REVIEW: ICW ‘The Wolf Of Sauchiehall Street’

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ICW is back in the Garage in Glasgow, for The Wolf of Sauchiehall Street. With a stacked card you know this show is going to be incredible.

DCT vs Big Grizzly

Kicking off the event it’s DCT taking on Big Grizzly. It starts with DCT getting in the face of Grizzly which just angers him. Didn’t anyone ever tell DCT not to poke the bear? Grizzly swings but misses repeatedly. DCT is toying with him. DCT then connects square on Grizzly’s jaw. Grizzly then takes DCT down with a big Polish hammer. Grizzly takes down DCT again, and hits a cannonball. Grizzly then goes for a weak cover by just placing his foot on DCT’s chest, DCT easily kicks out. Grizzly is now dominating the match. Grizzly then goes to the top rope but DCT rolls out of the way, causing Grizzly to his the canvas. DCT then backs Grizzly into a corner with a series of forearms, it then appears he’s biting Grizzly’s head. DCT then tries to lift Grizzly but he can’t get the big man up, and Grizzly pushes him away like he’s nothing.

Grizzly dominates the match again as he wears down DCT. DCT then knocks Grizzly off the apron and the action spills to the outside. DCT turns the tables as he now dominates, going back to the forearms and head biting. He then bounces Grizzly’s head off the ring post. DCT then throws a steel chair at Grizzly, but he just punches it off. Coach Trip passes another chair and this time DCT is able to make it connect and rock the big man. DCT goes for a double axe handle from the top rope but Grizzly catches him, but then DCT fights him off. DCT then blasts him with a facial and goes for the cover, but Grizzly kicks out. DCT then tries to hit a chokeslam but can’t get the big man up, Grizzly then proceeds to bit DCT’s hand.

Grizzly then blasts him with a kick before climbing the ropes. Grizzly jumps and flattens DCT. Grizzly then hits a huge chokeslam and covers his man, but DCT kicks out. Grizzly then locks in a full nelson and DCT seems to be fading fast. Grizzly hits a full nelson slam, before picking him up and getting him in a full nelson again. This time DCT gets to the ropes to get the break. Grizzly then loses his temper a little bit, as he gets fed up with Coach Trip climbing onto the apron. It appears he’s going to chokeslam him, but punches him instead. As the ref is distracted DCT hits a low blow, by kicking Grizzly in the groin area, and then hits him with a knee. DCT goes for the cover and picks up the win.

A Scotsman and a Welsh man walk into a ring… A put on an interesting match. It was often slow paced at times, not that there is anything wrong with that. DCT seemed to be the underdog in the match, being the smaller man against Grizzly. Both men showed off their power and their agility, and put on a great match.

Dickie Divers vs Stevie Boy

Kay Lee Ray accompanies Stevie to the ring. Originally Jordan Devlin was supposed to take part in this match, but unfortunately cannot compete due to injury. Dickie Divers is his replacement. Stevie laughs hysterically at the choice of putting Dickie in this match. Dickie isn’t happy and kicks him in the face. Kay Lee then tries to get involved but Dickie sends her out of the ring. Kay Lee then grabs Dickie’s ankles causing a distraction allowing Stevie boy to kick him. Kay Lee then climbs onto the apron and kicks Dickie in the head. Kay Lee takes an Easter egg from the briefcase and looks to hit Dickie with it, but he moves so Kay Lee connects with Stevie. Dickie then sends Kay Lee and Stevie into the corner. He then sends Kay Lee over the top rope.

Dickie slams Stevie down and goes for the cover but Stevie kicks out. Kay Lee gets back on the apron and hangs Dickie on the ropes, leading to Stevie to take advantage. Kay Lee then helps Stevie beat down Dickie. To the point Kay Lee even breaks up the pin. Kay Lee then opens a packet of what appears to be something similar to mini eggs, and Stevie slams Dickie down on them. And Kay Lee is back in. Why hasn’t the referee sent her to the back? This isn’t tag action, its singles action. But then Dickie takes them both down.

