humour, unorthodox moves and more importantly four strong talented women. I hope they all come back soon.

More singles action with DASH Chisako vs Jordynne Grace.

The match starts with both females trying to get the advantage. DASH has a series of kicks for Jordynne but Jordynne knocks her down easily. DASH fights back and gets in a few good shots but Jordynne is brutal and make use of her height and strength advantage as she overpowers DASH. Again it’s a clash of styles. DASH being the smaller and quicker of the two females, and Jordynne being taller and stronger. Both give as good as they get, and take it to each other. Again more females that hold nothing back. Then from out of nowhere DASH hits a cutter and both women are down, DASH unable to capitalise. Both get to their knees and take shots at each other, which continues when they get to their feet. The shots of brutal and DASH goes to town on Jordynne. DASH takes flight looking for a double foot stomp but nobody’s home. Jordynne then roughs her up by trapping her between both her arms and just hits her relentlessly.

DASH is lightning quick and turns the tables again when she gets the upper hand. The crowd is understandably split between the two as chants for both DASH and Grace sound out across the Theatre. Jordynne then sends DASH headfirst into the turnbuckle then drives her knees and back elbow into DASH’s spine. But misses out on a splash. The win comes when DASH hits a frog splash and gets the pin. The crowd chants please come back… I hope they do.

I’ll be honest, I’m not familiar with either of these women, I’ve heard their names floating around. But I can’t say I know them, however, I’m impressed with both of them. I’m glad OTT booked them so I had the chance to see them, and by god was it one hell of a match. Both these women are impressive. And you can watch this match for FREE right HERE

OTT Women’s Championship – Fatal 4-Way – Sammii Jayne vs Raven Creed vs Katey Harvey vs Session Moth Martina.

The match that everyone has been waiting for. It’s time to determine the OTT Women’s champion in a fatal 4-way. Three out of the four women have already been through a war, and Martina the current champion is having ankle issues, despite all this we already know none of the four are going to go down easily.

The match starts with Martina diving off the top rope and taking out all three of her competitors. Martina sends Sammii into the ring, and slams Raven & Katey’s heads onto the ring apron. Sammii then gives a dropkick to Martina, sending her out onto Raven & Katey. Sammii follows it up by diving onto all three women. Sammii sends Raven into the ring and the two take it to each other before Katey dives from the top rope and gives each of them a boot to the face. Katey has them both in a corner and gives them both European uppercuts, then suplex’s both women. Martina is still on the outside. Raven counters Katey and slams her down. Martina is back in the ring and gives Raven a couple of forearms and goes for a kick but misses, however, connects with the second. Sammii brings a chair into the ring and Katey takes it from her, but Sammii kicks the chair into her head to knock her down. Sammii then picks up the chair and brutalises Martina by attacking her injured leg repeatedly with the chair. It’s horrific to watch. Martina is helped to the back. Raven then grabs the chair and crushes Katey’s spine with it. It appears Sammii and Raven are going to team up again Katey. The two brutalise Katey, both women are ruthless and cruel in their attack. Katey is at their mercy.

Katey gets fired up and fights back with slaps and headbutt’s, but the numbers game is too much. But Katey fires back again and sends Raven to the outside, but is distracted which leads to Sammii hitting the shadow fox, and at the same time driving her boot into Raven’s head which ricochets off the wall. The two fight on the outside giving Katey time to recover. She is slow getting to the top rope but manages to throw herself at Sammii and Raven. Martina is back and appears on the stage and takes out all three women. All four women are throwing caution to the wind. We knew this match would be intense, but this is crazy. Martina sends Raven and Sammii into the corner and turns around and comes face to face with Katey. A rivalry that has gone on for a while, and was filled with bad blood but the two work together. Martina then welcomes Katey back and chops her. Now a four way chop off is going on, and all the chops sounds horrendous.

A tower of doom ends badly for Katey, Sammii and Raven when Martina sends them all crashing to the canvas. Martina heads to the top rope but is quickly kicked off by Sammii. Katey hits a gory bomb and elimates Raven. But she still has two women to power through to get her hands on the gold. Raven catches Katey’s legs as she hits the ropes and pulls her out of the ring and sends her bad shoulder first into the wall before tossing her back into the ring. This leads to Sammii getting the roll up and three count. Sammii Jayne has elimated Katey Harvey.

The fatal 4-way is now one on one with Martina facing off against Sammii. Martina tries to lift Sammii but her injured ankle won’t allow it. Sammii stacks Martina on her head but cannot get the pin. Martina hits the ‘sesh breaker’ but can’t get the win either. Martina climbs the ropes but Sammii German suplex’s her with sheer power. The two women then trade blows from the second rope before Sammii drives her into the canvas. Sammii rolls her up and 1…2…3. NEW WOMEN’S CHAMPION Sammii Jayne.

What a match. Total disregard to their safety, as every single women laid it all out on the line. All of them are hard hitters, strong, talented and at times crazy. In the best possible way of course. Three of them had already gone through a war to get to the four way, and still found the strength to do the match and make it badass. Martina had her own injury, which become worse after being brutalised by Sammii, but she too carried on. These women are strong badass queens. What a display of talent. I cannot possibly say a bad word about either of them, because, they are phenomenal.

Another first class booking by OTT. It’s great seeing women get the respect they deserve, and having a whole show to themselves. Some would say it was a big risk for OTT to put on an all-female show, but all the females proved those sceptical people wrong, as every single woman showed off their skill, strength and determination. It was a brilliant show, and my only problem with it, is that I wasn’t there to see it live.

Give it a watch on demand now right HERE you won’t be disappointed.