REVIEW: OTT Contenders 9 ‘The Hangover Show’

Added by Lorna Marie Watts

Night two of the OTT double show weekender. OTT is in the Ringside Club for Contenders 9. Another stacked card full of hype.


Open Challenge – Niall Fox vs Dom Tuck

Dom Tuck comes out to the ring interrupting the tag team match. Tuck issues an open challenge and out comes Luther Ward in a referee shirt. Fox is primed and ready, waiting for Tuck to turn around. Fox spins him around and hits a brainbuster and goes for the cover… and picks up the win,


A very, very short match. Dom Tuck’s losing streak continues. Great way to open the show, with a fun match.

The AngelCruzers (Angel Cruz & B-Cool) vs The Armstrongs (Butch & Marion Armstrong)

Now we finally get the tag match that was interrupted. The match starts with Angel asking not to be hit in the head, because B Cool is in bad shape (despite being in the gym all week). B Cool is really shook up, and his head is bandaged. B Cool gets Angel in a headlock and the two go at it. Angel goes to hit B Cool in the head but the Armstrongs stop him. B Cool finally goes to his right corner and the match starts with Angel getting a nipple cripple. That’s some playground stuff right there. Angel looks to make the tag but B Cool is at the bar. Fox is back in on the action, getting Angel in a wrist lock, Angel reverses but then let’s go. Angel then tags in B Cool who goes after Niall Fox. The Armstrongs then begin to fight as they can’t hit B Cool in the head. B Cool then hits a high cross body on both men.

Angel then goes Coast to Coast and hits both Armstrongs. Marion then says ‘I’m sorry I want to win’ before spiking B Cool on his head. But B Cool kicks out. The Angel Cruzers hit a superkick assisted brainbuster on Butch and pick up the win.


Again another short match, which sucks. I wish this could have gone on longer, because it was hilarious. Honestly, this is the first time I’ve seen the Armstrongs and from the brief encounter they are really talented guys. I adore the Angel Cruzers and can’t wait to see them as tag team champions. I just hope the Armstrongs are back soon, and we can see the full breadth of their talents.

The Kings Of The North (Damien Corvin & Bonesaw) vs Rough Stuff (CT Flexor & Paul Scarfe)

The match starts with Corvin facing off against Flexor. Both men take each other down and it’s a quick back and forth between the two. Corvin then tags in Bonesaw who proceeds to kick Flexor’s head off, and then Corvin hits a leg drop. Bonesaw goes for the cover but cannot get the win. Flexor drives Bonesaw into the corner and tags in Scarfe. Rough Stuff work together to wear down Bonesaw, but Bonesaw fights back with a series of chops. Corvin then breaks out the ‘we will we will chop you’ chant. Bonesaw takes Scarfe to his corner and tags in Corvin. The two hit a combination of moves with Bonesaw hitting an atomic drop, Corvin a Belfast boot and Bonesaw a senton. Corvin covers but Scarfe kicks out then drives him into his corner, tagging in Flexor. Flexor unloads on Corvin. Then drives his elbows into Corvin’s shoulder, the manipulates his arm before stomping on it.

Flexor then tags Scarfe in and the two hit elbow drops on Corvin. Corvin kicks out of Scarfe’s cover. Rough Stuff have been undefeated since 2016, can the Kings beat them? Corvin tags in Bonesaw who unloads on both members of Rough Stuff. He then hoists Scarfe high and dumps him down. Corvin then jumps on the back of Bonesaw, who dumps him down. Bonesaw then apologies to Corvin for the ugly landing. Flexor intercepts Corvin from the outside giving Scarfe the chance to get the upperhand on Bonesaw. Flexor and Scarfe then exchange quick tags as they wear down Bonesaw. The kings went through a war the night before at Scrappermania, can they win despite the odds? Only one way to find out.

Bonesaw then tags in Corvin who takes out both men. Flexor is in and meets a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for his trouble. Corvin then hits a uranage, slingshot senton combo on Flexor. Bonesaw then dives to the outside with some help from Corvin and takes out both men. Corvin looks to fly but is stopped by Scarfe, who then dives out and takes out Bonesaw. It’s a nasty spill. AIR CORVIN comes in to land and takes out both members of Rough Stuff. Flexor is rolled into the ring and is faced with both Kings. The Kings take his head off and pick up the win.