Dickie moves out of the way so Stevie clotheslines Kay Lee, before giving Stevie a clothesline of his own. Again Kay Lee breaks up the pin, saving him again. Dickie then uses their momentum against them and takes them both down, before hitting a brutal DDT on Stevie. Kay Lee looks for a Glasgow Destroyer, but Dickie locks in the figure four. Stevie looks to kick him in the head but Dickie rolls him up instead. He only gets a 2 count. Stevie then jumps on him, and goes for the pin but Dickie kicks out. Kay Lee low blows Dickie. Stevie rolls an egg into the ring but Dickie gets it and smashes it over Kay Lee’s head, but it has little effect as Kay Lee takes him down. Then Kay Lee and Stevie work together to take down Dickie.

Then out comes Kenny Williams. Kay lee rushes over and Kenny kicks her in the head. Stevie rushes over and this distraction allows Dickie to roll up Stevie and pick up the win. Kay Lee then hits Kenny from behind, and the both beat down Kenny. Stevie then looks to hit Kenny with the briefcase but he hits Kay Lee instead, and rolls out of the ring quickly before pulling Kay Lee out too. Kenny then lifts the case above his head, signalling to the ladder match that is scheduled between the two men.

Dickie Divers was a great replacement for Jordan Devlin. Both Dickie and Stevie Boy put on a great performance. It was good to see Kay Lee Ray getting involved trying to help Stevie Boy, but then it was also slightly disappointing because, Stevie is extremely talented and doesn’t need help to pick up a win. Although the miscommunications were quite humorous. It was also good seeing Kenny Williams come up, it really hypes up the scheduled ladder match with the briefcase vs contract stipulation.

The Filthy Generation’ – Kings of Catch (Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan) vs The Purge (Stevie James & Krobar)

This is a first time match up with The Kings of Catch taking on The Purge. Krobar and Stevie immediately take the fight to KOC. The bell rings and the action spills to the outside. Girvan hits Stevie with a chair. He then gets the ring bell and places it over Stevie’s groin area and rings the bell, causing Stevie significant pain. Faith and Krobar fight on the other side. The action then goes into the ring with Girvan and Stevie facing off, but then in comes Krobar to break up the brawl. Then Faith is in and beats down Stevie. Two the teams go back and forth just beating hell out of each other. A well matched of teams, but then all men are down after a series of low blows.

Faith then hits a popup powerbomb on Stevie, then hits him in the face with his knee. He goes for the cover put Stevie kicks out. Stevie then takes down both members of KOC with a DDT. Krobar & Stevie work together and hit an electric chair splash. The KOC then use some underhanded tactics to take control of the match. They hang Krobar on the ropes. Krobar then counters and sends Stevie into Faith. Krobar goes for the cover but Faith breaks it up.

Faith rolls Krobar out of the ring and follows him out, leaving Girvan and Stevie to face off in the ring, before Faith comes back in. They take Stevie down with a drop toe hold to the knee. Girvan covers, pun cannot pick up the win. KOC then try to take down The Purge, but both men duck under and take down the KOC with clotheslines of their own. Girvan then gets Stevie in the corner and hits him with a vicious chop, Stevie turns it around and returns with a vicious chop of his own, until Girvan counters and chops him again. Stevie whips him to the corner before kicking him in the face, and going for the cover. Girvan kicks out. Faith and Krober fight on the stage area as the action in the ring happens.

Then out comes Tor Atterhagen. He attacks Krobar and wraps a steel chain around his neck and drags him through the curtains to the back. This leaves Stevie at the mercy of Girvan and Faith. The Kings of Catch beat down Stevie although Stevie tries to fight back. They hit doub;e superkicks before hitting the ‘After Burner’ and picking up the win.

After the match the Sons of Ulaid (Rory Coyle & Bas Ban) make their ICW debut, as they attack Stevie James. They declare that Glasgow is the Purge country, but Newcastle is Sick Boys country and that when ICW rolls around to Newcastle they will be waiting.

