Review: Martina’s Gaff Party 3: Sayonara Session Moth

Added by Lorna Marie Watts

OTT is back in the Tivoli Theatre, and Martina’s Gaff Party is also back. It’s a time to celebrate. Since Martina is heading off to Japan soon, this Gaff Party is all about saying goodbye and good luck. This party could get messy.

[Spoilers ahead]

To kick off the show it’s a debuting Chris Ridgeway vs El Phantasmo. Ridgeway goes for an arm bar early, but Phantasmo escapes easily. Ridgeway then gets Phantasmo in a waist lock and keeps he grounded on the mat, it appears Ridgeway is trying to prevent any high flying moves. The two then go back and forth with lock ups and pin attempts. Both are quick and agile, yet neither one can get the pin. It’s far too early for that. Phantasmo then overpowers Ridgeway when they lock up and pins both arms down, but doesn’t get the pin. Ridgeway raised one arm, Phantasmo slams it down, then the other, then Ridgeway goes into a bridge lifting both shoulders. Then both monkey flip each other, and the same move follows with both of them raising one arm, followed by the other then both. Chants of *both these guys* follow. Phantasmo then goes old school and walks the ropes and frankly nobody does it better than Phantasmo. The two then exchange in a kick off which Phantasmo really shouldn’t have started.

As the match continues the two go back and forth, both showing off their ability. Pin attempts and submission attempts can’t put either man away. Phantasmo then asks Ridgeway to kick him and Ridgeway is happy to oblige. Phantasmo then spits his gum out, and now he’s got a pissed off Ridgeway on his hands. It was a terrible mistake and Ridgeway nearly kicks his head off. Phantasmo manages to get the upper hand and shows off his high flying ability again, but still cannot put Ridgeway away. More back and forth between the two until Ridgeway locks in a rear naked choke and forced Phantasmo to submit.

Result: Chris Ridgeway Def. El Phantasmo

It’s great to see Chris Ridgeway finally in OTT and it was a great booking to have him face El Phantasmo. They have different styles with Ridgeway being mat based and Phantasmo being a high flyer. Phantasmo worked well on the mat and was able to play Ridgeway at his own game, and it was a great back and forth between the two. I hope Ridgeway is back soon.

Second match is Adam Brooks vs Dunkan Disorderly. The crowd immediately starts chanting *Fuck him up Dunkan, fuck him up*, and Dunkan already seems fired up as he takes Brooks down with a diving crossbody, followed by a chop to the chest. Followed by more chops and a vicious forearm. Dunkan looks to pick up the win early but Brooks turns the tables, but Dunkan turns them just as quick. When Brooks slides to the outside Dunkan has bad intentions and dives onto him, and follows it up by hitting him over the head with a cup and then using a fans back to hit him in the face. Brooks then gets back into the ring and Dunkan goes to the top rope but before he can dive off, Brooks pushes referee Niall Fox into the ropes causing Dunkan to fall in a rather painful way. It appears that Brooks wants to win this match, hook or by crook. Brooks is pleased by this and gets cocky. He sends Dunkan to the outside and follows him out with a baseball slide, and gives him a vicious chop to the chest. He then picks him up and slams him down on the edge of the ring. It’s the hardest part in case you didn’t know. As the match continues Dunkan shows off his hard hitting ability, and Brooks continues to take cheap shots in order to try and win the match. However, three consecutive pin attempts cannot put Dunkan away. Again the two go back and forth both showing off their hard hitting ability, yet neither one can put each other away.

Dunkan dives from the top rope but Brooks get his knees up and rolls him up but cannot get the pin. Brooks then slams Dunkan’s head into the turnbuckle and then kicks him in the back of the head. Brooks then dives from the top rope and this time Dunkan gets his knees up. A low blow from Brooks then leads to the roll up and the win.

Result: Adam Brooks Def. Dunkan Disorderly

It’s great seeing Dunkan in singles actions again and he put on a great show, despite the underhanded tactics of Brooks. Brooks is a cheeky character and he plays it well, I’d like to see him back soon and I hope a re-match between the two is on cards soon.

Next up ½ or 1/3 of the Tag Team Champions (depending on how you look at it) Zack Gibson vs Michael May. From the get go the two go back and forth in a technical exchange. Gibson then gets May in a surfboard and it’s ugly. Gibson then overpowers May, and holds both arms down on the canvas. Just like the Ridgeway/Phantasmo match, May gets one shoulder up, the other and then both. Gibson jumps onto him and gets him down on the canvas again but May breaks free. May then overpowers Gibson and goes for the pin, but cannot get the three count. The two then exchange chops before both going into a headstand and continuing the chop off.

