Rev-Pro LIVE In Portsmouth (30/10/16)

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Portsmouth Guildhall is sold out (apart from the balcony, which isn’t open).  So sold out in fact the show was delayed because there weren’t enough seats.  Mind you, it’s not a real Rev-Pro show if it starts on time!

And I came from Cambridge for this…?

Jake McCluskey &  Kieran Bruce vs Rob Lias and Dan McGhee

Total holiday camp match.  Usual comedy spots and lots of baby face rhythmic clapping which is almost as tired as counting ahead of the referee, “One Fall” and “Moose”

“The Moonsault King” Jake McCluskey is an utter nob and I love it.  Much more fun with him being an egotistical twat than “Mr Moonsault” who lost the tag titles with Joel Redman.  No one chanted “Angry Hobbit” at him.  Opportunity missed there I feel.
Match was Mcghee getting the shit kicked out of his leg with classic distraction spots building up to the hot tag.

Lias had control but McGhee tagged himself back in and got caught with a lovely Clothesline/German Suplex combo for the three.

Post match Lias showed frustration with McGhee but it ended reasonably amicably.  Probable/possible tag break up angle?

I’ve seen Rob Lias on a few Cockpit shows and I’m a fan.  He’s a natural bad guy and I can see him going very far indeed. McGhee is solid but in my opinion, he is Marty to Lias’ Shawn.

Oliver Carter vs James Castle

I’ve never seen Carter before, but using Jody Fleicsh’s theme is a winner.  James Castle did James Castle things.  Which wound up a few of the nine year olds in the audience (who had equally as bad hair as Castle) – Job Done.

Carter won with a delicious 450.  Like a Swiss Will Ospreay.  Like Lias, another one to keep your eye on.

Trent Seven vs David Starr

Another first, David Starr.  He is awesome.  His prickish bullying of Quildan to make him say all of his nicknames, in order and with the right intonation was joyful and got the audience into his character before his opponent had entered.  Masterful.

Trent Seven had a Trent Seven match, always massively entertaining and hard hitting.  A guard rail got knocked over which led to Starr getting that section of the audience to move from their seats, with the intention of launching Seven into the banqueting furniture. We were gloriously swerved and back to the ring they went.  Wondrous.
Seven got the win with a magnificent spinning piledriver.  Post match, Seven went for a handshake, Starr blew him off (Matron!). Teased a hug then kissed Seven full on the lips.  Ah, Wrestling.
Half time and a week’s queue for shit Shiraz.

Ryan Smile vs Shane Strickland

This was the third Strickland match I’d seen in 8 days (Fight Club Pro, Southside and Rev Pro, good lord I’m a big old mark) Each one was different.  This man is incredible and should be seen by more people.

Unusual dynamic as I’m used to seeing Smile as a heel, but if we were to analyse how every different company uses talent we’d be delving into quantum mechanics and parallel universes. Plus this is just supposed to be a review of a show that I went to last Sunday, so we’ll park that for another time.

Solid, crisp even flowing contest with both lads pulling out comedy, flying, striking and beautiful countering.  Smile channelled the best of Norman Smiley with his screams and the best of Killshot with an insane dive over the corner from the ring to the floor.  Cue “Holy Shit” chants.  Family show folks…

Smile won with a frog splash, both guys came over like a million quid. Pure talent that.

Alex Windsor vs Zoe Lucas

Second time seeing Windsor in two days.  This lady looks and acts like a star.  I’d love to see her and Nixon Newell have a set to, it would be tremendous.

I’m liking Lucas slight change up of her character, she’s improving all the time but unfortunately on this occasion she was a body for Windsor to dominate.  Hope spots were good, bordering on vicious desperation which got the audience right behind her to the point where one child was chanting “Northern Monkey” at Windsor.  Norwich isn’t that north.  Ah Portsmouth.

Windsor won with an eye poke behind the referee’s back followed by a Super kick to the side of the seated Lucas head which looked like it sucked.

The Big Guy vs The Legion of Lords

Throughout the evening the LOL diaries had been shown on the big screen behind the ring, if you haven’t seen them, you’re missing out on the greatest comedy since Blackadder.

Unfortunately the final part of the plan of foiling the appearance of Ryback by poisoning the bugger didn’t work, but LOL were convinced they would be victorious by shouting “Victory” alternatively very loudly.  I’m convinced.

Ryback arrived.  He’s been at the Ico-Pro. Huge.

The match centred on lots of stick and run from the LOL including a slap from Lord Gideon who promptly ran away and “Wooooooed” He truly is the embodiment of 1997 Owen Hart.

Lots of picky uppy and throwy from Ryback who did get knocked over. A bit.

Lots of comedy hope spots from LOL reminiscent of The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers,  but I think we all knew where this was going to end up and surely enough, double pick up throwing manoeuvre, meat hook,  Shell shock, 1,2,3.

All in all a much better experience from Rev Pro than I was anticipating.  Solid matches, no filler and I went home happy.

What’s not to like?

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