This was great tag action between two insanely talented teams. Neither team fails to disappoint and they didn’t tonight. It was interesting that Atterhagen decided to attack Krobar, given he seems to have a feud with Wolfgang, but it did set up the Sons of Ulaid to attack. It was great seeing the Sons of Ulaid debut, in an unconventional way, attacking after the match. I can’t wait to see the Sons of Ulaid face off against The Purge in Newcastle.

Contract signing segment

There is a huge feud between Jackie Polo and Lionheart, and getting the contract signed for Barramania has been a long road. Dallas claims that he finally got Jackie Polo to sign the contract, but they cannot confirm the match until Polo’s demands are met. Dallas then signs the contact publically. Dallas then welcomes Jacki Polo to the ring to sign the contract that contains his demands. Jackie takes to the microphone and tells the audience he gave Dallas three contracts that state he can do whatever the fuck he likes. It also states that Lionheart vs Polo will not be a main event because, he wants to get home as early as possible that night. The contracts also state that Dallas has the unfortunate privilege to advertise Jackie Jr’s piano recital, wearing nothing but a sandwich board. A hefty bonus for him too was also included.

Now Lionheart has come out, and Dallas and Jackie don’t look happy. Lionheart claims that he doesn’t need a contract to come out and do whatever the fuck he wants to do. He also tells Dallas he’s the boss so he can keep quiet. Lionheart then goes on a rant and says that the crowd was chanting Polo Promotions, he claims that Polo Promotions is held together by Mark Coffey, and that now he has a singles run in ICW.

Dallas and then Lionheart get into an argument and Dallas demands he sign the contract. Lionheart looks to take the contract but Jackie wont hand it over. Jackie then leaves the ring with the contract in hand. Jackie then stands on the stage and rips up the contract. Dallas then goes in on Lionheart and tells him there are time when he should keep his mouth fucking shut before storming out of the ring. Lionheart then says wank me off, before leaving the ring too. I guess Lionheart vs Jackie Polo is off.

Zero-G Championship Three-Way: (Champion) BT Gunn vs Mark Coffey vs Jody Fleisch

All three competitors are extremely talented, so this is going to be one hell of a match. The three men go to lock up but BT punches Coffey, Fleisch then takes down BT. Then everything breaks down as the three men beat hell out of each other. Coffey covers BT but BT kicks out, then chops him. Fleisch then hits a drop kick on BT after Coffey moves out of the way. The action is thick and fast and each man desperately tries to pick up the win. Coffey continuously sends BT to the outside, possibly using the tactic of keeping the champion out of the ring and making it one on one, so he can pick up the win. But Fleisch isn’t going to go down without a fight. BT then gets back into the ring and chops down Coffey like a tree. BT then stands in the corner asking Coffey and Fleisch to bring it on. Fleisch goes to kick him, but Coffey catches him and takes him down, Coffey then takes down BT.

Then out comes members of The Legion who attack BT and drag him to the back. With BT out of the match it’s now Fleisch vs Coffey. Scotland vs England. The Phoenix vs The Real Deal. The two beat hell out of each other and the finish comes with a double pin. There cannot be two champions and Mark Dallas announces that the Zero-G Championship is now vacant.

A good match, my only issue is that it didn’t go on longer. But with that being said it’s great seeing these three talented men go up against each other. Hopefully we see a rematch in the future, either between all three men, or one on one. It would be a tragedy not too.

Kieran Kelly vs Leyton Buzzard [With special guest referee Chris Renfrew]

Leyton Buzzard comes to the ring with a small guitar, doing his best Elias impression. He then performs a song dedicated to Joe Hendry and it’s beautiful. I’m sure it will be in the charts in no time. Then Kieran Kelly comes rolling down the ramp and Renfrew follows behind and says that the song is the most beautiful thing he’s ever heard. He asks where the fuck Hendry is and Buzzard says he’s in Australia so they can’t continue their match. Buzzard then performs a disrespectful song for Renfrew. Renfrew beats him up before going to leave the ring, Buzzard looks to attack him from behind but Kieran Kelly stops him. The two go toe to toe as Renfrew puts on the referee shirt. Kelly and Buzzard now have a match.

