REVIEW: OTT ConTENders: International Invasion

Added by Lorna Marie Watts

OTT is back at the National Stadium, in Dublin. This time it’s for Contenders 10: International Invasion. Another stacked card, and let’s face it, it’s going to be awesome. Obviously, spoilers ahead.

Triple Threat – “The Import Killer” Jordan Devlin vs Scotty Davis vs Nathan Martin

The match starts with all three men locking up, all looking to take control early. Martin and Davis work together and keep Devlin grounded but not for long. Quick roll up and a double roll up from Devlin, follow in quick succession. However, all men stay alive. Martin and Davis then unload blows on Devlin as they work together again. Devlin is out of the ring, and now Davis and Martin face off. They trade arm drags and hip tosses. Devlin is back in but a double drop kick sends him out again. Martin takes control of the match as he keeps Devlin on the outside and wears down Davis. Martin repeatedly hits the back of Davis’ neck with a series of forearms. Devlin is back in and takes out both men, and hits a uranage and standing moonsault on Martin. Devlin then hits a slingshot cutter on Davis but cannot put him away. Things have broken down quickly as all men beat hell out of each other.

After a series of kicks, all men are down. Martin takes control of the match again as he takes down both competitors. He covers Devlin but Davis breaks the cover. Devlin controls both men, but Davis fights out and hits a double foot stomp, and Devlin eats all of it. Davis locks in an arm bar on Devlin, and then Martin. It’s incredible. Martin and Devlin get a foot on the rope and Davis must break the hold. Davis controls the match but not for long. Devlin kicks Davis into the corner and then hits a package pile driver on Martin to pick up the win.

ANALYSIS: Holy crap, what a way to kick off ConTENders. An incredible opening match, that got everyone hyped. All three men are such huge talents, and having them face off against each other was a great booking decision. The match was fast paced, and it was interesting seeing the dynamics changing as Davis and Martin worked together and then smacked each other in the back. Here’s hoping we get a triple threat re-match with these men.

Raven Creed vs Amy Allonsy

The match starts with the two locking up and Creed drives Allonsy into the corner. The two lock up again and Creed drives her into the corner and takes advantage of the count. They lock up again this time Allonsy takes Creed over. Allonsy looks for a high cross body but Creed catches her, but Allonsy alludes Creed and avoids the corner. Creed then chops Allonsy. Allonsy sends Creed to the outside and follows her out. Creed hits another vicious chop. She looks for another but chops the ring post instead. Creed takes a run up looking to take out Allonsy but hits the bar instead. Creed then hoists Allonsy up and drives her into the ring post. Creed then brutally stomps on Allonsy, showing off her vicious side. She then chokes her on the ropes and Niall Fox steps in to break the counter. Allonsy is in the corner and Creed drives her shoulder into her abdomen, before going for the cover but Allonsy kicks out.

Allonsy tries to fight back, but eats chops instead. Allonsy hits a suplex on Creed and follows it up with vicious strikes and kicks. Allonsy covers but Creed kicks out. Creed hits a snap German suplex and its brutal, but somehow Allonsy kicks out. Allonsy hits s tornado DDT and spikes Creed on the top of her head. Allonsy heads to the top but Creed pushes Niall Fox into the ropes causing Allonsy to fall. Creed then hits a low devastating back cracker to pick up the win.

ANALYSIS: This second match was fantastic, both women out everything on the line. Creed plays the heel role exceptionally well and it’s fantastic to watch. The chops she de livers are brutal and that slapping sound will haunt my dreams forever. This is the first time I’ve seen Allonsy perform and she is really talented, and played the sweet girl role well. This match was good vs evil with evil prevailing and it was told really well. Hopefully a rematch is on the cards, or even a best of three match because I’d love to see these two women face off again.