As the match continues Gibson utilises his mean and vindictive streak but still cannot put May away. May then manages to overpower Gibson and gets the upper hand but he can’t put Gibson away. A further back and forth develops and Gibson hits a devastating ticket to ride, but cannot capitalise. May then shows off his strength and takes Gibson down, Gibson goes for a low blow but May catches his fist. Gibson then uses the rope to his May in the eye and get the upper hand. Gibson then locks in the Shankly Gates and forces May to tap.

Result: Zack Gibson Def. Michael May

Start to finish a great match, and an interesting back and forth between two huge talents. It’s great to see Gibson back in singles actions too. A lot of people shown their disdain towards him, but I love Gibson. He’s a great heel and I respect that. Michael May is phenomenal and is definitely someone to watch this year. He’s going to do great things.

Next up Mark Haskins vs Scotty Davis. Now this is going to be one hell of a match, both are exceptional competitors. The crowds chants are split evenly between Haskins and Davis, and this is definitely going to be an interesting match. As to be expected it’s a quick back and forth between the two men, both trying to get the upper hand on their opponent. Both showing of their talents. Haskins then attacks the arm of Davis, and goes for what appears to be a spear but Davis catches him, and then takes him down with a gator roll. Haskins then gets a deep arm drag on Davis and keeps him grounded. Again another incredible back and forth between the two men, until Haskins sends Davis to the outside and then dives out and sends Davis into the third row.

This match seems like it won’t end because, neither man will give up nor can they get the pin. Unfotunatly everything must come to an end, even a match this amazing. The win comes when Haskins locks in a sharpshooter and forces Davis to tap.

After the match Haskins has a huge spoiler for fans and reveals Zack Sabre Jr will be challenging Jordan Devlin at Scrappermania and he isn’t afraid to show his displeasure at the fact. Haskins feels deglected by OTT and ends his segment with ‘FUCK OTT’.

Result: Mark Haskins Def Scotty Davis

This match was fast paced, filled with incredible talent and honestly I wish it could go on forever. Both men came to prove a point. Haskins is working his way to get the title back, and Scotty is looking to prove he is a top contender. Both men proved they are huge talents, and I can’t wait to see what both men do within OTT this year. Especially Haskins after his segment.

Tag team action is up next with the Angel Cruzers (Angel Cruz & B Cool) taking on the Kings of the North (Bonesaw and Damien Corvin). The match starts with a handshake but something tells me this respect won’t last long, and things will break down quickly. They do. Things quickly spill to the outside and Bonesaw uses B Cool’s head to burst a balloon. The biggest pop of the night. B Cool can’t break the balloon with Bonesaw, but Corvin bursts a balloon with a little help from Angel. The action finally gets into the ring and Angel catches Corvin and takes him down. Bonesaw quickly enters and unleashes his red right hand. B Cool’s in and he has some chops of his own. Now Corvin’s in and takes down B Cool down. The Kings fly and everyone’s down. Team Prick attack the kings from behind, or try to anyway. Things don’t go according to plan. Bonesaw and Corvin beat down Team Prick and take them through the crowd, B Cool springboards from the top rope and takes both men and the two boys out. It was probably a mistake to beat down the two people who aren’t your opponents. Angel Cruz has a dive of his own and takes everyone out too. The crowd then chants for Niall Fox to dive and he screams no. instead Bonesaw throws B Cool onto Angel, Team Prick and Corvin.

The action then heads back into the ring, and it’s a constant back and forth with both teams having the upper hand at one point. Vicious kicks, brutal chops, near falls and intense action follows. These two teams may actually kill each other. Another back and forth and the Kings finally get the upper hand and B Cool tells them to bring it on, they are happy to do so. Corvin stomps the hell out of B Cool in the corner, but Bonesaw pulls him away and tells him to get the three. The two argue and this allows Angel to climb to the top rope and kicked Corvin in the back of the head, which then causes a knock on effect as Corvin smashes his head into Bonesaw’s. The Angel Cruzers then reveal their new move, a superkick assisted brainbuster. 1…2…3 A number one contenders for the tag team titles the Angel Cruzers.