This is the first time I’ve seen Rough Stuff in action, and wow these guys are extremely talented. I hope they return soon. The Kings were badass as always. The match was incredible with both teams beating the hell out of each other, and the crowd showed their appreciation after the match. How could you not for this belter? A rematch needs to be on the cards.

Six Man Tag Team match – Club Tropicana (Aidan Epic & Captain Sexsea) & Jose Idle vs The Mongrels (Eddie Stone, G Fitz & Russel Dempster).

The match starts with Epic and Stone facing off. The two exchange blows, both looking to get the upper hand until they make tags to their partners. Now Sexsea and Dempster face off. Dempster grounds Sexsea with ease, but he’s quick to get back to his feet. He doesn’t stay on his feet for long though, as Dempster easily overpowers him. Sexsea then knocks down Dempster with a knee to the face. Idle then tags himself in, much to the despair of Sexsea. G Fitz is now in also. Idle says he ‘came here to eat tapas and kick ass’. He then looks to intimidate his opponents but it doesn’t work. G Fitz punches him and knocks him out. Sexsea and Epic drag him to the corner and Epic tags himself in before rolling Idle out of the ring. It looks like it’s three on two now. All remaining men are now in the ring and face off. G Fitz allows the four men to face off until he sneaks back into the ring and attacks both men from behind. G Fitz overpowers Epic and beats him down before tagging in Dempster. Dempster crushes Epic before G Fitz is back in. Dempster hoists G Fitz high and dumps him down on Epic.

The Mongrels are toying with Club Tropicana now. Epic fights back and knocks down G Fitz. The crowd are getting behind Club Tropicana now. Stone tags himself in but is sent out by Epic, who then knocks down Dempster. Now Sexsea is in taking it to G Fitz and kicks his head off. He then kicks Stone’s and Dempster’s head off. Sexsea covers Dempster but he kicks out. G Fitz is back in and clotheslines Sexsea who slaps him in the face. Dempster looks to take out Sexsea but hits Niall Fox instead. G Fitz hits a low blow on Sexsea. If the ref doesn’t see it, it doesn’t count. Stone then dumps him down unceremoniously. Dempster and Stone then tie Sexsea to the ropes. Epic enters the ring and fights G Fitz but the numbers game is too much. The dogs are on the prowl, and are going in for the kill. The Mongrels hit Epic with an assisted power bomb, before Fitz brings in a chair.

Fitz looks to hit Epic but he moves and he hits Dempster instead. He tries again but the chair ricochets off the ropes and he knocks himself out instead. Stone is in and Epic hits a DDT onto the steel chair. He cannot capitalise though and both men are down, as Sexsea tries to break to ties. Idle is back out with a tampon in his nose. Epic tags in Idle who covers Fitz but he gets his arm up just in time. Fitz looks to kick Idle’s head off but he ducks and hits a low blow. Epic is back and hits a super sexy stunner. Idle then cuts the ties and frees Sexsea. Sexsea hits the super-sexy-slip-and-slide on Fitz but cannot pick up the win. Sexsea knocks Dempster and Stone off the apron and Club Tropicana hit a slingshot cutter on Fitz and pick up the win.


What a match. A balanced dose of comedy and aggression. A brilliant match from start to finish. We need a lot more from both of these teams. I adore them both equally, but I’m glad the underdogs won this match.

British Rules match – Michael May vs OTT Tag Team Champion, Charlie Sterling

The two begin the match by locking up, and May gets the upper hand getting Sterling in a wrist lock. Sterling counters and the two go back and forth in a scrap. Sterling then locks in a cravate and forces May into the corner. May then rolls up Sterling but he kicks out. May gets Sterling in a leg lock, Sterling keeps standing up and May keeps knocking him down. Sterling then bunny hops to the ropes and May breaks the hold. Sterling then gets May in a leg lock but cannot knock him down. May then distracts Sterling and steps out of the hold. The two then lock up again and Sterling manipulates May’s hand and wrist. Sterling pins both arms down but May lifts his arms one by one, before bridging out twice. Sterling jumps on him, but cannot cover him again. May then monkey flips Sterling. The two are flat and lift their arms and then bridge just as May previously did.