Rough Stuff (CT Flexor & Paul Scarfe) vs The Armstrong (Butch & Marion)

The match starts with Marion taking on Paul. Marion kicks the outside leg and then the inside, before unloading blows. Paul then takes down Marion with a big shoulder tackle. Marion then traps Paul in the corner before taking him down. Paul claims he has whiplash I mean I’d out in a claim lad, get some compensation for that. But Paul is lying and looks for a spinning heel kick but misses. CT is then tagged in, as is Butch. CT traps Butch’s finger in his pecks, and then Butch twists CT’s nipples and takes him up and over. Butch escapes a headlock and puts Niall Fox in his place. Butch then runs the ropes repeatedly, cardio for days. CT then locks up Butch.

Butch hits a t-bone suplex on CT sending him across the ring. Paul on the outside swings his leg up catching Butch, and CT connects with a drop kick. He covers but cannot get the win. Paul is then tagged in and rough stuff work together to wear down Butch. Butch locks in a triangle but it isn’t as tight as he’d like, and Paul hoists him up and slams him down unceremoniously. CT is tagged in and again as they isolate Butch in their corner. Butch fights back with chops and uppercuts, and then catches CT mid air and slams him down but doesn’t capitalise. Butch tags on Marion but Paul is also tagged in. Marion fights off both members of rough stuff and hits a northern lights suplex before hitting a cannon ball in the corner.

CT catches him in the outside and hits a slingshot DDT, but Butch is back up and takes down both men. Marion gets the ukulele and gives it to Butch to tune. But Paul takes it and uses it to low blow Butch before sending him to the outside. He then uses it on Marion before rough stuff takes him down and pick up the win.

ANALYSIS: Another fantastic match. Great comedy moments that had me in stitches, mixed with some hard hitting moves. It was a great choice brining in the ukulele given the song battle that occurred on Twitter (which if you haven’t seen, you really need to), as it tied everything together. Both teams are great, I love the powerhouse heel(ish) side of Rough Stuff and the comedy baby face Armstrongs. I hope these guys are booked against each other constantly, because I want more tunes and song battles.

Curtis Murray vs Dan Magee

The two immediately lock up and Curtis forces him into the corner. They lock up again this time Dan forces Curtis into the corner. Dan locks Curtis in a wrist lock but Curtis counters with a wrist lock of his own. Curtis captures Dan in a headlock and eventually he counters and drowns Curtis but only briefly. The two go back and forth looking to take control. Dan grounds Curtis and pins his arms but Curtis gets one arm up, then the other and then both. Curtis counters and chops Dan and looks to go high risk, but Dan throws him across the ring. Curtis fights back and rolls Dan up but he kicks out.

The two exchange quick pins but cannot out each other way. Dan then attacks the injured shoulder of Curtis, but Curtis takes control again. Dan takes out the knees of Curtis and hits a senton, but cannot get the win. Dan goes back to a headlock and keeps Curtis grounded. Dan then connects his knee with Curtis’ face but still cannot pick up the win. Curtis then hits a running forearm and takes down Dan, twice, before hitting a running uppercut in the corner. Curtis then hits s vicious kick to the spine of Dan before heading to the top. Curtis hits a springboard forearm but Dan kicks out. Curtis goes to the top rop pie and Dan meets him and hits a big uppercut sending Curtis to the outside, and it’s an ugly spill. Curtis makes it back into the ring and the two counter each other, as they look to get the upper hand. Curtis then hits a springboard cutter and picks up the win.

ANALYSIS: Another great match. This is the first time I’ve seen Dan in action and he’s impressive, I hope he’s back in OTT soon. Curtis is an amazing performer, and it’s great to see him competing so soon since he suffered a head injury in his previous match. This was a clashing of styles as power meets high flying, but it was a great match. I wished it had gone on longer, because these two facing off was a great choice.

