REVIEW: OTT A Haven For Monsters (2/6/18)

Added by Lorna Marie Watts

OTT was back in the Tivoli Theatre for A Haven For Monsters. The card is stacked, the main event is going to be insane, and Trent Seven is the general commissioner for the evening. This is going to be one hell of a show. Spoilers ahead, if you haven’t watched the show yet.

The show opens with General Commissioner, Trent Seven making his way to the ring. Trent welcomes everyone to the Tivoli, and says “boy do we have a show for you”. Trent then fires Billy Humps and Tony Kelly, and the crowd go wild and start singing ‘goodbye’ and ‘cheerio’. The crowd then thank Trent. Trent then brings back Aonghus Óg McAnally and Don Marnell. The crowd are overjoyed. Shades of Triple H with beer spraying on the apron, if that doesn’t scream welcome back then I don’t know what does. Don then accidentally hits Trent as they climb down from the apron. He’s on the injured list Don, leave the man alone.

More Than Hype (Darren Kearney & Nathan Martin) vs Team Whitewolf (Adam Chase & A-Kid)

The match starts with Nathan Martin taking on A-Kid. The two exchange lock ups, both trying to keep each other grounded. The two show off their ability and speed, quickly escaping each other. A-Kid takes down Martin with a drop kick, the two then exchange locks up and this time Martin gets the upper hand. A-Kid tags in Chase and Martin tags in Kearney. The two immediately lock up. Kearney takes down Chase with a shoulder tacked, then Chase takes down Kearney with a leaping leg lariat. Kearney locks in a single leg, but it’s too close to the ropes and must break the hold. MTH then team up against Chase to wear him down. Chase then tags in A-Kid who eats a boot from Martin.

A-Kid then takes him down and goes for the cover but Martin kicks out. A vicious hop from A-Kid to Martin before tagging in Chase. Whitewolf then team up on Martin, and wear him down. Martin kicks out of the covers and keeps his team alive. Whitewolf make quick tags keeping Martin isolated in the ring. Chase kicks Martin in the spine, and it’s brutal. Nathan fights back and drop kicks A-Kid in the jaw, and it’s an ugly impact. Both men make the tags to their respective partners. Kearney and Chase face off and Martin tags himself in. MTH then take down Chase and hit a sit out power bomb but Chase kicks out…. Just. Whitewolf then take down Martin but he kicks out. HOLY SHIT! Confusion between who was legal in Whitewolf allowed for Martin to recover enough.

All men are in the ring now beating hell out of each other. Kearney kicks out after being kicked in the head. Chase is sent out, A-Kid eats a turnbuckle and MTH are dominating. Martin hits s frog splash, Chase breaks the cover. All men are exchanging blows again, I have no idea who is legal anymore. Martin turns A-Kid inside out, and Kearney is tagged in. Chase prevents a single leg. Kearney is sent into the corner. Chase hits a moonsault, Kearney then kicks out. Kearney hits a power bomb then locks in a single leg, Martin intercepts and stops Chase breaking the cover. A-Kid is forced to tap.

WINNERS: More Than Hype

Wow what a first match to kick off the show. The action was fast, and all four men are huge talents. If only this match could have gone on longer, because it was incredible. Hopefully a rematch will occur in the future, until then I will watch the hell out of it on demand, because this match needs to be relived again and again.

Angel Cruz vs Fabulous Nicky

Trent comes to the ring and Cruz relives the 5 man, 6 man match that tore Angel and Tyler a part. Cruz then calls Trent a lesbian and he tries not to laugh. The crowd can’t control their laughter though. Trent says the thing with Tyler had to happen because he wasn’t getting enough bookings outside of the UK so he was riding Tyler’s coat tails. He brought his big strong boi home. He took back bae. Trent then brings out the Fabulous Nicky. The original bromance is back in the same ring. Trent then books a match between the two. They say they won’t fight, so Trent says he will raise the stakes. Friends in high places and all that. Trent says if Nicky beats Angel he will be in money in the bank, pre show…. YouTube. Nicky says that’s shit and won’t fight. So Trent calls Triple H, and says you beat Angel and you’ll go to WRESTLEMANIA…. Axxess!

Angel says Nicky won’t fight and runs into a super kick. Angel then kicks out. Angel then takes down Nicky, and covers him but Trent stops the match before the count. Trent then says the stipulation of the match, is a first blood match. Angel then pulls out a fork and tries to stab Nicky. Trent then changes the stipulation to a bra and panties match. Nicky then takes down Angel and tries to take off his trousers. He then opens himself up to Angel. Trent again changes the stipulation, this time it’s an invisible steel cage match. Nicky climbs up but Angel pulls him down then rubs his face into the cage…. Sick fuck! Nicky hits a step up enziguri and goes to the door, but Team Prick slams the door into his head. Angel then escapes the cage but before he can out both feet on the floor Trent stood him and says no this isn’t a real steel cage match. This match is now a royal rumble. Out comes Captain Sexsea, who is immediately eliminated by both Nicky and Angel. Angel looks to eliminate Nicky but he hangs on. Trent then stops the match, it’s not really a royal rumble. This match is now a… No time to decide, Nicky rolls up Angel who kicks out.

