REVIEW: Fight Club: PRO ‘Big Strong Bois’ (27/7/18)

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A sweltering evening in Wolverhampton’s Starworks kicked off with Trent Seven coming to the ring and threatening to read the entire review of his recent Wrestling Observer 5 Star rated match with Tyler Bate vs The Undisputed Era. Thankfully he saw the light and changed his mind because, as he put it, “you all know it off by heart anyway!”

1. Team White Wolf (Adam Chase & A-Kid) vs Arrows Of Hungary (Dover & Icarus)

A fast paced and well constructed opener between the brutish Arrows of Hungary (one of whom looks strikingly like Rusev) and the smooth as hell Team White Wolf set the tone for the night. After a crisp series of double team exchanges Team White Wolf went over via pinfall.

Post match both teams shook hands in a popular display of sportsmanship only to be utterly demolished by Schadenfreude. Walter in particular was having none of the attempts at retribution from Team White Wolf, sinking in a scary looking sleeper hold to cut Adam Chase off completely.

Chris Brookes then took the mic and, after being booed out of the building for 2 minutes, told the crowd that he thought it was a travesty that the Arrows of Hungary had a match while “Aussie Arrow” Kyle Fletcher didn’t have an opponent for that evening. An open challenge was then issued and quickly answered by the massively popular Kiwi Buzzsaw Travis Banks.

2. Kyle Fletcher vs Travis Banks

These two have fantastic chemistry and exchanged signature moves for the first 5 minutes until Fletcher hit a nasty looking mid turnbuckle snake eyes that left Banks clutching his right arm in agony. After a short period of stalling (someone called an audible) Banks regained the advantage and jumped to the middle rope only to be clobbered over the head with a road sign by Kid Lykos as the referee was distracted by Fletcher. 1-2-3 your winner via pinfall Kyle Fletcher.

As Fletcher and Lykos riled up the fans at ringside Banks quickly made his way to the back with what seemed to be a dislocated shoulder. He was taken to a nearby hospital by ambulance. Hopefully his injury isn’t too serious.

3. NIWA vs El Phantasmo vs MK McKinnan vs Angelico

While most people were behind either El Phantasmo or Angelico, Niwa and MK McKinnan put in strong performances to more than match their higher profile opponents’ flashy aerial styles. Niwa showed off a good array of Lucha moves as well as some very well executed power moves that won him new fans. MK McKinnan also picked up the pace with a series of strikes and brutal kicks that would have had Low Ki wincing in pain.

Despite several blown spots (including El Phantasmo’s ring rope walk and “child bouncing on parents bed” routine ending in less than spectacular fashion with McKinnan clinging on to the off balance Canadian for dear life, while simultaneously being completely incapable of hiding his laughter) El Phantasmo eventually won with a pinfall in an enjoyable, if slightly long winded match.

After the pinfall Phantasmo shook hands with and congratulated McKinnan, Niwa but not Angelico, who refused a handshake and walked back up the ramp. Is there a feud brewing here? I certainly hope so! Give them ladders!!!

4. Infinity Trophy Holder Omari vs WALTER 

The first half main event saw the hated Austrian man mountain WALTER take on Omari in one of the more intense brawls I’ve seen in years on the British wrestling scene. Omari’s early striking successes were cut off with brutal efficiency by Walter who utilised huge chops, punches and full force clotheslines to take his tough opponent off his feet time after time.

The violence continued as both men slowly tired from the constant exchange of huge shots that ended abruptly when Omari hit a ridiculously loud double chop only to have his head nearly taken off by WALTER who won via pinfall in a 15:00 war.

After his victory WALTER briefly celebrated with the trophy before spitting on it and smashing it to pieces at ringside to a chorus of boos. This man had the fuming crowd in the palm of his hand.

5. Jordan Devlin vs Jeff Cobb

Poor Jordan. Despite being one of the best wrestlers on the UK scene he still can’t escape people insulting the size of his head.

The story of this match was Devlin targeting Jeff Cobb’s taped shoulder to little success, then following that up with the even less successful strategy of hugging his opponent into submission. He gave up on that line of offence when Jeff Cobb started bouncing him around the ring like a giant puppy playing with a half inflated balloon.

The Import Killer finally succumbed
to an import after Cobb nailed him with a Tour of the Islands and won via pinfall…at least that’s what I’m told happened, I was too busy pointing security in the direction of a drunk who was so unsteady on his feet he looked like he was going to smash his face off the guard rail. Don’t get plastered when it’s 30 degrees outside people!

6. TMDunk (Jonah Rock & Mark Davis) vs The BruiserM8s (Millie McKenzie & Pete Dunne) vs CCK (Kid Lykos & Chris Brookes) vs Moustache Mountain (Trent Seven & Tyler Bate) for the Fight Club: PRO Tag Team Championships

A few things of note before the match started: The BruiserM8s music cut out midway through their entrance only to be replaced with Randy Newman’s “You’ve Got A Friend In Me” which sent a usually reluctant Pete Dunne into a full on retreat to the locker room. Millie managed to drag him back to the ring and eventually won him over by wearing his trademark Appalachian Hobo jacket inside out.

Moustache Mountain (probably the most over people on the card) sauntered out to Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer” much to the delight of the crowd who continued to sing along after the music cut out.

As the match started CCK were chased around the packed arena by the other 3 teams before being deposited back in the ring. This didn’t seem to bother Trent as he continued to do laps of the venue for a further 5 minutes. He did eventually stop his mini marathon to sneak up behind each team on the apron and towel whip them right in the arse, although he changed his mind about whipping TMDunk when he saw Jonah’s resting bitch face. A wise decision.

The BruiserM8s were the first to be eliminated but not before Millie McKenzie German Suplexed every other team in the match starting with Super Cruiserweight Kid Lykos before eventually working her way up to the widest human being on the planet Jonah Rock.

After some incredible exchanges between the three remaining teams (including a breathtaking wrist clutch burning hammer by Trent Seven on Mark Davis) Moustache Mountain were the next to be eliminated, meaning either CCK or TMDunk would be crowned the new tag team champions. This is where the insanity of the previous 20 minutes kicked into high gear.

Walter and Kyle Fletcher ran down the aisle to help the overmatched CCK by brutally taking out the referee and TMDunk. Co-owner of the company Martin Zaki ran in to try and even the odds by hitting a hugely popular double clothesline on CCK before having his brain rattled by a very angry Walter.

Jonah Rock seemed to have the match won after clearing the ring only for Mark Davis to turn on his partner by smashing Jonah with a chair and dragging CCK on top of him for the 3 count.

Winners and NEW Fight Club: PRO Tag Team Champions CCK

After the match the now 5 members of Schadenfreude posed in the ring having decimated the Fight Club: PRO roster and clinching all of the promotions titles except one: Meiko Satomura’s FCP Championship. Could this lead to a Walter vs Satomura match in the future? The possibility of such a unique contest would surely be a huge draw and pull people from far and wide to see what might happen. Either way the current landscape of Fight Club: PRO is dominated by Schadenfreude.

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