PWS TV Episode 21 Review

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We start this week’s show with David Adams explaining about the matches we are going to see this evening, where the final 8 men will be competing to see if they can progress to the final of the Television Title shot, in these matches we are going to see the 8bit Starman taking on Delroy, The Drunken Swashbuckler taking on Brian Myers and then The Lifeguard with the Beauty Ashley Massaro taking on reality checks stand out Gavin Moore. But now go straight to the action Anthony Bowens 1v1 action against Chris Payne. However before the we go to the action Dave Adams has been interrupted by the Big Deal Craig Steele, where he announces for this week he is going to be Daves co-host.

1. Anthony Bowens vs Chris Payne

Second round match gets under away with both locking up and Bowens takes an early slap to the face of Payne, we see some quick exchanges and even a quick roll up pin attempt, side headlock by Bowens to which Payne gives one of his own back, Bowens taking down with a pin point drop kick, goes for a pin gets a one count, Bowens hits his trademark Bowens Boom and payne smartly gets his breath back outside the ring.

Bowens may have tweaked his knee, Payne gets his way back to win but Bowens on the offensive throwing him head first in turnbuckle follows up with a sidewalk slam and goes for pin. Payne and Bowens going chop for chop, and Bowens comes out on top and leaps over Payne and leg drops him, now trash talking Payne who’s on the mat, Bowens with a unique submission move, Payne gets out by hitting sidewalk slam, yet it was Bowens to feet first. Payne hits some offensive with huge clotheslines and then a scoop slam and goes for pin but Bowens kicks out at 2.

Bowens goes to the top rope but Payne hits him with a sweet roundhouse, down goes Bowens, Payne now back to his feet plays up to the crowd, goes for his finisher the verdict yet he gets a spine buster for his troubles, Bowens goes for Bowens boom but reversed into a backslide however bowens hits a spinning forearm to which he goes for a pin, this is then reversed by Payne doing a crucifix pin 1,2,3.

Chris Payne Wins and advances to semi final of Television Title tornament

We now have a promo showing Mick Foley on phone to Terry Funk talking about his birthday which is happening on the 6th of June Rahway #foleyturns50

2. Match Delroy vs Starman

Even before the match starts the crowd go wild for Startman, chants of “let’s go Starman and Starman sucks” early offensive by Delroy sees Starman just freeze, Delroy seems confused but Starman hits a sneaky jab. Delroy builds some offence, shoulder block sends Starman down but he gets straight back to his feet to see himself monkeyflip Delroy, and takes him down again with a side headlock, vicious high knee by Delroy straight to Starman sends him down, followed up by a huge belly to belly slam, Starman hits a belly to belly bridge move which then Delroy hits a big boot and Starman down.

Delroy goes for a vertical supplex yet Starman reverses it into a school boy pin 1,2 a near fall, Starman hits a succesivie three dropkicks to Delroy who is now in the corner, Starman in pursuit flipped to the apron and goes for a dropkick from top rope which is dodged by Delroy. Delroy hits Starman with viscous rights, gets a splash on Starman in corner. To then get knocked down again by clothesline and goes for a pin where he only gets a two count. Starman now back on his feet hits a superkick with pinpoint precision, Starman goes up top and Delroy matches him, oh my second ope superplex goes for a pin 1,2 kick out by Starman. Starman reverses Delroy attempt with an arm drag into a pin and hits the 1,2,3.

Starman Wins and advances to semi final of Television Title tournament

Promo for and
Now a segment with Dave Adams and Big Deal Craig Steele where big deal is talking smack about Delroy’s performance earlier in the night

3. Brian Myers vs The Drunken Swashbuckler

Swashbuckler stumbling to the ring, continuing to drink as he eventually gets in, we now have a showdown with their walking sticks, looks like a scene from the Pirates of the Caribbean, eventually he knocks Myers cane out of his hand, and uses his to do a leg sweep. He tries and i mean tries climbing to top rope Myers gets up looks in disbelief and cuts the Swashbuckler short and his anatomy may just be re arranged after that move.

Myers hits a top rope neck breaker on swashbuckler, drives a few knee’s followed up into a choke yet swashbuckler comes back fighting with a jawbreaker but gets knocked straight back down with a dropkick by Myers who goes into a rear neck joke. The pirate fights back and hits his knees to the face of Myers and goes for a cover and only hits the two count, reverses Myers attempt of slam into a stunner, 1,2 kick out by Myers.

Swashbuckler gets a drink for encouragement and hits a Swanton like move off ropes but Myers gets his foot on the rope by two. Myers takes a swig of rum to which he spits it in the eyes of swashbuckler and he is now blinded and gets hit with side end spear. Goes for the pin 1,2,3.

Brian Myers Wins and advances to semi final of Television Title tournament

4. The Lifeguard Mike Dell with Ashley Massaro vs Devon Moore

Del wrestling whilst whistling, more with three successive am drags followed by one from dell however Moore quick to counter further, looking outside we see the beautiful Ashley Massaro in the corner. Del slides out of the ring and throws Moore shoulder first into the ring post and goes for pin, Moore kicks out at one. Del walking round the ring blowing his whistle and the crowd is unappreciative of this. He goes to slam Moore yet he reverses it with an Inseguri and has Dell rocked.

The ref starts to count them both, Del uses ropes to pull himself, goes to run at Moore however its Moore that charges at him with a leaping elbow and then heads up to the top rope and hits the top rope to hit a neckbreaker, Del hits the sun block move and now proceeds to go up top but misses the cannonball misses and is pain, Moore goes up top now and hits his signature the shooting star press and goes for the cover 1,2 Ashley jumps up and distracts the ref, now who wouldn’t get distracted Moore not happy, with the refs back turned Del wraps whistle round hand and then boom Moores out cold and goes for cover 1,2,3 he wins it.

The Lifeguard Wins and advances to semi final of Television Title tournament

We now see Dave Adams speaking with Big Deal Craig Steele about next week where we see Hall of Famer Snake the Jake Roberts comes out of retirement to face Kevin Mathews 1v1, Big Deal says that says Jake should stay at home. We also here that Habib from the Car Wash will defend his title, Mario Polka will defend his title. PWS Tag Team Titles will also be defended.

And to close the show Dave Adams finds a football on the floor and Team Espana knock down Dave Adams but they seem more happy they have their ball and drive off, Dave Adams in severe discomfort, has CPA asking to sort something for him.

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