Sterling then locks up May again, but May won’t verbally tap. He’s stronger than that. The crowd are fully behind May who reverses the lock on Sterling and grounds him. Sterling then drives his feet into the shoulders of May, but May escapes with some cheeky antics. Sterling extends his hand for a handshake, May is reluctant. Sterling then looks to knock May down but he can’t, and May hits a dropkick that sends Sterling to the outside. The two again go back and forth, exchanging holds and blows. May pulls Fox into the way and Sterling gets the pin on Fox. But you cannot win the match by pinning someone who isn’t in the match. Sterling is confused, and outraged. Sterling then blasts May. Sterling then dumps May down unceremoniously. May retaliates with arm drags before dumping Sterling down. He covers but Sterling kicks out. May then stretches Sterling but he makes it to the ropes and May has to break the hold, and eats a back elbow.

Sterling then sends May sternum first into the turnbuckle. The two again go back and forth. Sterling hits a piledriver spiking May on his head. He doesn’t immediately go for the cover and pays the price when May kicks out. Sterling hits a low blow on May and Niall Fox rings for the bell.


What a match. Both men are extremely talented. It’s a shame the match ended the way that it did, but it’s fits perfectly for the heel representation of Sterling. I hope these two face off again, where a winner can be determined without disqualification. Everyone needs to keep an eye on both these lads, because they will do big things.

The Big Hangover (OTT Heavyweight Champion, Jordan Devlin & Sean Guinness) vs Keith Lee & Shane Strickland

The match starts Devin and Lee. Devlin goes for a handshake but Lee moves his hand away, before shaking his hand. Oh the bants! Lee backs Devlin into the corner but he quickly gets out. Lee comes face to face with Niall Fox and the two hug. Devlin is toying with Lee using his speed to his advantage. The crowd chant for a test of flips. Devlin flips beautifully and lays down the gauntlet to Lee. Devlin looks to help Lee, but he hoists him up and Devlin quickly escapes. Too much banter going on, not enough punching (jokes this is fantastic). Devlin tries to lift Lee but he can’t get him up, Lee reverses and hoists Devlin high but he slips out. Devlin then chops Lee and it has no effect. Lee swings wildly but misses. Devlin goes all karate kid and hits a crane kick. Devlin runs into Lee and bounces off. And again. Lee saying ‘me big you small’ seems to anger Devlin.

The two go back and forth with agility taking on strength. The two tag in their partners now Strickland and Guinness go at it. The two quickly go back and forth with both men showing off their agility. Strickland then trips Guinness but both men are quickly back to their feet. Guinness tags in Devlin. Devlin punches Strickland in the face knocking him down. Lee then tags himself in. Devlin then punches Lee twice, but he laughs it off. Devlin looks to pick Lee up but is overpowered, but Guinness tags himself in. Devlin and Guinness look to take down Lee, but bump heads instead courtesy of Lee. The two men then kick Lee in the head twice, before flying across the ring and meeting in the middle where they kick Lee in the head. Strickland comes in and is taken down by both Guinness and Devlin. Can this match go on forever?

Devlin takes down Strickland but cannot pick up the win. Guinness is back in and stomps on Strickland’s arm. Strickland hits Guinness with a sickening chop that has little effect. And again. Strickland has hurt his own hand. Strickland then stomps on Guinness’ foot, before throwing him into Lee who runs straight through him. Strickland then knocks Devlin off the apron. Lee rolls up Guinness who kicks out. Lee then punches his fist through Guinness’ head. Guinness chops Lee but hurts himself instead. And again! Lee chops Guinness down with ease and says ‘mine don’t have to be loud, they actually hurt bitch’. It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt.

