PWS TV Episode 22 Review

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We start this week’s show with Kevin Matthews speaking with Sam Roberts, they discuss his match tonight against WWE hall of famer Jake the Snake Roberts and also the dilemma of the masked man that has been following him around making sue Matthews looses matches. He replies back that when he gets his hand on them he will…he gets cut off by Jake.

1. Kevin Matthews vs Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts

Jake at 60 years old comes out to an amazing reception, early offensive by Roberts with a full nelson which is reversed by Matthews into his own full nelson, the match is then interrupted by a video from Edward Johnson, which he is saying nobody wants to see this match, and make it stop. Heavenly bodies come out from behind and attack Jake and Kevin, out comes the GM Mick Foley, declares this match is now a tag team match, Heavenly BODIES vs Kevin Mathews and Jake Roberts, the special enforcer for this match is Mick himself, soon as the bell goes Mathews launches himself over the ropes on top of the heavenly bodies. Mathews stamping all over Gigolo and tags in Roberts, who hits Gigolo with a massive right hand followed by a massive chop, tags in Mathews, Mathews eats a super kick for his troubles to which leads to the Dr bomb, Kevin Mathews kicks out at 2.

Dustin tags in Gigolo who goes for a cover and gets the 2 count, Giggle hits a hard European and then throws Mathews off the rope straight into Mathews to reverse Gigolo with the living gimmick, Gigolo is dominating Mathews, a tag was made to Roberts but the ref didn’t see it, slam to MathewsDustin is sent flying into Gigolo, Mathews gets the tag in to Roberts who hits repeated jabs and then a DDT surely that’s it 1,2 what the… the ref is pulled out the ring by Edward Johnson, for his interference Mick Foley hits him with Mr Socko.

Jake Roberts taking things outside the ring with one half of the bodies yet inside the ring Kevin Mathews just hit the ego driver, what a finisher that is, the masked man/lady whomever it is comes into the ring and is hitting Mathews the ref is oblivious as he more focused by Roberts. The masked man drapes the hand over of one of the Heavenly Bodies overKevin Mathews lifeless body, 1,2,3.

The Heavenly Bodies win

Now we go to Dave Adams, he talks about the upcoming tri-force match featuring The Handicap Heroes, the ReynoldsBothers and TEAM 3D

Now we go to a segment from Bully Ray, where he goes on to talk about he’s heard bad things about Reynolds brothers and good things of the Handicap heroes.

2. Tri Force Match for Tag Belts, Team 3D vs Handicap Heroes (C) vs The Reynolds Brothers

What a reception for the Handicap Heroes, also the same for Team 3D this crowd are electric tonight, the roar of ECWfrom the crowd is amazing and now the chant of we want tables is blowing the roof of the PWS arena. Which bully confirms that someone will be going through the table but asks the ref to say yes but Dave Adams gets a message whereMick Foley says yes to a no DQ match.

Greg irons starts off with Kyle Reynolds, early offensive by irons, Kyle roles out ring smartly yet Gowens throws him back in the ring. Kyle gets the tag in to his brother Alex who gets jab after jab by irons which the irons hits a perfect head scissor, tags in Gowens who over top rope splash and goes for a pin, irons in now and gets shoulder blocked by Alex whointern speaks garbage to an unimpressed bully ray, who thethen Gowens goes over to bully and tags him in, oh my here is bully.

Bully ray and Alex lock up, Alex hits a chop to bully which doesn’t affect Bully, bully now chopping like theres notomorrow now tags in Devon, who chops on open chest ofAlex then a clothesline goes for a pin, Alex hits a chin slam,Alex hits a cheap shot to Bully, and is now dominating ironsand tags in his brother Kyle, irons hits him with a flying forearm, tags in Gowens who hits a one legged tornado ddt. Now hitting Kyle with hard punches and then hits a face buster and goes for a cover 1,2 Alex with the save, Team 3Dcome into the ring and helps handicap heroes, both men on matt with legs held open by the respective teams, Devon to the top rope and so does hush, boom flying head buts to the midsection of both Reynolds brothers.

