REVIEW: North Wrestling ‘Let The Cannons Fly’

Added by Lorna Marie Watts

NORTH Wrestling’s show ‘Let The Cannons Fly’ was at the Riverside in Newcastle, England on March 10th, 2018. The card was stacked and Eddie Dennis was the special guest GM for the night. The show is now on demand (link at the end), but for now here is a review of the action.

Sons Of Ulaid (Bas Ban & Rory Coyle) vs Aussie Open (Mark Davis & Kyle Fletcher)

Before the match starts Coyle asks for a high five from Davis, and Davis is happy to give it. Coyle instantly regrets his decision and leaves the ring. Davis then asks Bas Ban if he wants a high five, poor Bas doesn’t know how to do a high five so Davis helps him out. Davis then high fives him, and his killer high five has no effect on Bas. The crowd instantly breaks out in “you fucked up” chants. Davis then hot foots it across the ring and tags in Fletcher and walks off briefly before returning. Neither Davis nor Fletcher wants a piece of Bas. Bas then tags in Coyle, so now Fletcher and Coyle will face off. The bell finally rings and now the match has started. A kiss off ensues with Fletcher kissing Davis on the cheek, and then Coyle kissing Bas on the cheek. Fletcher then kisses Bas on his forehead. Coyle then kisses a coy Davis on the lips. Fletcher then kisses Davis on the lips… Things are getting steamy. Coyle goes back for more but Davis is having none of it. Love is in the air, but I don’t think it will take long for things to break down.

Bum smacking follows. Things are very strange in the North. We finally see some wrestling when Coyle and Fletcher lock up. Fletcher goes for a clothesline but it has little effect on Coyle. Fletcher then gets Coyle in his corner and hits him with a chop, before kiss tagging Davis in. Davis then hits Coyle with a chop and it’s sickening, and then follows it up by scooping him up and slamming him down on the canvas. Fletcher is tagged back in and Fletcher and Davis work together to wear down Coyle. The match continues with Fletcher and Davis tagging in and out, and working together to wear down and isolate Coyle. Coyle fights back against Fletcher with a chop to the buttocks and a chop to the chest. Bas then tags himself in. Bas then splashes Fletcher in the corner, before knocking him down, and then raking his eyes. Bas is a boisterous lad and Fletcher is finding out the hard way. Fletcher is now isolated and the Sons Of Ulaid work together to wear him down.

Fletcher hits the canvas hard after a huge scoop slam from Bas. The match continues with the Sons Of Ulaid isolating Fletcher, until Fletcher finally tags in Davis. A well-rested Davis takes it to both men. Fletcher is tagged back in and Aussie Open hit a body slam ace crusher combo on Coyle, Fletcher goes for the cover but Coyle kicks out. Things break down as Aussie Open wear down Coyle, after hitting a moonsault Fletcher goes for the pin but Bas breaks it up. Bas then sends Fletcher out of the ring and Bas and Coyle take down Davis who quickly rolls out of the ring. The Sons Of Ulaid then hit Fletcher with a huge double choke slam, and it’s brutal. Davis makes a last minute save. All four men then face off with Bas and Davis going at it, and Fletcher and Coyle going at it. Davis then knocks Coyle down with a sickening forearm that echoes around the venue. He then fights off a chop from Bas, and hits him for a forearm that has little effect on the big man. Bas then headbutts Davis who immediately crumbles to the floor. I’m surprised Davis didn’t die. Davis and Fletcher then try to take down Bas, but Bas counters. Bas then sends Davis out of the ring. The win comes when the Sons Of Ulaid take Fletcher for a dip in Lake Ulaid, but hoisting him up and slamming him down…HARD! That means that one member of the Sons of Ulaid will compete in the 8-man championship scramble. After the match Aussie Open get back into the ring and it’s a standoff… until they all kiss showing their respect for each other.

Well what a match filled with comedy and carnage. I love both these tag teams, and each have their own style. Both teams absolutely battered each other and took each other to the limit and it was amazing. All four men are such big talents and it’s great to see them face off with each other. I hope we see a rematch in the future, whether in this promotion or another. Plus the lads having a kiss/bum slap off instead of wrestling, is why I love wrestling.

