REVIEW: Fortune Dream #5 (11/06/2018)

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Fortune Dream is a series of events produced by the legendary, Kenta Kobashi, held at Tokyo’s, Korakuen Hall, some 1,400 were in live audience. The origins of the name come from Kobashi overcoming cancer.

This is my first Fortune Dream event, and looking at the card I’m excited to see what happens as some of my favourites from Noah, Joshi and AJPW are listed.

Emerald Dream: Kotaro Suzuki vs Kazumi Kikuta

I’m familiar with Suzuki from his time wrestling in All Japan, and even though Kikuta has wrestled on AJPW events I can’t seem to recall him. They start off with a collar and elbow that goes into the ropes, Kikuta breaks cleanly. Suzuki takes down Kikuta with a leg sweep and bars the leg, Kikuta reversing this into an armbar.

Strikes start being thrown and the match heats up between these two. Suzuki has Kikuta trapped in the top rope by his feet, delivering what he thinks was a legit dropkick to the stomach that looks a bit suspect, Suzuki comes into control of the match in this period. Suzuki gets a running knee into the corner and follows it up with another, they transition to the middle of the ring and Kikuta fights back with a dropkick.

Kikuta shotgun dropkicks Suzuki into the corner but Suzuki comes back with a 619 and a flying elbow from the top rope to a dazed Kikuta but only gets a two count. Kikuta lands a series of strikes and a Fisherman Buster only to get a two count of his own. Suzuki comes back with a series of strikes and finishes off Kikuta with a Tiger Driver.

Kenta Kobashi vs Masahiro Chono: Talk Battle

I don’t know what was said, but if I find translations I’ll add them to a Puroresu Recap. Kobashi had the GHC belt and they relived their encounter for the title.

Supreme Dream: Io Shirai vs Meiko Satomura vs Hiroyo Matsumoto

Special guest referee in this Joshi match is Io’s sister, Mio. A handshake was observed pre-match amongst the combatants. The match starts slowly with a test of strength between Shirai and Matsumoto, they call to Satomura to enter but she kicks both of them and from here on to the finish the match is at a nice pace.

Satomura’s striking is showcased early on but Shirai and Matsumoto are equally good. Both Satomura and Matsumoto are outside the ring and the Genius of the Sky, Io Shirai flies at them with a great Suicide Dive to the applause of the audience. Satomura and Matsumoto are the first back in the ring and Satomura pounds on Matsumoto in the corner, Mio Shirai tries to pull her off and Satomura knocks her down, Io Shirai comes in to her sister’s aid.

Shirai Tiger Driver’s Satomura and goes up top for her Moonsault, her pinfall is broken as Matsumoto deadlifts her off Satomura, transitioning the deadlift into a Saito Suplex. Satomura then hits Matsumoto with a Sato Driver which is followed up with a Scorpion Kick. Io breaks Satomura’s pinfall.

Shirai goes for one last moonsault on Matsumoto but Meiko breaks the count and as she delivers  a Sato Driver to Io Shirai, the bell goes and the match ends a draw.

Final Dream Koki Kitahara 30th Anniversary & Retirement Match: Koki Kitahara & Mitsuya Nagai vs Naomichi Marufuji & Super Tiger

Kitahara starts off against Super Tiger, a much different start than previous matches on the card as they both show off a Shoot Stance. Kitahara downs Super Tiger with a Spinning Kick and from here until the closing stages, Kitahara and Nagai were in control of large portions of this contest.

Kitahara at one stage uses Marufuji’s Shiranui move on Super Tiger to the annoyance of Marufuji. When Marufuji comes into the ring, the tides turn in his and Super Tiger’s favour.

During the closing sequence, Marufuji gets in a series of kicks to Kitahara and tags in Super Tiger, who had suffered much of Kitahara and Nagai’s offense. They double team Kitahara and Super Tiger gets the pinfall after a Penalty Kick.

Post-match, flowers were given to Koki Kitahara to mark his anniversary and retirement and he was presented with a Tiger Mask by his trainer, the original Tiger Mask.

Violent Dream: Katsuhiko Nakajima, Akitoshi Saito & Kohei Sato vs Go Shiozaki, Zeus & Yuji Hino

The performances of Yuji Hino, who was fantastic in this year’s Champions Carnival, Zeus, who has been terrific for AJPW as of late and one half of the GHC Tag Team Champions, Katsuhiko Nakajima stood out the most here for me.

Early on, Hino and Sato had a chop battle right in front of Kobashi, Daisuke Sekimoto is hilarious in the background as he shies away from the action with a grin on his face. During this time, Saito did a piledriver to Shiozaki outside the ring which I only caught a glimpse of but made me wonder about Shiozaki’s chances in the remainder of the match.

Ultimately it would go down to Saito and Shiozaki, as Shiozaki gets his revenge for the piledriver with a pinfall victory after a Gowan Lariat.

Fortune Dream: Kaito Kiyomiya & Ayato Yoshida vs Toru Sugiura & Takuya Nomura

It’s great seeing such young, promising talent in the world of puro being so high up the card, credit to Kobashi for believing in these young men, I believe Sugiura is the eldest at 27 years old. The day before at Noah’s Navigation with Emerald Spirits, Kiyomiya had a gruelling encounter with Kenoh to determine who would face Takashi Sugiura for the GHC Heavyweight Championship next. His neck was targeted by Kenoh and an icepack was taped to his neck post-match.

Sugiura & Nomura took advantage of this and they worked his neck for large portions of the match with Yoshida making saves for his partner occasionally, and for quite a while was the driving force of his team.

In the closing stages it boiled down to Yoshida and Nomura on the outside while Sugiura and Kiyomiya fought intensely with forearms and high impact offensive moves.

But in the end, it was Kaito Kiyomiya who got the win after a Tiger Hold Suplex.

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