Angel looks to make a tag but this is not a tag match. Nicky then unloads in Angel, who then punches Nicky in the throat. Angel goes old school and walks the ropes, Nicky escapes and chases Team Prick around the ring so now Angel walks in reverse before Nicky hits a super cutter. He goes for the cover but Angel kicks out. Angel looks to Foxy to do the new move, but Angel receives a super kick from Nicky. Angel hits a brain buster and picks up the win.

WINNER: Angel Cruz.

The comedy in this match made my sides hurt from laughing too hard. Book all three men in a comedy show stat. Nicky and Angel are incredibly underrated, they completed in like ten different matches with different stipulations in just one night. Outstanding. Trent should be commissioner more often.

Sean Guinness vs Damien Corvin

Corvin is accompanied to the ring by Bonesaw who is wearing a Corvin shirt. Looking good sir. Sean makes his way to the ring and the crowd go wild. Good to see him back so quickly, after contenders. Bonesaw bumps knuckles with Corvin and Sean before leaving ringside. The two men quickly lock up and Corvin forces Sean into the ropes. They lock up again, and Sean runs Corvin into the corner. Sean locks in a wrist lock and grounds Corvin, but Corvin quickly reverses. The two then continue to reverse a wrist lock until Sean takes Corvin down.

The pace picks up and Sean takes down Corvin with a head scissors. Corvin sends Sean into the ropes but he catches himself and Corvin spills to the outside. Sean looks to dive but Corvin hits a back elbow that takes him down. Corvin then beats down Sean in the corner. Corvin drives both boots into Sean’s chest and then hits a urniagi and a slingshot sent on. Corvin then dives to the outside. 204.4 remember that, Cruiser Corvin is going to happen.

Corvin then lights up Sean’s chest before using the ring and the walls to his advantage. Corvin then enters the ring leaving Sean lying on the outside. It appears he’s looking for the count out. Sean gets back into the ring and Corvin immediately covers but Sean kicks out. Sean then chops Corvin, but Corvin hits a tilt-a-whirl back breaker, he covers but Sean kicks out. Corvin then whips Sean into the corner. Corvin is picking a part Sean now, absolutely brutalising him, but he still cannot put him away. Corvin places Sean on the turnbuckle and looks to throw him down, Sean blocks. Sean then sends Corvin down before diving. Corvin catches him and punishes him further, it looks like Sean has a cut on his back and appears to be bleeding. Maybe from being sent into the turnbuckle?

Corvin is now targeting said area. Sean takes down Corvin with a. Leaping leg lariat then dives to the outside taking out Corvin. Sean cartwheels across the ropes to avoid Corvin, then plants him down but Corvin kicks out. Corvin takes the head off Sean before driving him down, again he can’t put him away. Sean fights out of the corner and hits a satellite DDT, Corvin hits a hangman cutter. Neither man is going down without a fight, and boy is this a battle.

The two find themselves on the ropes again, Corvin looking to take Sean down, and he does. Corvin is going in for the kill but Sean counters. Sean heads to the top and takes flight but nobody’s home. Corvin heads to the top and kisses too. Corvin then eats a super kick and capture German suplex. Corvin then hits a ‘White Star Line’ on Sean. Sean then head butts Corvin, before hitting a discuss lariat. There seems to be a patch of blood on Sean’s head, maybe busted open there now too?

The two men exchange blows absolutely battering each other. Corvin hits ‘F6 Counties’ and Sean kicks out before a one count. Making a huge statement, and receives two Belfast boots. And a third for good measure. Sean then rolls up Corvin and picks up the win.

WINNER: Sean Guinness.

Holy crap! 1 & 1 at the Tivoli. Another match is needed to settle the score, and if it’s anything like this one, then book it now, both men are impressive and extremely talented. This match was incredible start to finish, and both men went through an all out war. This is match of the year worthy. I can’t wait for the rematch.

B-Cool vs Dan Barry

SHOTS FIRED!!!!!! Banter gets out of hand. B-Cool takes down Dan and unloads on him. The action spills to the outside as B continues the beat down. B and Angel argue on the outside, Dan then dives to the outside and takes out B, Angel and Team Prick. Dan hits a slingshot springboard senton on B. Dan then lights up the chest of B-Cool, before hitting him with a drop kick. B reverses and unloads on Dan. B falls to the canvas, Dan covers but B kicks out.