Shax vs Candyfloss

It’s the Crazy Circus Queen vs the Cute Candy Queen, and the only female match of the night. The two women came to represent. Shax tries to take the fight to Candyfloss immediately, but Candyfloss keeps moving out of the way, so Shax misses every attempt to get her. Candyfloss then takes down Shax and goes for the pin but Shax kicks out at one. Shax then gets Candyfloss down and goes to kick her, but Candyfloss moves and rolls her up. Shax kicks out again. It’s far too early in the match to be going for covers, neither woman has been worn down enough. Shax then grabs Candyfloss’ hair and snaps her candy cane which angers Candyfloss who then gets Shax in an armbar. Shax struggles to the ropes for the break. Shax then sends Candyfloss face first into the turnbuckle with a drop toe hold, and then follows it up with a shot gun drop kick sending Candyfloss back first into the turnbuckle.

Shax then tries to wear down Candyfloss and goes for the cover but Candyfloss kicks out. The two then exchange blows, each one more vicious than the last. Candyfloss then gets Shax back into the armbar, but Shax manages to get her shoulders down forcing Candyfloss to break the hold. Candyfloss then hits a missile dropkick which sends Shax into the turnbuckle. She then follows it up with a running dropkick to the shoulder of Shax. Candyfloss goes for the cover, again Shax kicks out. Candyfloss then goes straight into the armbar, Shax fights her off and gets to the ropes, again forcing the break. Shax then takes Candyfloss down, and hits her in the back of the head with her knee. She goes for the cover but cannot pick up the win.

The two go back and forth and Candyfloss hits a beautiful backbreaker. Candyfloss cannot pick up the win. Candyfloss heads to the top rope but Shax sees it coming and kicks the feet from under her, then hits her with a lungblower and its brutal. Shax then hits a double arm DDT and picks up the three count.

Both females put on one hell of a show, and as the only females on the card they really came to represent. Neither one held anything back and beat the hell out of each other. Both are extremely talented and in my opinion both are extremely underrated. I can’t wait to see both women do in the future, because they are incredible.

Spike Trivet & Landed Gentry (Benji & Zeo Knox vs England’s Hardest Men (Lou Nixon & Shreddybrek) & TK Cooper

The match starts with Nixon vs Trivet. Trivet antagonises Nixon who looks to kick his head off but Trivet gets out of the way, and then tags in Knox. Nixon dominates Knox. The two make a tag and Trivet is back in but now Shreddybrek is in. The crowd are behind Shreddybrek. Trivet wants none of it and tags in Benji. Benji runs at Shreddybreak but Shreddybrek takes him down. It’s like hitting a wall. Benji gets Shreddybrek in the corner but his kicks have zero effect. Shreddybrek slams him down with ease. Benji tries to get some offence going but it doesn’t go to plan. Shreddybrek hits a huge over the head suplex on Benji.

TK and Trivet are tagged in. Trivet looks for a tag but both his partners are on the outside, TK immediately takes him down. TK then cleans house by taking out Landed Gentry and TK. Trivet then gets back in the ring and mists TK. Landed Gentry and Trivet then take advantage of the ref being distracted and take down TK. TK then finds himself trapped in their corner, as they work together to wear him down. Trivet whips TK into the corner and follows him in, then hits him with a leg drop. Benji is tagged in and hits a scoop slam and a back senton, he goes for the cover but cannot get the pin. Trivet is back in and TK tries to fight his way out of the corner, but England’s Hardest Men distract the ref, which allows the shenanigans to continue.

Benji goes for a splash on TK but TK moves and looks to get the tag but Knox knocks them off the apron, again TK is isolated. Again TK tries to fight his way out, and slams down Trivet but TK is weak from the attack. He looks to make the tag again and again England’s Hardest Men are taken off the apron. This allows Trivet to continue his onslaught as he hits the double knees. Knox then suplex’s TK and goes for the cover but TK kicks out. Benji goes for a drop kick but TK moves sending Benji into Knox. TK finally gets the tag and in comes Nixon who takes down both members of Landed Gentry. Nixon then kicks both Beni and Knox repeatedly in the chest and then Shreddybrek hits a double clothesline. Beni and Knox are in opposing corners Shreddy takes it to them and moves out of the way twice forcing Knox into Benji, and Trivet into both men.

England’s Hardest Men and TK take advantage and clean house on their opponents. Trivet then makes the save not allowing Shreddybrek to pick up the win. TK hits a vicious scissor kick sending Benji head first into the canvas. Trivet then punches TK, he has clearly forgotten TK IS Samoan. TK then headbutts him and it’s brutal. Knox then punches TK clearly not learnt from Trivet’s mistake, and meets the same fate. Benji comes running in and TK headbutts him before he can punch him. The tides have turned as TK, Nixon & Shreddybrek are in control.