Lee and Strickland then beat down Guinness and it looks like Strickland just killed Guinness, but somehow he kicks out. Lee then sings beautifully… swoon! Everyone should bask in his glory. Lee then throws Guinness across the ring. Tyler big strong boi Bate who? Keith Lee is a big strong boy and will batter you. Strickland sits on the ropes and holds Guinness’ arms and Lee double chops Guinness with a sickening slap. Lee again throws him across the ring. Lee again chops him but Guinness fights back and unleashes chops of his own, only to be knocked down. But he’s up and slams Lee down on his face. Both men are down. Both need to make a tag.

Guinness quickly tags in Devlin and Lee tags in Strickland. Strickland and Devlin go back and forth exchanging blows, and Devlin hits a uranage moonsault combo. Devin then hits a double foot stomp on Lee, before hitting a slingshot cutter on Strickland. Devlin covers but Strickland kicks out. Devlin then tags in Guinness and both men take it to Lee and then Strickland. They hit a slingshot destroyer but Lee manages to break up the cover. Lee then knocks out Devlin. Lee and Strickland beat down Guinness and nearly decapitate him. Somehow he manages to kick out. Guinness chops Lee with zero effect. Devlin tags himself in, and dives straight into Lee who slams him onto Guinness.

Lee and Devlin then go at it. All these men are amazing. FIGHT FOREVER! I wish… Everything must come to an end and it does Devlin and Guinness pin Lee with a double pin combo.


What a match. HOLY SHIT! These men are incredible as was the match. Start to finish everything was superb. I really wish this could have gone on forever, thank heavens for on demand so it can be watched again and again.

IWGP Junior-Heavyweight Champion, Will Ospreay & Curtis Murray vs More Than Hype (Darren Kearney & Nathan Martin)

The match starts out with Murray and Martin facing off. The two exchange holds, both trying to get the upper hand. Martin backs Murray up into the corner, it’s a clean break… Cheeky but clean. The two exchange in a back and forth again, Murray being the first to cover but Martin kicks out. Murray tags in Ospreay, who asks to fight Kearney. Martin then tags in Kearney who backs Ospreay into the ropes. Ospreay then does the same, this time it’s not a clean break. Kearney then knocks Ospreay off his feet and Ospreay responds by doing the same. Ospreay looks to fly but Kearney catches him and keeps him grounded with a half crab. The two then exchange blows. Ospreay then tags in Murray who kicks Kearney in the spine. Kearney intercepts Murray to prevent any high flying, and Martin knocks Ospreay off the apron before he is tagged in.

He kicks Murray in the spine and goes for the cover but cannot pick up the win. Martin then further punishes Murray, attacking the legs to try and prevent any high flying offence later on in the match. Ospreay breaks up the cover, to keep his team alive. MTH make quick tags in and out then Murray fights both men off. He needs to tag in Ospreay, but he’s favouring his knee. Murray finally makes it to the corner and in comes Ospreay who takes down Kearney and Martin with a 619 across the top rope. Ospreay covers Kearney but he kicks out. MTH then work together to deliver punishment to Ospreay but they cannot put him away.

Murray sends Kearney out of the ring, now Ospreay and Murray work together to deliver punishment to Martin, but cannot put him away either. The two nearly kick Martin’s head off and it looks like they are going to win, but Kearney breaks up the pin. Opsreay is sent to the outside now MTH wear down Murray. The action is thick and fast as all men beat each other down, all looking to pick up the three count. Murray hits a Belfast Destroyer on Kearney. Nobody goes for the cover, all four men are down.

Murray and Martin exchange blows, Martin appears to be bleeding from the mouth. Martin dives to the outside and takes out Ospreay, then MTH beat down Murray but still cannot pick up the win. Kearney gets Murray in a single leg, but in comes Ospreay who gets Martin in an octopus stretch. It’s a stand-off. Ospreay tosses Martin to the outside, and then chops Kearney repeatedly who still won’t release Murray’s leg. But he does when Ospreay kicks his head in. Kearney then gets Ospreay in a single leg, only to eat a boot from Murray for his troubles.

MTH are looking to finish this, with Ospreay kicks Martin’s head off before doing the same to Kearney. Ospreay and Murray cover both men and pick up the win.


Another great match, huge talents as individuals. It’s great seeing Will and Curtis team up as both are phenomenal flyers. Hopefully we can see the two team up again. MTH are a great tag team, the moves they can do are amazing, and honestly, both have big futures ahead of them.

