PWS TV Episode 19 Review

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So to kick off this week’s show, we start with a short yet interesting promo by the one and only Jackson Family, which was filmed 24 hours earlier, throwing jibes at all the other teams.

So here it is; the first match, we have The Heavenly Bodies squaring off against Reynold Brothers, the brothers wearing different coloured tights due to recent problems between the two.

The Heavenly Bodies go straight on the early offensive, they go for a follow up which is reversed by the The Brothers, which leads to the Bodies clotheslining one another. The Brothers are on the same page, both teams now have their respective partners in there corners; Alex goes for a quick roll up on Gigglo Justin, to which he kicks out at two. They go back and forth trading blows and Heavenly Bodies get a great scoop slam and a cover by on Kyle, kicks out and now we have a good match, after much brutal punishment, Kyle eventually gets the tag and Alex full of adrenaline, knocks down both Heavenly Bodies and goes for a quick pin but no avail, after a bit of domination by Bodies they go for a roll up to which Kyle stops the count and Alex capitalises and pulls the trunks for the 1,2,3 count. Seems like the Brothers can work together.

Handicap Heroes now come to the ring, you really have to admire these athletes proving there’s no stopping you, no matter what, they slide into the ring but straight away cut off by the Reynold Brothers, who have been in the ring a while now, so they will be exhausted.

However, the freshness of the Handicap Heroes is prevailing, as they pour on the offensive. In what I could only describe as incredible a one legged moonsault, which took out everyone, we have more action in the ring, which leads to a roll up pin by Handicap Heroes to which Alex saves his brother. After a few more moves, the ref Corey Price goes down after Alex lifting Gregory Irons, what’s this? Hush comes out to prevent Alex hitting Heroes with title belts, Greg takes advantage and rolls up pulls trunks and ref counts 1,2,3.

Winners Handicap Heroes

After the match we see the Brothers snap and it seems they’re both on the same page now and they just super kick after super kick on the Handicap Heroes and then stand over Hush with titles in hand.

We now go backstage and see that David Adams, whom is talking with Handicap Heroes, as you can imagine, they’re distraught after being laid out by the Reynold Brothers. They talk about who they inspire in the wrestling world and also how attacking Hush who is a Deaf Mute, was called for.

We cut to what is a classic Team 3D promo where we see Bully Ray and Devon Dudley are standing side by side and Bully goes on to say how they are one of the best tag team in the world and to sign off in typical Devon style, “Oh my brother, testify!”

Now we have a moment with CPAs tip of the week, starts reading what can only be described as lawyer papers, he then stumbles upon a chair then takes a look outside the window to then see The Strangler, so here we have The Strangler chasing CPA through the arena, to eventually end up in the ring, CPA comes up on the early offence, goes for a top rope move but then thinks he has gone too far, so does an elbow drop from the first rope and then he goes for a quick pin attempt to which The Strangle powerfully kicks out at one, with confidence running through CPA’s blood he goes for a second attempt from the second rope, where is nearly blocked off by The Strangler, however, CPA leapfrogs over, then comes face to boot as The Strangler knocks him down with a massive boot to the face.

Huge clubbing rights from The Strangler has CPA cowering, seems like there’s no hope for CPA, who then covers himself and reverses by monkey flipping The Strangler and goes for the pin and gets a two count. Strangler now goes to take the oxygen out of CPA, yet CPA quickly reversed it and pulls trunks for an impressive win.

Winner The Abonimble CPA

We now go back to last week, to see the ‘Suicidal Six Way Ladder Match’ for the Suicidal Way Title, where we saw plenty of high flying moves from an unlikely two time winner in Habib from the Car Wash.

We go to Dave Adams, who is speaking with Dave D where they are discussing Kevin Matthews vs Eddie Kingston, where Kevin believes that it was Eddie, who attacked him last week with talcum powder and that instigated a brawl in the locker room, which prompted the ‘Falls Count Anywhere Match’.

Here it is Lady and Gents, it’s the ‘Falls Count Anywhere Match’, Kevin slowly comes down the ring followed by Eddie, the match bell rings, both start off with big blows to each other with viscous attacks, both take the fight outside the ring.

Early on in this match, you can sense it in the arena it will be brutal, the fight now heads up dangerously to the bleachers, a full on brawl has now started with both men hitting heavy rights, one heavy hit knocks Kevin Matthews all the way down the stairs, and he is then dragged into the ring by Eddie Kingston, Kevin is in agony on the middle of the ring. Whilst all this is happening, Eddie is getting three chairs set up, Kevin fights back and manages to overpower Eddie by launching him into the turnbuckle, Kevin comes out hungry and hits the ‘Lythmic Gimmick’, which Eddie kicks out at two, the fight is brutal.

After a few more basic punches and slams, Eddie pulls out of nowhere, a stunning second rope DDT, which he covers instantly, somehow Kevin kicks out at two, Eddie now screaming with the referee that it should of been a three count, whilst distracted, it gives Kevin time to recoup and hits Eddie with a sickening pile driver through the chairs. Eddie now rolling down the ramp in pain there’s a man in a black helmet and blows a fireball in Kevin’s face, he is now blinded and can’t focus, Eddie hits the elbow straight to the jaw of a blinded Kevin and picks up the victory.

Winner Eddie Kingston

Now we see the General Manager of PWS make his way to the ring, the hardcore/WWE legend himself, Mick Foley. He gets a great ovation from the crowd, he insists on the ring that he has great news for PWS fans and it’s that the Double Trouble Rumble will be held in New Jersey and will consist of 30 men, with the best news being that the winner gets an on the spot title match.

PWS ended with a great segment with Mick Foley on the phone to someone named Terry, I’m thinking its Terry Funk, about his 50th birthday, saying that he wants #FoleyTurns50 trending around the world.

The biggest surprise was that Brett ‘The Hitman’ Hart is going to be at PWS.

Adam AJ Cain

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