Result: Angel Cruzers (Angel Cruz & B Cool) Def. Kings of the North (Bonesaw and Damien Corvin).

The Kings wearing leopard print is amazing, the pattern works for them and I’m sure Martina is proud. This match was insane. Both teams going hell for leather at each other, and neither one willing to back down from a fight. Heads were nearly lost, and the kings seem to be having some trouble. I can’t wait to see the Angel Cruzers vs The Rapture for the tag titles, because, it’s bound to be insane. I hope the Kings can rebuild their broken thrones and work together as a team again, because, this is a team that dominated OTT for such a long period. They need to stick together.

Next up a four way match for the Gender Neutral Title with LJ Cleary facing a debuting TK Cooper, Joey Janela and Session Moth Martina.

As soon as the bell rings Martina uses her Can-do stick to take out TK and Joey, then points it at LJ who quickly gets out of the ring and looks for a weapon and finds nunchucks. Well this match is going to be interesting. Martina isn’t afraid of LJ’s Ninja Turtle impression and smacks him on top of his head, even his hair can’t soften that blow. Joey enters the ring and claims he’s going to be a good boy and shakes Martina’s hand, only to kick her in the stomach. Then TK enters and after a fast paced back and forth TK goes for the roll up but Joey kicks out. A series of roll ups goes between the two until TK sends Joey to the outside and shortly follows him over the top rope. Martina then dives and takes out TK and Joey. LJ dives but is caught by all three opponents and is used as a battering ram as he’s sent into the wall.

The action continues on the outside and more weapons comes into play as they desperately try to pick up the win. Baking trays, giant beer bottles and superkicks are unleashed and things are really breaking down. Joey then stapled a sash to Martina’s head and it was brutal. TK then punches a steel tray into LJ’s head. Martina takes down TK and LJ, before smashing a drawing pin (thumbtack) filled Easter egg over LJ’s head. Easter celebrations have really changed. Martina and LJ end up in the tacks thanks to TK and bodies and flying everywhere. LJ pisses off Joey, Martina forgets TK is Samoan and everything is going crazy it’s hard to keep up. It’s absolute carnage. The wins comes when LJ gets the three count on Martina who had just been put through a table by Joey.

Result: LJ Cleary Def. TK Cooper, Joey Janela and Session Moth Martina.

Another incredible match, what a booking. As soon as Martina used the Can-do stick you immediately know things are going to get wild. Martina using a giant beer bottle money box to take out her opponents was hilarious. Then Joey ruined it by stapling a pink sash to Martina’s head which was sickening. But he’s a bad boy after all, I’d expect nothing less. TK showed off his vicious side, and I can’t wait to see what else he’s got up his sleeve. He needs to head back to OTT quickly. It’s great seeing LJ can a giant push, I really believe he’s an underrated talent that more people need to take notice of, and it’s great seeing the OTT crowd getting behind him and cheering loudly after his win.

The final match of the night Jordan Devlin takes on Angelico. The Import Killer is looking to add another name to his list. Devlin immediately gets control of the match as he grounds Angelico. Angelico then uses his feet to hold Devlin’s arm before kicking it away, which seems to cause Devlin some pain. Angelico then disrespects Devlin which just pisses him off. Big MISTAKE. Devlin unleashes a series of vicious chops straight across Angelico’s chest. Angelico then punches Devlin in the head which knocks him down. A series of vicious moves ensues from both men. Angelico practically kicked the soul out of Devlin and Devlin slammed the soul out of Angelico in return. Devlin then performs a springboard moonsault from the top rope to the stage area, and it’s beautiful. The action returns to the ring and Devlin hits Angelico with a 450 splash and almost picks up the win, but Angelico stays alive. Angelico nearly gets the near fall and then attempts to take Devlin out but Devlin counters with a knee and nearly takes Angelico’s head off. Devlin then hits a package piledriver and adds another name to his kill list.

Result: Jordan Devlin Def. Angelico

Both men are incredible wrestlers. This match was non title but both men fought like it was. Devlin always puts on a first class match and this one was no different. The OTT championship means so much to him, and he always fights like it could be his last match, and continuously shows why he’s one of the best wrestlers out there. Angelico came close to picking up the win but on this occasion Devlin was the better man, but with that being said Angelico is incredible in his own right. This is a match I’d like to see again.

Overall another stacked card from OTT who are on fire with their shows. If you aren’t clued up on OTT, then you are missing out. Every show is filled with huge talent and this show was no different.

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