TK is pulled out of the ring by Knox. Shreddybrek lifts Benji high above his head and shows off to the crowd. Trivet then sneaks into the ring and rolls up Nixon and holds the ropes to steal the win. This means Trivet will be the eigth and final competitor in the 8-man scramble match.

Spike Trivet plays his posh heel character extremely well and it was poignant throughout the entire match. TK made a great debut in North, and showed off his skills despite the shenanigans of the other team. Shreddybrek and Nixon are an interesting tag team and are definitely hench guys that aren’t afraid to show it off. Landed Gentry are a funny team and play their parts well too, I just wish we could see more of the talent that they clearly have.

Amir Jordan vs Nathan Cruz

Cruz immediately works on Amir’s arm and locks in a standing armbar. Amir attempts to counter but the hold isn’t broken, again he attempts to break it but Cruz cuts him off then chops him. Amir his a northern lights suplex but cannot pick up the win. Amir is showing he isn’t afraid of Cruz, and he’s here to fight. Cruz then pummels Amir. The crowd are chanting ‘Jordan’ fully backing Amir. Amir then catches Cruz in a head scissors and takes him down, and now Amir is taking it to Cruz. Cruz then hits a stun gun on Amir and takes control back. Amir then hits a beautiful hip toss and then a cross body, but can only get a two count. He then looks to hit Cruz in the corner, but Cruz lifts him up and sends him over the ropes and Amir hits the floor hard. The action then heads to the outside as Cruz sends Amir into the ring posts. Cruz hits ‘Thanks Tully’ – a stun gun back drop, but cannot get the win. Somehow Amir manages to kick out.

Cruz knees Amir in the face and sends him down to the canvas. Cruz sends Amir through the ropes to the outside, possibly looking for the count out rather than a pin or submission. Amir isn’t going to take the count out and clambers back into the ring. Again Cruz takes control of the match. He attempts to send Amir to the outside again but Amir holds on and gets a sunset flip but cannot get the pin, he then again goes for the roll up but cannot get the win either. Cruz rolls Amir up and holds his tights but Amir kicks out. Amir then dives to the outside with a Tope Suicida.

The action is back in the ring and Amir hits two Polish hammers on Cruz and looks to hit him in the corner. Cruz shows off his strength and lifts him up and sends him face first into the canvas. The two then brawl as they exchange forearms. Cruz lifts Amir on his shoulder but Amir escapes, then hits a neck breaker but only picks up a two count. He then heads to the top rope and hits a Swantan but cannot put Cruz away. Again the crowd get behind Amir who is feeling it, but misses an ace crusher. Cruz then misses a kick and Amir rolls him up but Cruz kicks out. Amir heads to the top rope and Cruz pushes the ref into the ropes causing him to slip. Cruz then hoists him high and hits Showstolen (a Samoan driver), everyone thinks it’s over but Amir kicks out. Amir fights off Cruz and hits a Yakuza Kick but cannot follow up as Cruz goes to the outside. Amir gets him back into the ring and Cruz pins Amir but his feet are on the ropes.

The ref withdraws his three count and Cruz knocks out the ref and Amir takes it to Cruz. Cruz fights him off and heads to the top rope but Amir catches him and hits an ace crusher. The fans count, but there is no ref so no legal count, despite the fact that Amir would have won. Cruz rolls out and looks under the ring and brings in a wet floor sign, and kicks him in his groin. He holds up the sign and looks to hit him with it. But out comes Eddie Dennis who takes away the sign and sprays beer into his eyes. Amir is able to capitalise and hits a Swantan bomb and picks up the win.

Amir was fighting for his life throughout the match. An interesting back and forth with a power struggle with Amir being labelled as the underdog. Both men are extremely talented and showed off their unique skills. The match was amazing, and it definitely hyped people up before the scramble match. A good place on the card to perform, and it’s great seeing these two men face off against each other. I’m glad Amir won so he can stay in the promotion, because, he definitely deserves to be everywhere. I hope we see a re-match soon though, and maybe next time both men will be able to use some underhand tactics to pick up the win.

8 Man Scramble Match for the (Inaugural) NORTH Championship: Rory Coyle vs Rampage Brown vs Screwface vs El Ligero vs Robbie X vs Chief Deputy Dunne vs HT Drake vs Spike Trivet

The match starts with Rampage Brown who has drawn number 1 and, Robbie X who has drawn number 2. Rampage grounds Robbie with a headlock, but Robbie manages to get out with an interesting wiggle manoeuvre. Robbie then takes it to Rampage, but Rampage catches him mid-air and takes him down with a twisting Spinebuster. He then follows it up with a huge chop. Rampage goes for a pin attempt but Robbie kicks out. Robbie hits a dropkick on Rampage and goes for the cover but Rampage kicks out. Robbie then hits a Flatliner and follows it up with a wheelbarrow German Suplex. Here comes entrant number 3: Chief Deputy Dunne.

