REVIEW: NJPW Best Of Super Jr’s 25 Day 1

Added by Lloyd Barrett

After all the anticipation it’s finally here,”Best Of The Super Jr. 25”, kicking off from the legendary Korakuen Hall in Tokyo. Before we delve in to the tournament matches there was the matter of 4 non tournament contests featuring Block B Competitors.

Chris Sabin & Ren Narita defeated Kushida & Shota Umino,Sabin pinning Umino after the cradle shock.

Sho & Yoshi-Hashi defeated Dragon Lee & Tomoyuki Oka, Yoshi-Hashi submitting Oka with the butterfly lock.

El Desperado & Minoru Suzuki defeated Ryusuke Taguchi & Toa Henare, after Suzuki delivered a Gotch style piledriver to Henare.

Finally,Los Ingobernables De Japon’s Hiromu Takahashi & Evil we’re successful in knocking off Marty Scurll & Chase Owens of the Bullet Club when Evil made Chase Owens submit to the Banshee Muzzle.

Tournament action kicked off with 4 Block A matches,Tiger Mask,ACH,Yoh and Ishimori were the winners on the opening day, Tiger Mask was victorious over Yoshinobu Kanemaru in a very physical and surprisingly fun contest. Kanemaru was the early aggressor and took it to Tiger Mask from the opening bell and there were plenty of Suzuki like shenanigans from Kanemaru which included using young lions as weapons,the biggest surprise of all though came with the result as Tiger Mask was able to catch Kanemaru in a clutch hold pin to pick up the win.

We were then treated to a sensational contest between BOSJ debutant Flip Gordon and AAW Champion ACH,there were some crazy moments in this match including a double springboard toupe to the floor from Flip and Gordon also took to the Korakuen stairwell leaping on to ACH. Despite these impressive feats of athleticism it was ACH who was able show killer instinct hitting a devastating Soul Buster to pick up a big win for ACH heading in to his contest with IWGP Jr. Heavyweight champion Will Ospreay.

The tournament’s third contest saw Roppongi 3K’s Yoh take on Los Ingobernables De Japon’s Bushi,this was a solid contest which saw Yoh impress on his return to the competition following excursion,some of the highlights including a very stardust genius like dropkick from Yoh,an insane top rope rana from Bushi. However Yoh was able to pick up a huge win hitting Bushi with the five star clutch,scoring his first ever BOSJ victory.

The opening day main event saw current champion Will Ospreay taking on a returning Taiji Ishimori,now of Bullet Club. It was a fantastic encounter between 2 of the junior division elite. It was Bullet Club’s Bone Soldier who was able to score a huge win over the aerial assassin hitting a devastating Bloody Cross for the win. Some of the high points of the phenomenal match were Ospreay managing to counter an Ishimori Irish Whip in to chairs by hurdling them in to the crowd and nailing a picture perfect tope from the bleachers,Ishimori fired back with a crazy and innovative baseball slide in to a German suplex. The opening day was a statement of intent from these great competitors and leaves me very excited for what’s to come.

So to recap,
Tiger Mask defeated Yoshinobu Kanemaru.
ACH defeated Flip Gordon.
Yoh defeated Bushi.
Taiji Ishimori defeated Will Ospreay.

Block A Standings
Tiger Mask 2
Yoh 2
Taiji Ishimori 2
Yoshinobu Kanemaru 0
Flip Gordon 0
Bushi 0
Will Ospreay 0

So that was day 1,keep an eye out for me day 2 recap of all the Block B action and much more to come throughout the tournament.