The two exchange blows until Kelly gets the upper hand, he hits a drop kick then covers Buzzard. Buzzard kicks out and Kelly argues with the ref, leading to Buzzard hitting ‘geek of nature’, he too goes for the cover but Kelly kicks out. Kelly then hits a Stone Cold Stunner and picks up the win.

A highly amusing segment between Leyton and Renfrew, I can’t wait to see more of this. It’s also good seeing Kelly back in action after his last bout with Leyton, I hope we see more of him in the future. Leyton has a fun gimmick and plays it well, and it makes for interesting viewing.

Iestyn Rees vs Ravie Davie

Ravie looks to take down Iestyn early, but Iestyn catches him mid-air and throws him off. Iestyn then dominates the match as he throws Ravie around like a rag doll. Ravie then gets in a series of punches and spits in his hand before slapping Iestyn, he then hits a pele kick sending Iestyn into the corner. Iestyn then hits a stun gun and quickly regains control of the match. Iestyn then whips Ravie into the corner, and he crumbles to the canvas. Ravie tries to build up some momentum but Iestyn cuts him off and sends him to the outside, then sends him into the barricade. Then hits a tilt-a-whirl sidewalk slam on the apron and its ugly. Iestyn rolls into the ring then stands tall. Ravie makes his way to the apron and hangs Iestyn on the ropes, before climbing the ropes and hitting a drop kick. Ravie then hits the blockbuster and covers Iestyn, but he kicks out at a one count.

Ravie looks for a moonsault but Iestyn cuts him off. Iestyn then hits him in the face with a series of knees before hitting a huge lariat that turns Ravie inside out. He covers him but Ravie fights out. Ravie then manages to hit the moonsault but still cannot pick up the win. Ravie then kicks Iestyn in the face and goes for another moonsault but misses. Iestyn then hits the ‘Alpha Wave’ spear, before slamming him down on the canvas and picking up the win. After the match Iestyn continues to beatdown Ravie, then Ravie’s tag partner rolls down the ramp with Bram behind. Bram & Iestyn continue the beatdown, then a video pops up on the screen. It’s James Storm declaring he will be Ravie’s tag partner at Barramania.

Ravie was definitely the underdog in the match and he played it well, and got in some good shots. Iestyn played the dominant ‘Alpha’ role extremely well, and dominated most of the match. There is a lot of hype building for Barramania and James Storm is a huge booking.

Lionheart vs Bram

After the James Storm video ends Lionheart makes his way down to the ring. Lionheart sends Iestyn to the outside. Lionheart then hits a dropkick on Bram and he rolls to the outside, then blasts Iestyn with a kill shot. Lionheart then dives to the outside taking out both men. Iestyn got involved again knocking Lionheart off the ropes. The ref sends Iestyn and Rudo to the back, so this match can be one on one. Bram, Iestyn & Rudo aren’t happy with this. As Bram is distracted Lionheart rolls him out, but Bram kicks out. Bram then dominates that match as he takes down Lionheart then takes the action to the outside. Bram then sends Lionheart into the barricade and then slams his head into a steel chair. He then sends Lionheart into the ring post, and Lionheart bounces off it. Bram rolls Lionheart into the ring and goes to the audience for a drink.

It seems that Bram is looking to mist Lionheart, but Lionheart hits a beautiful superkick, and crucifies Bram. Both men are down, Lionheart is unable to capitalise. Both men exchange vicious blows, both putting a lot of force behind their punches. Lionheart then hits two kill shots but misses the third and Bram hits a huge spear. Bram covers but Lionheart kicks out. Then out comes Rudo with his managers licence. Lionheart counters a piledriver and hits a styles clash, he has this match won until Rudo pulls the ref out which stops the count. The ref is distracted and Iestyn comes into the ring and hits the Alpha wave and drags Bram over for the cover, but Lionheart isn’t done yet. Iestyn looks to hit another alpha wave but Lionheart moves, sending him into the ring post. Lionheart hits a frog splash and picks up the win.

This was a great match between two big talents. At some points it seemed both men were going to pick up the win, but interferences prevented that, meaning a great match could go on longer. I hope we get to see these two men face off again. Maybe even a handicap match with Bram/Iestyn taking on Lionheart.

