PWS TV Episode 20 Review

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We start this week’s episode with CPA talking to WWE Hall of Famer Larry Zybszko, they’re discussing how Larry is there as he doesn’t like seeing people picked on, Larry goes on to say that he has no wrestling gear due to being a retired superstar. However, CPA is on hand with a pink shirt and a tie and says to Larry “consider yourself tonight, The Living Legend”.

We go to a segment now with Dave Adams, explaining and going into detail about the matches we can expect to see and who’s competing in them, we then see Larry in his wonderful pink shirt and tie from CPA.

Special timekeeper for the first match of this evening we see Bugs Mahoney making his way down and as ever is singing to the crowd to which they sing in unison back to him.

Aesthetic Enterprise vs CPA and Larry Zbyszko

Aesthetic Enterprise makes their way down to the ring red carpet laid and umbrellas in hand, as CPA and Larry Zbyszko makes their way down to the ring, all you hear is the crowd chanting “Larry”, you can certainly see where the fans loyalty lie in this match.

Damien Gibbs and CPA to start off this match, Gibbs holds CPAs arm a loft to which CPA reacts positively nobody ever gives him credit he deserves, oh and there we have it a cheap shot by Gibbs, a few shoulder tackles by CPA which leads to Gibbs tagging in the Big Boy Beefcake Charlie, after a few finger pointing exchanges by Beefcake and Zbyszko. CPA tags in Zbyszko and the crowd cheers in admiration for the Hall of Famer, Beefcake flaunting and muscle tensing trying to get in the head of Zbyszko.

Beefcake goes for a right blocked by Larry and responds by poking the eyes of Beefeater, tag made so that CPA comes back in, CPA hits two girly shoulder tackles to which doesn’t even rock Beefcake, Beefcake takes a swing at CPA to which he reverses it with a sidewalk slam, he must be running on sheer adrenaline; that’s a lot of beefcake. Larry chants to pin him to which he doesn’t acknowledge and bounces of ropes and hits a hard right to the face of Beefcake.

CPA makes way to the top rope to hit Sinking Fun but is to scared and goes to bottom rope and he is the halted by Gibbs, he the hits a missile drop kick and CPA goes down. Baring in mind, Beefcake is still the legal man in this match. Big Boy now takes his anger out on CPA, tags in Gibbs and now dominates CPA to which he covers, CPA kicks out at two, Gibbs goes near Zbyszko to which he slaps Gibbs, in comes Beefcake and scoops Gibbs up and uses him as a weapon on top of CPA, running senton, CPA tags in Larry and with Cat reflexes he sends Beefcake to the outside, but a low blow has Larry on his knees by Gibbs and goes for a cover 1,2,3.
The Aesthetic Enterprise Wins

We now go to a promo which is showing us the matches we expect to see at the Double Trouble Rumble which is on at 23rd May 2015.We also see a promo of Mick Foley on the phone to Terry Funk in which he is talking about his upcoming birthday on the 6th June using quote #foleyturns50.

We see Jake the Snake Roberts do a little Segment praising PWS as a company.

Shynron vs The Amazing Red vs Brian XL

Amazing Red comes out to a massive ovation by the crowd, Brian XL is undecided whether he should compete in this match, goes to head up to the ramp but Red cuts him off by flying over the top, Shynron climb up to the top rope and takes out both Red and XL, Red dodges the roundhouse and goes for a dropkick. However, Shynron reverses and dropkicks Red to turnbuckle. Goes for what can be only described as a cartwheel splash to which he lands on shoulders of Red, yet Shynron still gets the takedown on Red, XL makes his way back into the ring. XL Smashes a right to Shynron. Red with a takes down Shynron, Shynron now has Red on his shoulders this can be a long way down for such a small wrestler. Oh my! A sickening kick to Red by XL, how did he get his leg that high? XL hits a side slam and goes for the cover on Shynron, which he kicks out at two. XL goes for a chin lock and Shynron fights out and hits a off the rope cutter to Red with amazing precision. He goes for a similar move on XL, however, XL counters and hits the back breaker.

XL goes for the cover close to the rope to which Shynron easily gets his foot to the rope to break the count. XL takes Red to top rope for a superplex and hits it with a little help from Shynron with his feet, Shynron goes to second rope and hits what looks like a 720 splash the back of his neck onto The Amazing Red and gets the 1,2,3
Shynron Wins

Team Espana vs Nikos Rikos and Phillip Simon II

This is Nikos PWS debut, in which as soon as he is in the ring demands the mic and says he is here to win, yet doesn’t want to compete but trying to get someone from audience to take his spot, however, we here a familiar theme and it’s the Martini Sipping Sandy Mann making his way down to the ring from the crowd.

So we now have a change in the match; its Sandymann replacing Nikos Rikos, referee asks for him to get rid of the Martini to which he obliges by throwing it in the face of Jose A, however, Team Espana comes back on the offence and ends up using Phillip clothesining his own team mate, Ref Cory Price has to get this under control, Team Espana for the first time ever in their PWS career hit there finsher goalasso and they go for a quick cover attempt, Ref Cory counts 1,2,3
Team Espana Wins

We a segment now that’s showing the likes of The Handicap Heroes and The Amazing Red , Mr Wayward, Starman, CPA, The Lifeguard, Shynron & Sabu.

Also there’s a promo showing a view of who’s fighting in round two of the PWS TV title where the winner gets the title. Where we are going to see TDS take on Brian Myers, Starman taking on Delroy, The Lifeguard takes on Devon Moore and finally Chris Payne vs Mr. Bowens

Brian Cage vs Danny Maff

Here we have two very big men in this match, Ref Cory price will have his hands full, the bell rings and here we go.

Maff goes for an early shoulder tackle which fails, however, Cage goes for a side suplex and knocks Maff straight to the canvass, following up with an arm bar. The offence is slowly cut short as its now Maff that’s the aggressor hitting an arm drag which leads to a back senton and goes for a cover, only gets a two count. Maff hits a back suplex and goes to the second rope which is intercepted by Cage and he hits a belly to belly suplex and now hits a vertical supplx then follows up with a leg drop.

Cage Irish whips Maff into the corner, which he hits a second rope tornado DDT, goes for the cover and gets a two, Cage keeping Maff grounded at the minute, however, Maff rises and hits back elbows to fight back and then out of nowhere; a hard super kick right to the jaw of Maff by Cage, who covers Maff for a two count. Some more offensive attacks by Cage then Maff hits a unique t-bone suplex, which now has both men on the mat, both men now rise and exchange blows, Maff throws Cage off the ropes and hits a release suplex but only can manage a count of two of the pin.

Maff hits a cannonball like move through to which it looks like it has had no affect as Cage tries to hit back, Maff throws Cage out of the ring, and OH MY! Danny Maff with a suicide dive from middle rope, that’s 300lbs flying right towards Cage. Ref Cory Price starting the count however both men make it in at 6. Cage hits a knee to the back of the skull of Maff, follows it up with hitting an F5, Maff kicks out at 2 and ¾, Cage went to go in for a powerbomb. however it’s reversed by Maff, which leads to him hitting a suplex on Cage, which has no affect as Cage hits a discuss clothesline, is this enough to put Maff away…NO Maff stays in it.

Cage now goes for an aerial move, however, Maff is still in this fight and Cage doesn’t know as he has his back to Maff, Maff hits his finisher The Burning Hammer and gets the 1,2,3 count.
Winner Danny Maff

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