OTT No Limits Championship Tournament Final – Terry Thatcher vs Scotty Davis

Main event time to determine to the new No Limits Champion. The two men shake hands showing their mutual respect before locking up. Thatcher grounds Davis, and Davis returns the favour. The two spill out to the outside, and stare each other down. This is going to be a war. The two keep their eyes locked as they get back into the ring. Another handshake is exchanged. Davis then takes down Thatcher with a waist lock. Thatcher gets in a waist lock of his own, a tussle ensues. Thatcher then takes down Davis with a dropkick. The two then exchange arm drags, and are both looking to get the upper hand as they exchange shots to the face. Thatcher then chops Davis, and hits a dropkick that sends Davis to the outside. Thatcher looks to fly but trips on the rope and Scotty hits a series of gator rolls, capitalising on Thatcher’s mistake.

Davis then slams Thatcher down on the canvas, but Thatcher kicks out before the three count. The crowd are divided chanting for both men. The two exchange blows again, rocking each other and wearing each other down. Davis hits a suplex but Thatcher lands on his feet, then hoists Davis high and dumps him down before sending him to the outside. Thatcher takes flight but Davis catches him and tosses him down onto the hard wood floor. That’s got to hurt! Davis then kicks Thatcher in the spine, then a forearm, then more kicks. How is Thatcher still standing?

Davis then charges at Thatcher and slams him down into the chairs. Davis then rolls Thatcher back into the ring and goes for the cover but Thatcher kicks out. Davis then goes back to attacking the spine of Thatcher. Davis hoists Thatcher high and slams him down, repeatedly. He covers, but yet again Thatcher kicks out. Thatcher then spikes Davis on his head, but cannot capitalise. Both men are down, both men putting everything on the line. The again exchange blows, with Thatcher backing Davis into the corner. But Davis fights out, unloading on Thatcher. Thatcher responds with a drop kick, he then goes for the cover but Davis kicks out.

Thatcher then stomps on the skull of Davis, before heading to the top rope. Davis catches him and dumps him down. Neither man is going to give up easily. The two then connect with each other with a kick. Both men had the same idea. Davis is bleeding, but I’m not sure where the blood is coming from, there seems to be blood on his brow and his ear. He is possibly bleeding from both areas. Davis then hits two snap dragon suplex’s before hitting a release German suplex. Davis covers but Thatcher kicks out.

Thatcher takes out the knees of Davis, it seemed like a desperation move. And again. Thatcher then slams Davis’ leg off the ring post. Thatcher heads to the top rope and hit’s a 450 splash, twice in a row. He dives from the top rope again but this time Davis catches him and stretches him out. Thatcher is in the centre of the ring, but manages to escape somehow. Thatcher then locks in a sharpshooter again targeting Davis’ legs. Davis escapes. Davis takes flight and takes out Thatcher and lands on his feet. But he quickly falls to his knees, feeling the effects of the damage that has been done to his legs.

The two yet again go back and forth, both men looking to finish the match. Both men battling with everything they have, both continuing with sheer determination. Thatcher hits a swinging neck breaker but Davis kicks out. What’s it going to take to out either man away? Both have faced a lot of punishment, I don’t know how they are still going. Thatcher then locks in a strait jacket choke hold. Davis fights out and hits the ‘supremacy’ but Thatcher gets his foot on the rope. He covers again and this time Thatcher kicks out. Davis hits four head kicks in a row. Thatcher superkicks Davis, and hits three ‘brace yourselves’ and picks up the win.


BOTH THESE GUYS! BOTH THESE GUYS! Insane. Both men put everything on the line and didn’t hold back. Match of the year worthy! Both these men are incredibly talented, one a 13 year veteran and one only seventeen years old. Scotty Davis has a huge career ahead of him, and it’s fantastic to see Thatcher getting the push he deserves. I can’t wait to see what Thatcher does a champion, I also can’t wait for these two men to go at it again.

Another incredible show from OTT, who are absolutely killing it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; can OTT ever put on a bad show? I think we all know the answer to that. (It’s no, in case you couldn’t guess). Anyway give it a watch on demand now HERE