Dan then then locks up B and wears him down. Dan then whips B into the corner, he takes s run up but gets a face full of buckle. The two men then knock each other down. Both men get back to their feet before B unloads on Dan and repeatedly takes him down. B looks to dive but calls in security for support, then asks for more and more people. He finally dives taking everyone out. But no Dan. Dan then hoisted him high and dumps him down, before hitting a moonsault for the top rope. But he cannot put B away.

B locks in a figure four leg lock, and Dan makes his way to the ropes forcing the break. Dan throws B from the top rope, but doesn’t get the three count due to Angel pulling out a weapon. Dan forces the weapon down with his fake gun.

The crowd are behind Dan, and honestly extremely creative with their chants. B hits a brain buster and picks up the win.


This is the first time I have seen Dan Barry, and he’s extremely talented. Hopefully he’s back in OTT soon. Another match filled with great comedic moments, and B-Cool is always incredible with a great mixture of comedic timing and skill. B-Cool needs a title shot, ASAP!!

Six Man Tag Team match – OTT Tag Team Champions, The Rapture (Zack Gibson, Charlie Sterling & Sha Samuels) vs Team OTT (WWE United Kingdom Champion, Pete Dunne, Mark Haskins & Session Moth Martina)

Next up a six man tag team match, with The Rapture taking on Team OTT. Shenanigans occur as expected. Pete’s music hits after he’s already in the ring, and outcomes the boozerweight. Haskins looks like he’s being tested. Pete is sickened. This tag team is going to be interesting.

The Rapture attack Team OTT from behind, but are quickly sent out of the ring. Martina stops Pete and Mark from diving, and dives to the outside herself taking out all three members. The action remains on the outside as everyone beats hell out of each other, the camera men can’t keep up with the action. The boozerweight and bruiser weight look to out do each other, until Pete leaves the ring. Sha then hits Martina from behind and drags her to his corner. The Rapture then work together to beat down Martina.

Gibson knocks Martina down with a vicious forearm, she then enters the ring and further bests down Martina. Martina looks for the tag but with Mr Durexo on her hand Mark and Pete aren’t willing to make the tag. The Rapture make quick tags and keep Martina isolated as they beat her down. Gibson then taunts Martina calling her a joke. Which seems to fire her up. Martin sends Gibson to the outside and kicks Sterling in the face.

Martina then tags in Pete who knocks out Sterling. Sha then hits Pete, who then takes his head off. Gibson and Pete then face off beating the hell out of each other. Both men are down, Pete tags in Mark who kicks Gibson into next year. He then hits a Death Valley driver on Sterling. Martina then tags herself in, but knocks herself down. Haskins locks in a sharp shooter, as does Pete. Martina slowly does but released the hold to celebrate and forces Haskins and Pete to break the hold by grinding on them.

Gibson and Sterling take out Pete and Haskins. Martina fights off The Rapture, but is overpowered. Miscommunication and Martina hits a satellite DDT on Sterling, but he kicks out. Martina and Pete then snap fingers. Miscommunication from Team OTT and The Rapture take advantage and pick up the win with an assisted pile driver.

WINNERS: The Rapture

Another comedic match with the wonderful Martina returning to OTT. A great tag team match, hopefully we can see the boozer weight and bruiser weight as a tag team again. All six competitors are extremely talented, and portray their gimmicks effortlessly. Haskins didn’t come to mess around and knocks down Martina. I can’t wait to see Haskins vs Devlin. It’s good to see Sha back in OTT, and I hope he’s back soon. With big talents in one ring, it was obvious this was going to be a great match, and nobody disappointed.

OTT Gender Neutral Championship Three-Way Match Special Referee: Commissioner, Trent Seven – LJ Cleary (c) vs Tyler Bate vs Kris Wolf

Next up a three way for the Gender Neutral title with LJ defending against Tyler and Kris.

Foxy is knackered so out comes referee Trent Seven. Big strong boi Bate, has his mate as a ref. Well damn. LJ is scared obviously.
LJ sends Tyler into Kris, before he takes down Tyler. Kris then gets a handful of hair and eats a drop kick. Trent is slow to make the count due to his bad knee. Kris kicks out at one. Tyler rolls up LJ but he kicks out. Kris hoists LJ high and takes him for a spin, and Tyler get hits in the face. Kris then hits Tyler in his lower region, and Tyler then hoists kris high and sends her over the top rope onto LJ. Tyler then rolls Kris into the ring and looks to take her down but Kris grabs his moustache. Kris heads to the ropes but LJ pulls her tail. Sick fuck. Someone call the RSPCA.