Triple Threat Tag Team – Club Tropicana (Captain Sexsea & Aiden Epic) vs “Session Moth” Martina & Chantel Mantel vs More Than Hype (LJ Cleary & Darren Kearney)

The match starts with Sexsea taking on LJ well kind off. Both look to impress Chantel. Finally they face off and lock each other up whilst still flirting with Chantel. Sexsea then slaps LJ with his glove, the gauntlet has been thrown down. The pace picks up are LJ and Sexsea face off, but then in come Darren and Aiden and it’s madness. In comes Martina and just her being in the ring, sends everyone out. Chantel is tagged in and everyone is back in looking to get a piece of her, and Don is in too, but as soon as Martina enters the ring everyone clears out. Martina takes flight and takes everyone out. Chantel looks to fly but in comes Darren. Sexsea stops Darren hitting Chantel. Sexsea then slaps Martina. Chantel then punches Sexsea out of the ring. Aiden then tried to protect Chantel and hits Martina too. LJ then protects Chantel and claims he loves her. Sexsea and LJ fights over Chantel. A love triangle is brewing. LJ and Sexsea then shove each other but Martina is in and is taken out by Sexsea.

LJ hits a springboard enziguri in Sexsea taking him down. Club Tropicana then work together to wear down LJ. Martina hits a high cross body taking down both members, and then chops hell out of Sexsea. There is now a line of lock ups with Clup Tropicana and Martina. In comes Darren who locks in a single crab trapping all members but Chantel forces the break. LJ stops Darren hitting Chantel, and Darren knocks down LJ. Martina then intercepts the kick, saving Chantel. Double big boots from MTH take down Club Tropicana. Sexsea hits a super sexy slip and slide on Martina. Sexsea slaps Chantel’s bottom and she slaps him right in the face and takes him down. And Aiden, and LJ and Martina. Darren then low blows Chantel and now everyone is ganging up on him.

Things have broken down quickly as everyone takes each other out. Darren locks in a single leg on Chantel, but out comes Jose serenading Chantel. Everyone is confused. LJ squares up to him, LJ takes the flowers. Martina then kicks him in the head and Darren sends Martina to the outside. Chantel takes the flowers from Darren. Martina pulls the mask if Chantel revealing B Cool who kisses Darren. In the confusion Aiden rolls up Darren and steals the win.

ANALYSIS: B Cool makes an outstanding looking woman, not gonna lie. This was a great match and I loved the whole fancying Chantel gimmick. This match was comedy gold, and a mixture of styles. Another fantastic booking with this triple threat tag team. All extremely talented, I just wished B Cool I mean Chantel would have picked everyone up and slammed them all down. But either way an incredible match and my stomach hurts from laughing, if I don’t have abs later on today I’ll be extremely disappointed. And although Chantel is pretty, I’m still team #FanciesMartina

Sean Guinness vs Naomi Tanizaki

The two instantly lock up and exchange holds, as they look to take control of the match. These to know each other extremely well, and it’s clear right from the get go. A low blow to the gut grounds Sean as Naoki takes control. Sean fights out and the two connect in the middle but shoulder tackles can’t take each other down. Naoki pulls the ponytail of Sean and receives boos from the crowd. Sean hits s drop kick and Naoki retreats to the corner and asks for a time out. Sorry it doesn’t work like that. Naoki extends his hand for a hand shake and Sean does, but Naoki then kicks him in the gut again, and takes control of the match. He follows it up with s boot and punch to the face. Sean retreats to the outside. Naoki follows him out and takes s run up and kicks him in the face. He then clangs Sean’s head off the ring post. Naoki sends Sean into the ring and follows him in.

Naoki pulls the hair again and locks in a headlock. A snapmare is followed by a chin lock, and Naoki attempts to wear down Sean. Sean drives his first into the gut of Naoki and escapes but Naoki catches him in another chin lock and cranks on it. Naoki then ties Sean up in knots and sits on him. The disrespect is huge, Sean is going to be pissed. Naoki then drives his boots into Sean’s shoulder. The two then exchange forearms, and Naoki pokes Sean’s eyes.

The two go back and forth again and Sean hits a springboard back elbow and Naoki goes to the outside. Sean takes flight and takes out Naoki on the outside. Sean goes to the top but has to step down and hits a step up enziguri. Sean then drives him down but cannot finish the match. Naoki then locks up Sean but again he makes the ropes. Naoki rakes the eyes again. The two exchange forearms again before Sean delivers some vicious kicks. Naoki traps Sean in the ropes and Sean eats a knee from the top rope. Naoki covers but Sean kicks out.

