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Following on from the opening day’s tremendous action the stars of the junior division were back at Korakuen Hall for a second consecutive day. You can find my day 1 review HERE . There were 4 non tournament matches that took place on the show,one clash of young lions and 3 matches involving Block A competitors,which I’ll briefly cover before diving in to tournament action.

Shota Umino defeated Yota Tsuji,via submission with a Boston Crab.

Yoshi-Hashi,Yoh & Will Ospreay we’re victorious over Tomoyuki Oka, ACH & Tiger Mask, Yoshi-Hashi picked up the win submitting Oka to the butterfly lock for a second consecutive day.

Yoshinobu Kanemaru & Minoru Suzuki picked up a win against Flip Gordon & Toa Henare,just like day 1 Minoru Suzuki vanquished Henare with a gotch style piledriver.

Wrapping up the days non tournament action was a clash between LIJ’s Bushi & Sanada taking on Bullet Club members Taiji Ishimori & Chase Owens,with Sanada picking up the victory for his team submitting Owens to the skull end.

This was the opening day of Block B, Dragon Lee vs Sho, Ryusuke Taguchi vs El Desperado, Kushida vs Chris Sabin and Marty Scurll vs Hiromu Takahashi were the days offerings in a stacked line up at a second straight day at Korakuen Hall. Dragon Lee and Sho got the action rolling,current CMLL World Lightweight Champion Lee got the win over a game Sho making his BOSJ debut hitting the desnucadora for the win. This contest was hard hitting and fast paced from the get go with various big shots traded and multiple tests of strength. Sho gained an upper hand with a nice apron dropkick however a highlight reel performance from Dragon Lee really have him control with some of the high points being a fantastic Tope Con Giro, a picture perfect Spanish Fly and a vicious top rope double foot stomp in the corner that forced a near fall. Sho did have his moments in an impressive performance countering a rana in to a ferocious powerbomb from the apron back in to the ring and traded huge knees with Lee in the closing moments before the more experienced Dragon Lee sealed the win. This was a contest I’d greatly overlooked in my previews and has been my favourite match of the competition so far.

Up next was Ryusuke Taguchi vs El Desperado in a match full of underhanded tactics mostly from Desperado,which eventually ended up proving fruitful for the Suzuki Gun man. Before the bell Desperado jumped Taguchi and continued to lay in to him for the opening moments of the match however once the Funky Weapon regained his composure he retaliated by choking El Desperado with his t shirt. However Desperado would smash a chair between Taguchi’s legs and try and stick a spike in to his rear end to immobilise Taguchi’s patented hip attacks and finally he would shove the referee which opened up a window of opportunity for a low blow and a roll up for the victory. Probably the most disappointing match so far but wasn’t one that I ever had particularly high expectations for.

The third match of the second day was a clash between last year’s BOSJ winner Kushida and arguably the most experienced tournament debutant in Chris Sabin,this was a match for that I recommended watching in my Block B preview, which can be found HERE . The match didn’t disappoint and both men laid it on heavy in a really physical contest,while it wasn’t the flashiest of matches it displayed 2 ring veterans who were willing to do what it takes to score what both knew would be possibly 2 of the hardest points both men may earn,in the end it was Sabin who came out on top hitting Kushida with all hail Sabin. It will be interesting to see where Sabin goes from here and if he can carry this momentum towards a push for Block B success,as for Kushida he faces another tough ask in The Villain Marty Scurll this coming Tuesday looking to get his tournament back on track.

Closing out the show in the day 2 main event was Hiromu Takahashi taking on Marty Scurll,things got underway with a methodical pace but soon spilled to ringside where Scurll tossed Hiromu in to the crowd and in to some chairs,once the action got back in to the ring The Villain was able to set the pace and started to ground down The ticking time bomb with his more technical style. Takahashi was able to hit a fantastic overhead belly to belly followed by a top rope senton, Scurll tried to bring his trusty umbrella in to play however the referee put a stop to this which gave a window of opportunity to Takahashi to hit a sickening sunset flip powerbomb to the floor. However Scurll was able to regain the upper hand and nailed Hiromu with a viscous tombstone on the apron which forced a very close 2 count, after this close call both men gave their all in the latter exchanges in what began to shape in to quite an even contest before Hiromu Takahashi was able to lock in innovative triangle choke on The Villain who would pass out in the submission and the match ended in a referees stoppage.

To recap day 2’s events,
Dragon Lee defeated Sho.
El Desperado defeated Ryusuke Taguchi
Chris Sabin defeated Kushida
Hiromu Takahashi defeated Marty Scurll

Block B Standings
Dragon Lee 2
El Desperado 2
Chris Sabin 2
Hiromu Takahashi 2
Sho 0
Ryusuke Taguchi 0
Kushida 0
Marty Scurll 0

After 2 fantastic days at Korakuen Hall the tour moves on to Shizuoka for Block A action, this show will air as single matches on tape delay and should be able to watch late Sunday or early Monday, before a return to live action this coming Tuesday May 22nd once again for Korakuen Hall.