Tag Team Action: (Champions) Rampage Brown & Ashton Smith vs Kenny Williams & Aaron Echo.

Rampage & Ashton have been a dominant tag team since coming to ICW, and they won’t go down without a fight, so Kenny & Aaron have a battle on their hands. Before the bell rings Kenny dives to the outside and takes both men out before rolling Ashton back into the ring. Aaron and Kenny double team and take down Ashton and go for the cover but Rampage makes the save. Kenny and Aaron dominate the match from the beginning, taking both men to the outside. But a distraction allows Rampage to hit a backdrop on Aaron, and he goes for a cover but Aaron kicks out. He then pulls him over to his corner and tags in Ashton who begins beating down Aaron. He then takes a cheap shot to Kenny, before tagging in Rampage who continues the beat down. Kenny breaks up the cover, but that doesn’t stop the beat down on Aaron. Rampage and Ashton are merciless with their onslaught.

Rampage then hits a dropkick and Aaron crumbles to the canvas, but still manages to kick out of the cover. Ashton hits a high knee on Aaron in the corner, but still cannot pick up the win. Rampage & Ashton are really wearing down Aaron, and Rampage takes Kenny off the apron. Aaron fights back against both Ashton and Rampage and manages to hit a big back elbow. Aaron needs to tag in Kenny and he does. Kenny takes out Ashton, before taking the fight to Rampage. He then rolls him up but Rampage kicks out. Kenny goes for the cover but Ashton breaks it up before stomping him down into the canvas. Both men whip Kenny into the corner who makes a tag. Aaron nails Rampage with a neck breaker and goes for the cover as Kenny holds Ashton on the outside, but Rampage kicks out.

Ashton pulls Kenny off the apron and hits two superkicks on Aaron. Kenny rolls up Rampage but cannot pick up the win. Rampage then counters the quiff buster and Rampage hits the avalanche power slam (they call it ‘The Demolition’) and he picks up the win. Rampage & Ashton are still champions.

After the match the Wee Man calls out the Kinky Paty (Sha Samuels & Jack Jester), and tells them they will be defeated in Newcastle. And laughs that they weren’t even booked tonight… But here they come minus their personal photographer. The Kinky Party then get in their faces, but Wee Man wants no fighting. Wee Man states there can be no touching or the tag team match is off. Wee Man then sends the champions to the back. The Wee Man goes too far and grabs him by the throat, and Wee Man tells them to remember the contract stipulation of no touching. Jester grabs the microphone and says “I heard what you said, you said they can’t touch us and we can’t touch them… But you on the other hand”. The Wee Man is alone with two men that want to batter him. Sha slaps him and Jester hits a tombstone piledriver. Rampage & Ashton run down the ring and Sha tells them to punch him. But they can’t because they’ll lose the titles. Sha then calls them pussies hiding behind their managers contract. Sha tells them not to confuse having fun and making people laugh, with weakness.

Rampage and Ashton are always dominating their competitors, and usually have short matches. This was no short match, and Kenny & Aaron gave the men a run for their money. Both tag teams are extremely talented and it’s great seeing them go against each other. Rampage & Ashton have yet to be defeated, so I can’t wait to see what happens next for them. There is also huge hype for tag team action in Newcastle.

DEATH MATCH: Mikey Whiplash vs Jimmy Havoc

Mikey Whiplash is a sick fuck, Jimmy Havoc is a sick fuck. This match is going to be brutal. Oh god, Jimmy is wearing white. Things are going to be bloody. Jimmy flips the bird and Mikey spits in his face, leading to the two exchanging blows. The two then knock each other down and they both roll to the outside and go under the ring. Both men now have a stapler. Jimmy asks for a staple and takes it, and so does Whiplash. This exchange has gotten gruesome quickly. Jimmy then staples Whiplash’s head. Jimmy then gets a fan to take a staple out. Aivil then gets involved and distracts Jimmy to allow Whiplash to send him into the barricade. Jimmy retaliates by throwing a chair at him, then gets another fan to pull a staple.