Both men beat absolute hell out of each other, there is no friendship in war. Neither men can out each other away, the war is brutal and vicious and both men have bad intentions. Sean drives a boot into the back of Naoki’s head and Naoki drives his knee into Sean’s face. I’m not sure what it’s going to take to out each other away. The win comes when Sean rolls up Naoki and gets the three count.

ANALYSIS: Wow what an amazing match. Start to finish this was insane. I’m not familiar with the Japanese scene so I’m not familiar with Naoki. He’s extremely talented and the way he locks in the submissions are brutal, what an outstanding competitor. Sean is also another phenomenal competitor and the things he can do are insane. This was an incredible booking having these two compete.

Terry Thatcher vs Evil Uno

Main event time with Thatcher taking on Uno. The two lock up but Uni easily throws Thatcher down. Thatcher gets uni in a headlock but Uno shoves him off, and takes him down with a shoulder block. Thatcher shoots for a single leg but Zuni overpowers him. Thatcher gets Uno in a headlock and maintains in, even taking aunt over. Uno hoists Thatcher high and slams him down but Thatcher hangs on to the headlock. Uni fights him off again and Thatcher’s braces break. Uno and Thatcher fire off on each other. Thatcher chops and kicks Uno’s chest before driving both boots into his back, which sends him to the outside. Thatcher heads to the top and takes flight and takes out Uno.

Uno is rolled back in but Uno catches him off the springboard. Uno unleashes chops of his own and Thatcher’s chest is lit up light a Christmas tree on Christmas morning. Thatcher fights back with some chops of his own, but Uno knocks him down with a vicious chop. Uno then drives his boot into Thatcher’s face. Thatcher hits a drop kick which sends Uno into the corner, thatcher looks for a third but eats a back breaker. Uni then rakes the back of Thatcher before delivering a devastating chop. Thatcher unleashes forearms and goes for a kick but Uno catches him and bits his foot. Uno then gets Niall Fox to hold the leg and hits an assisted neck breaker. Shame on Foxy.

Uno hits a series of back breakers before stretching out the spine. It’s horrible to watch. Thatcher then bites Uno’s fingers. Thatcher is driven into the corner and Uno hits a brutal brain buster. Uno covers but Thatcher stays alive. Uno goes to use the wrist take to choke Thatcher but Foxy stops it, so Uno pokes his eyes instead and then rakes the back again. Uno then snaps the nose of Thatcher and it’s a sickening sound. Uno misses a top rope senton and Thatcher manages to hit a huge spine buster as he uses Uno’s momentum against him. Both men are down.

The two exchange blows and beat hell out of each other. This is another battle that has turned into a war. Both men take control, both men cannot out each other away. Neither man I’d going down without a fight, but you would have to pry the belt from Thatcher’s cold dead fingers, and he’s fighting like it may be his last match. Uno hits a tombstone pile driver on the outside on the wooden floor. Thatcher may be done. Uno meets Thatcher in the corner with running chops, the sound is sickening. Somehow Thatcher kicks out. Thatcher is rag dolled and Uno stomps his head into the canvas and I don’t understand how Thatcher kicked out of that. Thatcher continuously kicks out and it’s insane, Thatcher will not stay down. Just when you think Thatcher is done he fights back and picks up the win when Uno didn’t brace himself for deThatched.

ANALYSIS: HOLY SHIT!!!! The bad boy vs the evil one… This match was insane. Evil Uno is a great talent and put on one heck of a show. He plays the heel role extremely well and it’s a joy to watch. Thatcher is the definition of a fighting champion; he fought through a war and came out on top. Many times it seemed Thatcher was going to receive a loss, but he proved everyone wrong. This was a great way of ending such a fantastic show.

OTT put on another incredible show, not that it’s surprising I mean they never put on a bad show. You should give it a watch now, because, you will not be disappointed.

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