Hush signs the words get the tables, Bully and Devon confused and then realise and shout get the tables to a crowds ovation, Devon goes out the ring to get a table, Devon finds one, Bully sets it up put both Devon and bully get hit with drop kicks. Bully throws Kyle over the top rope and then goes to assist Devon, to then powerbomb Alex Reynolds throw the table. Gowens and irons work together to get the win aftermoonsaulting on top of Alex, where team 3d just stand in awe at how well they work together. 1,2,3

Handicap Heroes Retain Titles

End of the match team 3d, bully hugs Hush and says we should be proud that the handicap heroes are PWS tag team champs, what a nice thing to do.

Dave Adams now intrudes the match a suicidal six way for the suicidal six way championship.

3. Suicidal Six Way Championship Match: Eddie Kingston vs Bobby Wayward vs Matt Macintosh vs Johnny Howl vs Craven Haro vs (C) Habib from the Car Wash

Early on Macintosh hits a back breaker on Habib , Mavaro hits a monkey flip , howl hits a cross body, Eddie Kingston throws howl halfway across the ring to which then Habib takes out Kingston, this match is very fast paced and its early in the match. Habib side steps Macintosh who ends up suicidediving out the ring, action back in the ring craven Irish whips wayward to other turnbuckle then a swift kick to the back of the head then a twisting ddt to wayward, then moonsaults two men outside ring and the climbs to top rope, hits a perfect moonsault to wayward and goes for cover, 1,2. Haro now goes for a chop on Eddie yet Eddie side slams Haro.

Howl hits Eddie hits Eddie down to the matt and starts to bite him, howl from top rope takes out three men to the floor. Eddie back in the ring now with howl hits yet another side slam, and hits howl with that back fist of his. Wayward now hits a kick to mid section of Kingston, then a supplex into a pin, broken up by Haro, wayward goes for a splash on Haro but Haro reversers and bounces off ropes and hits a high knee and goes for pin to which Macintosh with a punt, Habib hits a ddt on Kingston.

Macintosh uses a spin move on haro knocking wayward down and hits a slam and on Haro, 1,2 broken up by habib, who now has macintosh running up the body of wayward slams down Macintosh into intern a splash on haro, 1,2 kick out. Habib with a flying moonsault into three men outside the ring. Macintosh hobbles away, wayward gets a superkick for his troubles, Macintosh now has Habib in a clover leaf like submission, Habib struggling to get to the rope uses howl whose shoulders are down 1,2,3, Macintiosh thinks he has won but nope Habib retains again.

Habib from The Car Wash Retains

Dave Adams talks about how well Habib did and then Big Deal Craig Steele over powers him with his strong cologne, they talk about the main event tonight, where earlier tonight Craig caught up with Fallah Bahh and Edward Johnson talks for Fallah and how Fallah will destroy the PWS Champ and get the title back. Now Mario is backstage and he is angry as usual but states that he earned the title and how he survived.

4. PWS Title Match: Fallah Bahh vs (C) Mario Bokara

The match gets under way, a bullet drop kick straight away by Bokara, Mario now hitting Fallah with chops, now its Fallah with the chops, Fallah goes for a back splash, bokora hits a dropkick from top rope, now with Fallah out the ring, Bokara goes to the top rope on the other side and hits a cross bodyoutside the ring, back in the ring now Bokara goes for another cross body from top rope but caught by Fallah who drops Bokara on his back, Fallah goes for the sumo and misses, however hits his finisher on Bokara 1,2. Fallah drags Bokara, Mario somehow manages to lift Fallah, Bokara hitting wild arms follows it up with drop kicks only manages a two count though.

Low cross body by Fallah only gets a 1,2 count, another Phillipeno drop only manages to get another two for Fallah who now drags Bokara back to corner, Bokara hits a 1armed powerbomb, spin kick by Fallah has Mario down, Jackson says go for bonsai to Fallah to which he misses, Bokara has a submission hold on Fallah, Jackson hits Mario with a chair which gets Fallah DQ .

Mario uses chair to put Fallah’s arm in then snaps it down, surely that’s got to be broken, wisely both Fallah and Jackson go to back.

Winner by DQ Mario Bokara (C)

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