Jimmy continues the assault with the steel chair, then goes looking for more toys. He pulls something out and throws it in the ring before picking up the stapler. Whisplash has a kendo stick, but Jimmy catches it and staples him, before placing him on the barricade and stapling his penis. Chants of ‘you sick fuck’ break out. Havoc then looks for more weapons, and he has thumbtacks and places them in Whiplash’s mouth before punching him. He goes for it again but Whisplash spits them out in Jimmy’s face, then sticks the tacks into Jimmy’s head. Jimmy looks like an updated, gothic Frankenstein monster. Whiplash then gets fans to stick tacks into Jimmy before sending him into the barricade. He then pulls out a barbed wire board from under the ring.

The action then heads over to the bar as the assault continues. Whiplash slams Jimmy down onto the bar. He then places the barbed wire board across two tables and looks to put Jimmy through it, but Jimmy counters and sends Whiplash into the wire instead. Jimmy now has a lighting tube and smashes it over Whiplash’s head. Whiplash is busted open. Jimmy then uses the sharp broken edge of the tube and digs it into Whiplash’s skull. Jimmy then spikes wooden fondue sticks into Whiplash’s head, and they stay there. It’s horrific. Jimmy then goes back in with the tube. Jimmy then hits a DDT and goes for a cover, but Whiplash kicks out. This is one match that I wish ended quickly, because this is gruesome.

Jimmy then tapes a lighting tube to the ring post. Jimmy looks to send Whiplash into it, but Whiplash counters and Jimmy goes back first into the tube and it explodes. Whiplash then hits a zombie maker on another tube in the ring, Jimmy then kicks out. Whiplash is returning the favour and jams the tube into the skull of Jimmy. The power is falling out, and I hope it hasn’t gone into the cuts of Jimmy. Jimmy then goes face first into a steel chair, thanks to Whiplash. Aivil and Whiplash bring a glass pane into the ring, and a table. Whiplash sets the glass up in the corner, and Billy Kirkwood leaves the commentator desk. The glass pain falls down onto the canvas, but Jimmy picks it up and puts it back in place in the corner. He then gets a cinderblock and places it at the bottom.

These two have no regard for health and safety. Aivil puts the table back into position and Whiplash sends Jimmy through the table with a piledriver, but Jimmy is immediately back to his feet before Whiplash sends him into the glass that doesn’t break. Whiplash then hits a zombie maker and the glass shatters into a million pieces and he picks up the win. I’m concerned some fans may have gotten hit with the flying glass, I hope nobody got hurt. Both men are bloodied, battered and bruise.

Jimmy calls for the microphone and says “fuck me, where the fuck did you get that from?” He also says eventually they will need a decider match between the two. He then praises Whiplash for being hardcore and says it’s a travesty that Whiplash won’t be in the tournament of death, before leaving. Whiplash then grabs the microphone and calls out the fans asking if someone shouted “fucking idiot” (someone did), and the crowd begin to chant fuck him up. Whiplash then talks about BT Gunn and states that these death matches are to show BT Gunn what he has to face at Barramania.

This match… Holy shit. Both men are insane. Both took each other to their limits, and I’m sure both will need to make a visit to the hospital, giving them both pissing blood. From start to finish the match was intense, and at times I thought one of them might actually die. This was a great match to end on, with two huge talents facing off in a death match. Since Jimmy wants a decider match, I partially look forward to seeing it, and the other part is extremely concerned that it may actually end in death. Since both have a blatant disregard for their bodies and safety.

Another great show from ICW, but the lack of females a part from Kay Lee Ray getting involved in Stevie’s match. And Jokey/Aivil valeting and assisting Whisplash, is slightly disappointing. There is such huge talent aren’t and it could have been a great opportunity to have some women debut. Instead the show was very much male dominated. In fact Jokey/Aivil could have faced off against Kay Lee Ray. With that being said the card was stacked and had some amazing moments. I can’t wait to see what happens in Newcastle, and at Barramania given all the hype for the championship matches. What with BT being kidnapped by Legion, the contract signing with Jackie and Lionheart and Kenny Williams interrupting Stevie Boy. Only great things are coming for ICW.

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