Rev-Pro ‘Live In Reading’ (16/4/16) Review

Added by Ian Dallibar

Rev-Pro Epic Encounter from Reading at The Rivermead Leisure center.

The doors were around 20 minutes late open but once open it was quick and easy to get in. Most of been a good crowd of around 700 people.

Show opened with Michael Elgin beating Richochet, who was stepping in for the injured Will Ospreay. This was a really fun opener, without going into overdrive both these guys pulled out an impressive array of moves. Elgin finished Ricochet off with his trademarked Spin City.

Next up was Josh Bodom beating Donovan Dijak. It took around 5 minutes for the match to begin as Bodom attacked Dijak on the stage and the two commenced to brawl around the arena. Some real crazy stuff here, including Dijak throwing Bodom into the stairs on the entrance and Bodom executing a plancha off the stage. Dijak is seriously impressive for his size and also done a running moonsault to the outside. A really good match and just as good as their previous Rev Pro match in February.

Jonny Storm and Jody Fleisch then beat Sha Samuels and James Castle via DQ after Samuels hit Storm with the tag title belt. Jonny and Jody rolled back the years at times with some impressive Aries assaults. Samuels was awesome as ever with his mannerisms and interaction with the crowd.

Before the break Big Damo beat Roderick Strong. This nearly didn’t get off to the best start as Damo nearly slipped on the way to the ring. Once in there Damo and Strong went to war, pounding on each other throughout the match. Damo pulled off a clean win and was really put over strong as he looks to his upcoming title match in May. After the match Damo said he was the best big man in the world, until Michael Elgin confronted him. This indicates we will see this on one of the Upcoming June shows.

After intermission Pete Dunne retained his Cruiserweight title over ACH. This was good and also another example of the international talent putting over a home grown talent strongly. Dunne ended up finishing ACH off after a low blow was the real difference.

Lord Gideon Grey then defeated Dalton Castle which was a surprise to many. Dalton was massively over with this crowd and came to the UK in his full gimmick and boys. This was slow burning but Castle got all of his trademark spots on before being defeated by Gideon Grey after interference from Rishi Ghosh and Grey was then able to make Castle tap out. I can definitely see Castle being brought back by Rev Pro.

The main event was probably the most anticipated of the evening as Zac Sabre Jnr and Mary Scrull overcame Matt Sydal and Ricochet. This was really good as expected. Sabre and Marty worked over Bourne’s arm for the most part of the match. The finish saw Sabre catch Sydal into a armbar from Sydals attempted SSP. Sydal nearly got out of it until Mart hit Sydal with his umbrella. This caused tension between the Leaders, Sabre walked out leaving Ricochet and Sydal to attacked Sydal- furthering the storyline.

A fun show by Rev Pro and worth checking out. As a live experience this is my second time visiting the Rivermead leisure center and it’s not the best for sound or crowd reactions which really hurt a lot of the matches at times. The tag match delivered and there was strong showings in the opening match and the Dijak/Bodom match. Big Damo and Pete Dunne also really looked the part.

Ian Dallibar (@WholeShow)


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