Dunne immediately takes down Robbie and goes for the cover but Robbie kicks out. Dunne has come out looking determined to end the fun in North by capturing the title. Robbie and Dunne then exchange chops. Rampage then breaks it up with chops of his own, but then Robbie and Dunne team up, and work together to beat down Rampage. Rampage easily fights both men off. It then goes back and forth with Robbie and Dunne beating down Rampage and then Rampage beating them both down.

Here comes entrant number 4 Screwface. Screwface and Rampage then exchange blows, and brawl on the outside. At the same time Dunne and Robbie exchange blows on the inside. Now here comes entrant number 5 El Ligero. Ligero heads to the top rope and takes down Dunne and Robbie. Ligero clears the ring of Robbie and Dunne and stands tool. Ligero didn’t come to play around, he then dives to the outside and takes everyone out. Ligero goes for a pin on Dunne, but Dunne kicks out.

Here comes entrant number 6 Spike Trivet. Trivet enters to a waiting Ligero and disrespects him before poking him in the eye, and follows it up with a forearm to the back of his neck. Robbie X then takes trivet down. Robbie then dives to the outside and takes out everyone but Rampage. Robbie and Spike are back in the ring and Trivet hits a brutal forearm. Dunne enters and hits a spear on Trivet. Ligero takes down Dunne. Robbie takes down Ligero. The action is coming thick and fast.

Here comes entrant number 7 HT Drake. The 7th competitor is in and there have been zero eliminations. Things are going to get interesting now. Everyone is waiting for Drake to come through the curtains, but he appears on the balcony. Drake dives into the ring and takes out Dunne, Ligero, Robbie & Trivet. Drake takes down Ligero and Dunne then eliminates Robbie X. Trivet then hits Drake in the back of the neck with a forearm, sending him into the corner. Trivet attempts to whip Drake into the corner but Drake counters. Drake then leaps from the top rope and eliminates Spike Trivet. Drake is on a roll, and the eliminations are coming fast now. Drake is a one man wrecking crew… Then Ligero rolls him up for the three count eliminating him.

Dunne is back in and takes it to Ligero, he goes for the pin but Ligero kicks out. Dunne kicks him in the groin to counter, this is no DQ so it is allowed. Dunne then uses his megaphone to knock out Ligero, he covers him and gets the three count. El Ligero has been eliminated. Dunne is left in the ring alone, begging for the final competitor to come out and face him. Bas climbs the ropes behind him, and takes down an unsuspecting Dunne. Bas then chases Dunne to the back. This leaves Screwface and Rampage.

The two climb into the ring, slowly, eyeing each other up. The two then exchange vicious blows. Rampage then catches Screwface and hoists him up before slamming him down. Rampage goes for the pin, then there seems to be some confusion after the alarm rings. Out comes Eddie Dennis, who says there can’t be two champions so now the match goes to sudden death.

Screwface takes down Rampage and covers him but the ref is slow to begin the count, and, when he does, it’s only a two count. Rampage then hits a Tombstone Piledriver on Screwface. Bas Ban then returns from the back. Bas climbs on the apron but quickly gets down, out comes Eddie again who says “backstage you claimed you weren’t the guy”. So Bas isn’t the final competitor, it’s actually Rory Coyle. Rampage goes after Screwface who throws a substance in his face blinding him, then from behind Coyle slides into the ring. Coyle then plants Rampage on his head. 1…2…3… AND NEW CHAMPION Rory Coyle.

This scramble match was insane, and involved some great competitors. A mixture of styles that came together in a clash of beautiful destruction. Every guy is a standout in their own right, and each man put on one hell of a show. It was interesting seeing Bas come out and chase off Dunne, only for Coyle to actually be the competitor in the match. I’m slightly disappointed that we didn’t get to see more of Coyle in the match, although with that being said it was a great play to rest up and wait until the very end to get the win. I can’t wait to see the first title defence, because, a lot of men are gunning for him now.

North put on an amazing show, and it’s great that they place Eddies Dennis in a GM position so he could still appear at the event despite being injured. Each match was amazing in its own right, and every performer is exceptional. I can’t wait to see what North do in the future, because, this is definitely a promotion to watch.

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