LJ then takes it to Tyler. He kicks Kris off the apron to the outside to prevent her getting involved. Kris then climbs the ropes and takes out both men with a double cross body. She then unleashes kicks on both men before hitting a double bull dog. LJ pulls Kris from the ropes. Tyler catches an incoming LJ and dumps him down, before hitting a standing shooting star press.

Tyler the. Breaks Kris’ face and the crowd turns on him. LJ looks to hit boo and bang and immediately regrets it after Tyler catches the lunch. Kris then kicks Tyler in the head, LJ hits the dork slayer on Kris. Tyler then turns LJ inside out. Tyler then takes both Kris and LJ for a spin.

The actions is thick and fast as all three individuals beat hell out of each other. LJ covers Kris and Trent counts but stops before the three and instead gives LJ the finger, Tyler then accidentally hits boo and bang on Trent. LJ hen steals the win with a roll up.


What a triple threat match. All three are extremely talented, and it’s great to see them facing off with each other. Having Trent as the ref was a great addition also, adding extra comedy to the match. Kris needs to return to OTT soon for another match, maybe next time for the women’s championship.

Main Event: WALTER & Low-Ki VS OTT Heavyweight Champion Jordan Devlin & David Starr

The match starts with Starr facing off against Walter. Starr shoots for a single leg early but Walter hoists him up. Luckily Starr was close to the ropes so he could escape. Starr then chops Walter twice. The crowd then chants “you fucked up”. Walter then takes him down with a shoulder tackle. Starr locks in a wrist lock but Walter tags in Low-Ki. Starr is anxious to take a hand, but eventually does and grounds Low-Ki briefly. Starr then makes the tag to Devlin. They lock up and Devlin forces Low-Ki down but cannot get the on, not this early on.

Low-Ki overpowers Devlin but he can’t get the pin either. Low-Ki locks in an arm bar, but Devlin scrambles to the ropes for the break. Devlin then takes down Low-Ki with a waist lock take down. It’s a scramble between both men as they roll around looking to lock something in. Low-Ki locks in an arm bar over the ropes and has five seconds before he is forced to break. Starr makes a tag and both Devlin and Starr wear down Low-Ki. Starr covers Low-Ki but he kicks out. Now Devlin is tagged back in. Devlin hits a urniagi and a standing moonsault. Starr is tagged back in and head butts Low-Ki in the ribs, but he’s distracted by Walter. Low-Ki then catches Starr and drives his boots into Starr, then Walter is in, Starr chops Walter and regrets it when Walter chops him.

Low-Ki is back in and wears down Starr further. Walter is back in and chops Starr down like a tree before kicking Devlin off the apron. Starr hits a lariat but Walter picks him up and slams him down. Starr looks for a tag but Walter cuts him off. Walter then covers Starr but Devlin breaks it by kicking Walter, which angers him. Low-Ki and Walter are dominating. Low-Ki is back in and stomps on Starr, he really needs to make a tag quickly. Low-Ki covers but Starr kicks out, a tag is made to Walter.

Devlin taunts Walter out of a hold on Starr, and Devlin instantly regrets it. Low-Ki is back in and continued the punishment on Starr. Starr looks to make the tag but nobody’s home. Starr finally makes the tag to Devlin. Walter instantly chops Devlin down. Devlin fires off on Walter but not for long. Low-Ki is back in but Starr is also in and tries to aid Devlin but it doesn’t work. The two hen slingshot Low-Ki into the corner but he counters and drives his boots into them. Low-Ki then kicks Devlin’s head off, Starr then intercepts the count. Devlin head butts Low-Ki and both men are down, until they make their respective tags.

If only this match could go on forever, but sadly it can’t. The win comes when Walter locks in a sleeper and Devlin is forced to tap.
What a main event. Again huge talents facing off against each other. Walter is always a dominant force, and no doubt will be changing for the title very shortly. He has beaten Devlin once, so that should fill him with confidence. I wouldn’t say I am extremely familiar with Low-Ki, I’ve seen a few matches and he never disappoints and he didn’t disappoint in this match. He’s incredible. The Import Killer, Jordan Devlin is also always incredible and was again tonight. With Walter is the picture now, I wonder how long he’ll hold onto the title for. David Starr is another great talent, and impressed in the match. It’s also great seeing Devlin and Starr teaming together, hopefully we see them team up again soon.

Another incredible show from OTT, seriously I don’t think they can put on a bad show. It’s great seeing Corvin in singles competition again, and the card was stacked with huge talents. Trent did an amazing job as commissioner for the evening, book him again! Thank goodness for VOD, so this show can be watched again and again.

Give it a watch now on demand HERE